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The door opened and Dean tensed. His heart ached for Lauren to come back, but she didn't. His thoughts were muddled, most remained simple.

Cold. Pain. Dark. Laren. Those thoughts repeated themselves over and over again. He heard footsteps behind him, heavy. The shackles came undone above his head and he collapsed. Someone grabbed his hair and pulled his head back. The same damn guard that had done this to him stood over him, smiling.

"Time to die stable boy." He grinned. He pulled his wrists together and re-chained them. He grabbed Dean's arm and pulled him up roughly, the bleeding welts on his back stinging.

"Ahnnss." He moaned softly. The guard pushed Dean in front of him and made him walk down the dank hall to his death. Dean stumbled and fell, his muscles weak and his back on fire. The guard grabbed his hair again and hauled him up. Dean fell several more times. Instead of being brought up to his feet, the guard punched his jaw and kicked his ribs.

"Get up you pathetic waste!" He yelled, kicking Dean sharply in his right side.

"Ohha!" He screamed. Dean pushed himself on his knees and managed to stand up. When they finally reached outside, things got worse. The regular subjects, the ones who were too poor to leave, did nothing. They adverted their eyes from him and continued hastily to what they were doing. The evil that roamed Lawrence, however, were not so dormant. They screamed at him, calling him every foul name they could think of. Rocks were thrown, some hit their mark.

Dean was forced up a flight of wooden stairs. The guillotine's blade was gleaming in the morning light. Dean's eyes were trained on it. This device would soon end his life. Christopher was on the platform, as was Marian, Christopher's advisors...and Lauren. Her eyes leaked silent tears, they ran faster when she saw him. She looked so beautiful. Hair flowing down her back, wearing a lavender dress. Dean thought this was the last time he would ever see her. Marian gasped, appalled at what her husband had done to this poor boy. Christopher remained stony faced.

The crowd raored the closer he got to the guillotine. Dean's heart pounded in his chest. He wasn't afraid to die, he didn't want Lauren to witness this. It would kill her. Dean stepped in front of the guillotine and was suddenly forced down to his knees. His head was thrust forward and a wooden plank came down to hold his head down.

"Father PLEASE!" Lauren cried. She ran to Christopher, who's expression was blank. "Please Father I beg you. Don't kill him. I love him, that should be enough for you!" She said, tears pouring down her face. Dean couldn't turn and look at her, he was still at the mercy of the crowd. "Please Father. Please." Christopher looked at Lauren, face still unreadable, and shook his head.

Lauren collapsed. Face in her hands. Her hope was gone. Her heart broken. She looked at Dean's shaking body and cried more. Marian looked at her daughter, then the boy, then Christopher, and back to her daughter.

This isn't right. She thought. I have to do something...Now before it's too late. Christopher had said Dean's charges. His arm was now raised. As soon as it fell, his life would be over. The crowd screamed. Christopher's arm started to come down. Dean shut his eyes, tight. Marian looked around wildly, and made a decision in an instant. She pulled a dagger out of her dress lining and charged at her husband.

The knife went in quickly. And if Samuel's pulse hadn't been pounding in his ears, he would have heard a sudden hush come over the audience. Lauren looked up, Dean opened his eyes. Marian pushed the knife in Christopher's stomach deeper. Hate filled her face and fire filled her eyes.

"I should have done this on our wedding night." She whispered. The King said nothing, he gagged on his own blood. "You've hurt many people Christopher. I draw the line at our daughter." And with a final twist, the king was dead. Christopher fell and Marian stood. "This boy was sentenced under the king's rule. Since he is now dead, the boy is free."

And the loud cry Samuel had heard from the crowd was those who were poor and hated the king. They now saw a new light. And one of thier own was now safe. Lauren rushed to Dean, pulled the plank off of his neck and pulled him to her. The exocutioner let the blade fall and it landed with a loud thunk as it struck solid wood.

Dean wrapped his arms around Lauren. He buried his face in her neck and let his own tears fall. Lauren cried as well, mostly out of joy. She ran her fingers through his hair, touched any part of him her hands could reach. It was then she realized how badly hurt Dean was.

"Oh god Dean." She whispered. She hugged him tighter. Dean tensed out of pain but didn't pull away from her. The cuts from the whip still bled, along with the new wounds from the crowd

"I want a stretcher down here now. Carry the boy to my daughter's apartments." Marian ordered. Two men nodded and rushed inside the castle. Christopher's "loyal" subjects couldn't move. They were stunned at what Marian had done. She hardly ever spoke and never showed any sign of authority. Until now. Now her royal blood line was kicking in and it felt completely natural.

Samuel appeared at the gates. He ran through the crowd screaming his brother's name. When he got close enough and saw Dean and Lauren embracing, he nearly collapsed.

"Dean!" He called. Dean turned around and smiled weakly at Samuel. "Wut happened?"

"Turns ouet tha King can't evun kill yur bruther Sam." He whispered. Samuel laughed. He wasn't sure why, but he laughed. Caitlyn stood next to Samuel, tears in her eyes and relief on her face.

"You have the luckiest brother in the world Samuel." She said. Samuel nodded.

"I know." He said. He looked at Caitlyn and they grinned at eachother, amazed at their friends.

Dean looked at Lauren. The same way he had when they first met. Into her saphires, and she looked into his emeralds. He pulled her to him and that same familiar sensation of her lips filled him.

Lauren welcomed Dean's kiss eagerly. She missed the soft, gentle way his lips entangled themselves in hers. And this kiss blew all the other great ones away. From Snow White and Prince Charming to Wesly and Buttercup.

So, Marian told the subjects if they wished to rebel against her, they would be killed. The evil people left the kingdom and Lawrence once again flourished. The Weicherts death seemed more like a blessing than a curse and their home was turned into a church. Irony I know. Samuel and Caitlyn married the next year and had five children. Caity loves kids and Samuel can't tell her no. Samuel was the head of the royal army and ended up making the best army in the world. Marian ruled for many years, and when she died, her daughter Lauren and her husband Dean took over. Lauren and Dean had one son and one daughter. John and Mary.

I have told you a tale of evil, of good, of hate and adventure. Of love, a damsalle in distress, and a handsome man that saved her. But most of all I told you a tale of love. And if you are lacking in that department yourself I want you to remember this tale. Love can be found in the most unlikely places. And me? I must now go and tell my tale to others in hope that someday, somewhere, someone will heed my words and find the love they need. This Storyteller leaves you nowe with the biggest cliche in Fairytale history.

And They All Lived Happily Ever After.



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