Edward was perfect in every way

The Fate

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Edward was perfect in every way. From his bronze hair, to his delicate hands. I longed to be closer, closer to him. Him lying next to me and singing my lullaby was the most perfect thing to me. I wished I could stay here in his ice-cold arms forever.

I was excited, I couldn't lie. We were getting married in three months! Even though I still had to tell Charlie and Renee about our (Edward and I) plans. I was anticipating their reactions, Charlie would be furious and want to kill Edward and Renee would start crying and telling me not to make the biggest mistake of my life. But I couldn't care about that now, all I could think of was being with Edward for an eternity and becoming a vampire too.

Slowly I started to drift off into a peaceful sleep. I was no longer embarrassed about what I would say in my sleep, because most of the time all I said was Edwards name. I woke up in the morning, happy that I didn't have to go to school anymore so I could spend all my day with Edward. I turned to Edward and giggled. He was just so perfect, and why he chose me of all girls I may never understand. " Good morning, my Love," said Edward as he touched his lips to my forehead. " Good morning to you too," was all I could reply when my stomach growled. I must be hungry. Edward took me up in his arms and started to walk me down the stairs. Then I realized that I didn't know if Charlie would be home.

"Wait! What about Charlie?'"

"No need to worry Bella, he left early this morning to go fishing."

"Oh good, so can you make me." I thought for a second off all the things he could make me and then I decided it would gross him out to make me anything too ornate,

"…Some cereal?"

"Cereal? Oh please Bella, you know my cooking capabilities are much higher than that!"

" No Edward, really, cereal is all I need right now," I said with a big grin on my face. I looked into his eyes to see if it was possible to dazzle him, then I saw how black his eyes were

" Oh Edward, you need to hunt, your eyes are pitch black."

"Yes I do need to hunt but I am afraid of you hanging out with that do- Jacob, so close to you being changed and so soon before our wedding."

" I can shop with Alice if you want me to, we have a ton of things we have to do before the wedding, I'm sure Alice would be thrilled."

" But I thought you didn't like shopping."

" I don't, but if it makes you happy, I will do it."

" Goodness, Bella everything you say makes m fall more in love with you. Thank you!"

" I love you too Edward."

" You should write a note to your dad, because knowing Alice, you will be out for a while…."

" I know, ok I'll write him a letter"

And with that we were out the door climbing into Edwards Volvo. As soon as we got to the Cullens' home Alice was running outside in the most Cheery mood.

"Bella, you are the most wonderful little sister ever! Edward nothing will happen to Bella while you're gone, she may never want to shop again but she won't be broken."

" Great," I added " Lets go and get this long day over with so I can be back into the arms of my not-so-thirsty-anymore vampire."

Great, shopping with Alice.

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