Okay. I dont exactly know if this would count as Twilight related, but it sort of does, but it doesnt. I'll explain that in a moment. But first things first.

One: Edward is not in here, nor any of the other Twilight characters.

Okay? So I wont waste your time while you chew me out for not having Edward yet. He wont be here. Ever.

But, the reason it is here is because its similar sort of.

Summary: A girl meets a vampire who is continuously killing people in her town. When she finds him, she convinces him not to kill her. She shows him an alternative to humans, and he agrees to try it. Throughout the struggles of a strange friendship between predator and prey, either instinct, desire, or love will win out.

And thats it almost. It sort of relates to Twilight in the sense of resisting human blood, and love and all that good stuff.

If you think it shouldnt be on fanfiction because it doesnt really have a category, let me know in a review, and I'll take it off without a problem. I'll still continue it though, just not on fanfiction, since I like it. If you like it though, it'll keep coming.

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After everything that had been happening the past few weeks, I had a good reason to feel paranoid while walking in these woods.

I hadnt realized it had gotten so dark. Jogging on the graveled forest trails kept both my mind and my body busys. I focused on my breathing and tried to get in shape for cross-country. My breath was reasonably steady as I continuously ran through the woods, even after almost twenty minutes of flat out runnning. I hadnt stopped in a while to catch my breath, or to feel tired. I pushed myself harder and harder with every step, listening to my heavy footsteps against the path.

The woods were not a safe place to be at night anymore. Since about two weeks ago, the attacks started. One body, another body, after another body. I didnt want to be the fourth body. Of course, I knew the person who got the second turn.

"Zoe, dont you dare go now!" I had cried.

"Oh, calm down, Cind, I'll be fine," Her words didnt calm me.

"Please! You can go run tomorrow or something!"

"No, everyday, that's how it works. I've got my cell on me, and if there is an emergency, I'll call..." She trailed off, thinking. "911! Oh yeah. Can you give me a pen? I need to write it on my hand." She held out her hand expectantly.

I glared. "Seriously."

"I am serious. I wont forget the number, I wont be long, I wont go far. Okay?"

I didnt agree with her, yet I had found myself saying, "Okay."

"You wont even have time to miss me!" And with that, she had sprinted away and out of sight.

I had had plenty of time to miss her.

I tried not to think about that as the light faded further, giving way to the blackness the darkness held. The only sound was of my feet crunching against the gravel, followed by the eerie sound of an owl in a nearby tree.

The owl startled me, and I sped up although I quickly slowed after that, my pace slower then the one before. I half-chugged my water bottle, pulling it away from my face and gasping for breath. I was fine, I told myself, I'll be home in a few minutes.

I heard the rustle of leaves off of the path, and my head turned to see the cause of the noise.

Two dark eyes met mine, and held my gaze. My eyes darted quickly to the limp shape the figure was holding, and away.

"Oh." A low, surprised voice echoed in the silence.

I had been wrong. I would be the fifth body.