The pain Callie had come to expect from any human's scent wasn't present in her daughter; she smelled like lilacs and earth. Comfortable and content, she walked through the settlement Around her, her family was taking out the few stragglers, joining her as she passed.

As they had decided, they did not kill any of the werewolves; after all, they had no way of determining who had a hand in Sophie's kidnapping and who didn't. Jacob had brought out so many werewolves that Callie found herself wondering how they fed them all. At any rate, there mission wasn't entirely about revenge. What mattered is that they got Sophie back.

The little girl had no trouble remembering her mother, and cooed in her arms. She had already grown to look like her mother, her face round and freckled, her hair curly and untidy. Most of all, her eyes saw, just as her mother's eyes saw, through dense green lenses.

Her family had entirely joined her as she walked out of the little village; as they reached the forest's edge, they were joined by Rosalie and Nate. They disappeared into the darkness, though, before Edward caught up, brushing fur off of his pants. He had a grin on his face that told Callie that he had been waiting to do that for a long time.

They spent the night in a upscale hotel in the middle of a city they weren't familiar with. Alice took advantage of the local shops to buy an entire wardrobe for little Sophie, dragging Jasper behind all the way, while Emmett and Rosalie shopped for the appropriate furnishings. After kissing their granddaughter and their newest daughter, Carlisle and Esme wandered off for a night out. Nate went off on his own, but not without being a proper uncle and swinging his ecstatic niece around in circles. Edward and Callie were finally left alone with her daughter.

"So what do we do now?" Edward asked as he scooped Callie, who held Sophie, up in his arms, and kissed his new daughter on the head. Callie pouted a little, and he kissed her in a way only a husband would kiss his wife.

His kiss made Callie realize something, and Edward heard it just as soon as she thought it. He looked at her, and they smiled. Sophie watched her parents grin, and giggled with happiness.

It was a short four weeks that passed before Edward and Callie stood at the altar together and said, "I do."