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Come one, come all

my comrades

as I spin you a tale.

One that is terribly cliche

and you have all heard before.

You all have read those Disney fairy-tales

but now I tell you one with magic,




and of course,

a little Supernatural.

One of a princess,

a forbidden love,

a hate for each other

and an evil king.

Now we shall start our tale

and journey into a land of unknown territory

and deep mystery...

If you dare.


Lauren had had strange dreams before. Most were her visions. But this one, this one left the others far behind, with dust in its wake.


Once upon a time, yes I know the awful cliche as well as you do, a long long time ago there was a vast and prosperous kingdom. The townspeople were happy, poverty was extinct and the King and Queen were loved by their people. The kingdom was called Lawrence and was ruled graciously by King William and Queen Sarah. They had a son Christopher, their only son and the only heir to the throne. One day, in this beautiful kingdom, tragedy struck.

The King's chief adviser Robert had gone into his King's chambers to find him and his Queen both dead. Poisoned by what seemed to be tainted wine. They all pointed their fingers at the mead-house keeper Benjamin Keller, who was sent to the gallows and faced the guillotine that very week.

But those who knew Christopher, or knew someone who knew someone that knew Christopher, knew he had done it. At fifteen, the boy was deeply troubled and power hungry. He despised his parents for paying more attention to the people than they did him. Seems foolish to go and kill someone for so little but I have seen people kill for a helluva lot less.

With no other possible heir, they had no choice but to give Christopher his coronation and watch in horror as he sat in his "rightful" place on the throne. The boy was a wicked child, but an evil man. He sent the kingdom into war, hunger and more poverty than he could have imagined. His only loyal subjects were those as wicked as he. And as time wore on the good people left and the evil moved in.

Except for Marian. Oh I apologize, Queen Marian, as she would become. The poor dear didn't have a chance. What Christopher wanted, Christopher got. Marian did not come from a rich family, but her lineage sealed her fate. Christopher would take no one with "tainted blood" and Marian was related to quite a few nobles throughout Europe. She gave birth to one heir, a daughter named Lauren. Lauren was raised mostly by her mother, so she grew with fight and fire inside her, but not without gentle kindness. Marian hoped when Christopher died, Lauren would bring Lawrence out of this terrible darkness.

I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself. You may call me Storyteller if you'd like. I am just one of many who spend their lives passing stories from one to another. Now I'm sure you have many questions and hopefully when I end this tale they shall be answered.

Now, back to the story. Lauren inherited her father's drive to stand up for what she believed in, but not his cruelty. She had a silver tongue that talked her nannies out of spanking her many times, and still helps her to this day. She gave to the people when she was sure Father wouldn't find out, and out matched his finest knights in battle. She had her mother's kindness and beauty, and a definite belief in true love. We'll talk about her more later.

I would now like to introduce you to the Winchesters. Samuel and Dean. They worked as stable boys in Christopher's courtyard. Their father had openly spoken out against the evil king and been killed for it. Their mother died when they were young from, hmm, let's call it unnatural causes. So the boys were forced to work for the king their father hated, and they hated as well but were not foolish enough to say so out loud, and live in poverty with the rest of the subjects. The boys had no rich blood or noble lineage which is why they were openly hated by the King. He often called them "Filthy peasants who had no right to lick the bottom of his shoe." Dean would have given the King a good long beating, but Samuel always kept a cool head and talked him out of it.

Their parents were originally from Ireland and since children learn to talk from their parents, they each had a soft Irish hint to their voices. They had heard of the Princess but had never got a long look at her. Every now and then they got a glimpse of her in a castle window, but never enough to get a full description. Young princess' were far too busy with their studies to go out and around the kingdom. But once she was of age, 17, she went outside almost every day.

We shall pick up the story a few days after her 17th birthday.

"Father I am old enough to go out on my own." Lauren protested. She stood defiant in front of her father's throne, cheeks stained pink. Christopher wasn't eager for Lauren to go outside the castle walls. She might gain him a reputation he did not want. "I will go out no matter what you say."

"I'll be damned if you do!" The King yelled. Marian placed a hand on his shoulder, silently asking him to calm down. She was the only one in the whole kingdom that could calm his temper. Christopher sighed. "If you stay out of the way and out of trouble you can go." Lauren smiled and bowed.

"Thank you father." She said. She looked up at her mother and winked, receiving a smile back. She walked out of the throne room and broke into a run when the doors closed behind her. Her white dress billowed behind her. The doors to the main gate opened wide, she breathed in the warm spring air. She looked around. Bees buzzed over flowers. Trees blossomed, the sky was a clear blue. A perfect day. She knew her first stop, the stables.

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