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Edward Cullen was generally bored. His days went by much too slowly for his vampiric enjoyment, and decent meals were few and far between. The people surrounding him in school were dull and unintelligent, and the world itself seemed to be constantly spiraling into stupider and stupider states. No one had any interesting thoughts, so he spent most of his day toying with a pencil and pad of drawing paper, trying to perfect his somewhat lacking artistic skills. He did it with little interest.

His classes, in particular, dragged on. Biology was the worse, because of his proximity to the most ridiculous waste of space on the planet. Her name started with an 'M,' he was sure. Any other information about her was nullified by the constant high-pitched ringing that accompanied her thoughts in his head that the majority of the human race would call her voice. It seemed like the two never split apart. It made paying attention to his teacher, even with all his repetitive nonsense, actually appealing.

Life, to be honest, had gotten easier. The desire to chew on every human that passed him had left Edward some time ago, as did it leave every other member of the Cullen family. Maybe it was the water, but in Forks, people just didn't smell so appetizing. Edward supposed that was one of the reasons they stayed. He sighed. If anything, in his personal opinion, it had simply made his day even less interesting. There was something to be said for battling the desire to kill someone for sustenance, rather than the desire to kill them for their inanity.

Not only were most of the humans idiotic, but they were also cruel to each other. They were gossipy, backstabbing creatures. It made Edward sick to hear some of their thoughts. It also made him contemplate the usefulness of vampires, and if he was going against some code of nature by letting them live...

Mostly, it made him wonder if there was anyone left worth hanging around for.

The idea of changing someone had indeed been playing on his mind for quite a long time. He sometimes felt a pang of lonely jealousy when watching the other couples in his household go off for a romantic moment together, leaving him with naught but his piano to keep him company (Looking back later on, he came to realize that this may have been the cause for why things happened the way they did).

Meanwhile, things at home were normal. The individual problems and joys of the Cullens remained the same. Alice was still addicted to shopping and occasionally plagued with visions. Jasper was still as moody as ever (who could really blame him, though?), yet happy with Alice and his obscene collection in the library. Emmett still enjoyed bears and his lover, Rosalie, who still enjoyed him and fixing cars. Carlisle did well at the hospital, and Esme still longed for a baby. Everyone was generally content, and it was as boring as heaven.

Edward secretly longed for an upset, something to do. A clan of vampires gone wrong, or a psychotic hunter chasing down a damsel in distress. Hell, even the werewolves over in La Push had been quiet. Edward had thought once or twice about encouraging Emmett's ideas of crossing over into their territory, just for a past-time. Of course, he would never do such a thing.

Instead, he spent most of his time making up excuses for avoiding school on sunny days and watching the sunsets.

Every time the horizon turned blood red, his hand tingled with desire for another hand to hold and he sighed.