Salutations internet fanfiction junkies. Now first of all this idea was originally thought up by crazydemonfox and the original person who adopted it is Takaiteishu Naruto. I do not claim this idea as my own as all. While I don't claim it, doesn't mean I won't write it. It's a good idea and it has piqued my interest. I have much faith that me and Takaiteishu Naruto can make two different versions of the same idea. If it becomes a problem for some unforeseen reason, I will take down my story shrug.

Now onto the story! I was considering putting more, as in much more, in the prologue but I decided against it. I wanted to put a little taste of what you can expect from the story and keep it short. Really long prologues just make me wanna gouge my eyes out. If you like what you read, you should enjoy the rest of the story... hopefully. I've got about half of Chapter 1 done, so expect an update soon.

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The Barking Trickster

Prologue: Canis Latran

A young blonde haired boy cackled, well as much as a seven year old could cackle, as he ran full speed away from Hospital. Moments later several loud screams and even louder curses rang through the town of Konohagakure from said Hospital.

The next second a very irate, plain looking man rushed through the doors the blonde boy had just came through and stopped. His angry mood was clear to even the untrained eye. He seemed to be searching for something and one thing was for sure…

The blond brat responsible for releasing the pig in his arms labeled #2 and three others was going to pay.

"NARUTO!" The man screamed to the heavens, but the heavens showed no mercy as thunder cracked in the distance and rain began falling slowly but surely.

He looked down at the squealing pig in his arms, "Where the hell did he even get four pigs?"

The man grumbled and sat the pig down. The next moment he was dashing off down the street the boy now named Naruto had taken.

He didn't notice two blue eyes peek from under a trashcan lid in the alley he just ran by.

"Suckers." The people in the streets felt satisfaction, pride and no small amount of devious intent coming from a trash can in a near by alley. That was preposterous though so they went about their way to get out of the rain.

The two blue eyes peeked up once again and studied the surrounded area.

"Coast is clear!"

They boy, Naruto it appeared, hopped out of the trash can and dusted his already dirty clothes off. Thunder sounded in the distance again, heralding a rise in the level of rain.

"Dang! I'm so far away from home too!" Naruto pulled his shirt up over his head and dashed off in his home's direction.

He utterly missed the snickering shadow that watched him from atop the building he had just been under.

"Te'telo…" A second figure made its self know.

The figure known as Te'telo swung it's head around and looked right at speaker

"Yo, bro! I didn't notice ya there!"

"Te'telo…" the 'bro' let out a sigh. "Just what are you doing out here? You were suppose to back a month or two ago."

"Oh man! I totally forgot!" Te'telo let out a grin. It would be very surprising to anyone else to see said figure grinning, as they wouldn't believe a strange wolf like thing could grin that way at all.

What stood hunched over in the rain casting his eyes around the peaceful town was a wolfish animal. Though people would say if it was a wolf, it wasn't much of one. Light brown fur and smallish… for a wolf. Luckily for him, he wasn't a wolf or a dog for that matter. The only distinguishing feature was a dark brown, almost black spot on the animal's brow.

Though his green, near hazel, eyes danced with something not unbecoming of the greatest of tricksters.

"'Telo, mother been worried sick about you." The unnamed other figure emerged the shadows. He was much like the other one, but not quite. His fur was much darker, and he was a size bigger.

The dark furred one walked over in a laze meant for better days and very calmly smacked the other one over the top of the head.

"Oww! What was that for Truok!" He buried his nose under his paws, faking agony.

"For being stupid and wasting time around such a…" He let his eyes rove over the rainy city. "Dump."

Te'telo let out a grin and peeked through his claws. "Oh no doubt there bro, but there are a few surprises."

The figure now named Truok's ears perked up slightly, only to fall back down from the rain.

"Like what exactly?" He lazed as he walked past the still grounded Te'telo and surveyed the alley they were over.

"Hehehe…" Truok found himself being assaulted by the patented " I'm 'Telo and I know something you don't!" laugh.

"Damnit Te'telo!" He rounded on his brother, only instead to find the boy who was just in the alley way looking up at him with big, round blue eyes.

"What tha…" Truok back pedaled for a moment.

The boy let out a very wolfish grin.

"Oh haha, very funny." There was… not really a shift. More of a slide. A slide accompanied by the sound of water going down a drain. The boy simply slide into the form of Te'telo.

"You saw that boy right?" He was still grinning.

"Yea? So what of him?"

"He's…" Te'telo's grin changed into a smirk and he looked in the direction the boy had just ran off to. "...entertaining."

Truok's eyes widened in comprehension. The left corner of his mouth twitched up for a second.

"Elaborate, oh dearest brother Te'telo." He faked a small curt bow. Truok's sarcasm was the only thing that kept Te'telo from declaring that thing in front of him was not in a relative of his in any way.

"Gladly!" There was another slide. In Te'telo's place now sat a large frog, with a small dark mark on his brow. Truok let out a sigh.

"What!? This form feels so good in the rain!" The frog immediately shot out at Truok's sigh. There was a second slide and another frog, a size bigger, was sitting where Truok was just a moment ago.

"That it does, brother. Now go on."

"Alright alright!" The frog raised a webbed hand and stroked it's hairless chin in a decisively comical manner. A moment later his head popped up and the proverbial light bulb turned on over his head.

"First off, the kid's got a fun mind."

If a frog could quirk an eyebrow, the Truok-turned-frog would have right now.

"For instance?"

"You saw that man running by right?" A curt, froggly nod.

"Well he was looking for the kid because of a little… trick." The frog made an attempt at a grin.

"He…?" Truok prompted.

"He let loose three pigs in a Hospital after some human lady at the front was a bit more than nasty to him. He numbered them to with paint, even #1, #2, and #4."

Truok deadpanned the most obvious question, "… why did he skip three?"

"So they would spend all their time hunting a fourth pig that never existed to begin with." Te'telo said, followed by gurgling sounds that could be interpreted as laughter. The rain came down to a small drizzle.

The now-frog named Truok blinked several times before admitting, "Clever. Kunula-sama would like it."

"True and that's not the only one."

"He's done more than that, brother?"

"Yep, yep, yep!" The frog hopped up into the air and grinned as he came face to face with his brother. "What do you think I have been doing for the past few months?"

Truok's froggy eyes widened. "You're serious about this aren't you?"

Truok was treated to a spectacle that day. His brother, the (in)famous Te'telo was quiet and in contemplation. While such a serious expression on a frog was unbecoming, everyone decided to leave it alone.

"Hmmmm..." Te'telo's eyes were closed for a moment, giving him an expression suited for the older and more wizened. "Yes."

The rain came all the way down to small sprinkle and a ray of sunshine suddenly cut through the clouds and landed between the two frogs. There was another shift. A black bird with a lighter colored mark on its brow hopped it's way over to the ledge. It let out a "kaw!" before turning back to the now singular frog.

"I'm quite serious." With that he turned his head back and spread his pitch black wings.

It paused it's pre-flight preparations.

"It's been too long since the Coyote tribe has had a summoner..." He turned his head upwards to the sky and admited earnestly. "...And the kid really is entertaining."

With a hop and a flap, the black bird took flight.

The frog let out another sigh.

"I guess we are going to see Oko." Another shift, and a second black raven entered the sky, chasing after his troublesome brother.


Author's Notes:

And there is the beginning of some rough times for Konoha. Shapeshifting!Naruto anyone? I'll tell you right now, it won't be lacking in the humor.