A/N: I want this to seem like a deleted scene from the movie. Here goes.

Scar napped in his cave as Nala crept in, heading toward the ribcage that was her friend's prison. The hornbill smiled weakly as Nala set down the gourd full of water. She wrapped her paws around the rock that blocked one of the cage openings and pulled it away.

"Go," Nala whispered.

Zazu shook his head. "Scar will do terrible things to you if you help me escape."

"No he won't. He needs me to hunt with the other lionesses."

"You don't understand. Scar is going madder every day." Zazu glanced at the sleeping lion. "He has lost his ability to think about the consequences of his actions."

"Then I'll tell him one of the hyenas ate you."

"They'll deny it, and Scar will probably believe them over you."

"Look, somebody has to go find a male lion and get him to challenge Scar. It's our only chance of surviving."

"I can't. If anything were to happen to you or the other lionesses because of something I did…I just couldn't bear it. I'm sorry."

Nala sighed. "It's okay, Zazu. I still wish you would escape, but I understand your decision. I'll find another way."