Breaking free

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter, or any characters you know. JK Rowling does. However I do own the plot line

"Stand by my side," that's what you said. "Promise me you'll stay by my side."

I gave and kept my promise, but you hurt me in return.

I loved you, but you didn't reciprocate.

Took my heart and shattered it.

Took my life and smashed it.

Took my whole self and broke it.

Well never again will you hurt me.

Never again will you break me.

Never again will you terrorise my every breathing moment, awake or asleep.

Tonight I leave you, my son asks why, but I tell him not to worry, to pack his things.

Tonight I'm not scared, because you'll only be passed out on the sofa, drunk after a bad day at the Ministry.

My son comes to me, his own green eyes gazing worriedly at me. His eyes identical to mine. Except for the facial bone structure, and the eyes, he looks just like his father.

I gather his school trunk in one hand, take him by the shoulders with my other hand and lead him outside. He holds his cage, his owl Hedwig inside.

"Where are we going?" he asks finally.

"Somewhere far from here." I tell him.

He gives me a curious look, one I choose to ignore.

"Grab hold of my arm." I tell him.

He does so, and I Side Along Apparate with him. We appear in a street that was ever so familiar to me as a child and a teenager. I look behind me, down the hill, over the playground to the several rows of streets, the cul-de-sac placed in the middle of the rows is where my childhood home stands. My eyes travel back down to the park where I spent my childhood with my sister, where I found out I was a witch, and where I found my first proper best friend.

My son taps my arm, pulling me from my memories and thoughts.

I turn to him, hug him and we make our way down the street, me making a beeline to a certain house.

I knock lightly on the door, my son waits behind me.

There a moment's pause before the door creaks open.

I smile weakly up at the man standing at the door.

"Lily" he whispers.

"I'm back Severus. For good this time." I tell him and I throw myself into his arms, sobbing.