Sam didn't care that it wasn't right or legal what he was doing because he only felt happy and safe when he was lying in bed with his older brother he smiled before getting up and dressed. It would be at least another hour or two before Dean woke up and they went back to being the brothers they were supposed to be.

"We're you going?" Dean asked rolling over and watching Sam put his clothes on.

"Bathroom" Was all Sam told him before getting up and leaving their room. "Hey mom, you're up early." He said as she passed him.

"Morning to you too, couldn't sleep so I just got up." She told him before she went down stairs.

Dean was in his own bed when Sam got back to the room, which meant without words for now it was over what they had, but Sam didn't mind he knew he'd have him back soon enough. "Dean you still awake?" he asked

"No." he mumbled in his half awake half asleep state. "What you need?"

"You got my hoodie again?" Sam asked him.

"I don't know." Dean lied pulling the covers down revealing to Sam that he had it on.

"Sure you don't you cold blooded, jerk." Sam said with a smile

"Bite me bitch, you want it come and get it." Dean told him getting up just in time because Sam jumped at the bed trying to grab Dean. But he missed and once he was down Dean pinned him to the bed. "I win, Sammy." he said in his ear.

"No you don't." Sam said trying to crawl out from under him, but he laid down on him so that he couldn't move.

"I said you're not leaving yet, baby boy." Dean told him biting his neck.

"Fuck, Dean." Sam said "I want you again."

"You're a fucking slut you know that little brother, but don't worry I'll take care you." Dean told him letting Sam roll over onto his back. "What you want me to do to you this time?"

"Make me cum without touching me." Sam told him

"Don't know if you're there yet Sammy, but maybe few more months." Was the reply before Dean kissed him.

"Dean Sam you two up."

"Fuck." They both groaned in the kiss before Dean got up grabbing his jeans and getting into them before he opened the door. "Yeah?" he asked

"Can you babysit for me today?" She asked

"No, I gotta go help Bobby in two hours and I gotta do something before I leave too." Dean told her.

"Okay, I'll get Sam to babysit, but can you go to the store really quick and get the oil for the car and change it for I have to leave?" She asked him

"Yeah, just give me about ten minutes, I need find my shirt."

"It's in the laundry sorry." She told him.

"Mom that was the only one I got here." Dean told her.

"Well you'll have to go to the cabin and get your other stuff want you." Mary said with a smile. "How long you staying here anyway?"

"Three days, I promised Sam we'd have a guys' weekend then I gotta go catch up with dad on that hunt." Dean told her.

"Thanks, Dean I owe you."

Dean shut the door finding Sam beside him.

"I want my hoodie back now…"

"Sorry, I gotta get mom's oil changed for I go to work." Dean said.

"Dean I'm going to…" but he was cut off by Dean's lips.

"I might be able to convince mom to let you come to the cabin tonight if you're good and babysit for her today, Sam." Dean told him "And the hoodie's mine today sorry." He said giving him one more kiss before he left.

After Dean changed the oil in the van and his mom left he took off to Bobby's to see if he needed any help today if not he would go hang out with Sam.

"Wondering when you'd show." Bobby said throwing the wrench to Dean. "The two cars out back need work the blue one needs to be stripped and the green one gets its wheels." He said

"Okay, I'll be done in no time." Dean told him handing him the wrench back.

Sam had just finished the lunch he'd made for him and his sisters and now he was in Dean and his room watching some show he'd taped. Amber who was twelve was listening to the stereo and Megan who was nine was watching a movie down stairs which was good because when they were out of his hair that meant he got to relax.

Mary got home around one and Sam helped her with the groceries and stuff. "Okay, Sam what is it that you want?" She asked

"Can I go and stay at the hunting cabin with Dean till Monday?" he asked

"I guess, if you help me with supper you could go tonight." His mom told him. "But I find out you two got drunk again I will ground you both even if Dean is nineteen." She told him.

Sam smiled after saying thank you and agreeing to her terms. Now he had to wait for Dean to get home later. "Mom, I'm going to go for a run." Sam said

"Okay, just be back before Dean gets here." She told him.

"I might go to Bobby's and get a ride with him back here." Sam said referring to Dean as his ride.

"Okay, just don't let your brother speed." Mary said before Sam left the house.

Sam got to Bobby's in record time and he had come through the woods so Dean or Bobby hadn't seen him. "Hey baby boy." Dean said surprising Sam as he pushed him against the shed. "Mom know you went for a run?" he asked

"Yeah, I ain't that stupid and she said that I could stay with you too." Sam told him.

"Good, don't worry Bobby just left on an errand he almost sent me, but I said you probably would come by." Dean told him.

"You're lying aren't you?" Sam asked

"Yeah, he's in the house." Dean said. "Don't worry though he's trying to find something for dad, he asked for a book or something it'll be a while."

"Think we got time?" Sam asked him.

Dean didn't answer him he just kissed him as he undid his jeans. "Good thing I got lube with me, little brother or you'd be doing this."

Sam wished Dean had forgotten it it had been six months since he'd let him be the one giving instead of receiving. "Dean… I…"

"You what, Sammy you got to tell me." Dean asked him

"You to fuck me here and now." was the response he got.

It didn't take long for Dean to get him ready and once he knew it wouldn't hurt as much he slid into Sam or more like slammed himself home making Sam cry out in pleasure as he hit his prostate. "Shh…" he said covering Sam's mouth as he continued to fucking. It was rough fast and dirty, but they didn't care as they came moaning the other's name before Dean pulled out. Sam slid down the shed sitting down once he had his jeans back up and Dean followed him doing the same. "Shit, that was too quick."

"You telling me, I didn't have chance to think." Sam groaned.

"Don't worry, it'll be better tonight." Dean told him. "You better get for he gets out here. I don't need us getting caught now."

"That why you moved in the cabin Dean, cause I want you at the house at night. I like waking up with you beside me, I need you there again." Sam was almost begging and Dean knew it.

Dean looked around the shed and saw that Bobby was leaving he waved at him saying something that he couldn't understand and once he was gone he grabbed Sam and pulled him off the ground. "Come on." he said and Sam followed.

"What you got up your sleeve?" Sam asked

Dean waited till they got a safe distance in the woods were nobody could see them and pushed Sam against the tree. "You think I don't want to be there or something cause I do, baby brother. I want to fuck you in the morning for you go off to your damn goody fucking friends I wanna leave that I've been fucked grin on your fucking face, but us getting caught would suck and for now I think it's safe if I stay at the cabin. Mom thinks something is going on with us okay hell she asked me yesterday if you'd been doing it because you smelled like sex the other morning. So yeah I agree with you, Sammy I wish I could be there too, but for now me and you this weekend and maybe when I get back from hunting with dad this month school will be out for the summer and mom let us go have our normal summer fun."

"Fucking hard and fast where nobody can see us." Sam told him moaning as Dean started stroking him. "That the fun you referring too?" he asked

"That's right, and I might let you fuck me again." That was the words Sam had been waiting for and he took them meaning now and pushed Dean into the other tree. "Shit." Dean groaned

"Please Dean?" he asked and Dean already knew the question he was asking.

"Not now, but I promise I get back I'll let you for week." He told him.

Sam wanted it now and he tried but Dean pushed it off. "Dean please, you know you want me to, you like it when I fuck you too, makes you want me even more."

"Not now, baby boy but I get back I promise you I'll let you till then I'm fucking you."

Sam couldn't help but feel defeated, but he wasn't letting it get him down because Dean always kept his promises when it came to that. "Okay you got a deal." Sam told him. "On your knees, soldier." He ordered and Dean obeyed that was something they would never refuse was the other's orders. "Suck me off or you're getting fucked now." Sam told him.

Dean swallowed around his brother as he deep throated him and pulled on Sam's sack making him cum crying out in pleasure, Dean had won for now.

"For now you win, but this weekend you're mine, big brother." Sam told him giving him a kiss before he pulled his jeans up. "I better go less you want to give me a ride when you're done."

"I'll give you a ride, no way I'm letting you walk back home." Dean said getting up. "Get your ass moving, Sammy." Dean told him with a smile. "Cause when the sun goes down you'll be my soldier." He whispered in his ear.

"Promise?" Sam asked

"Always." Dean's replied.

"I thought we were leaving Monday, dad?" Dean asked when his dad called that night.

"Dean I need you here tonight or by morning if you can."

Dean didn't hesitate to say yes, but he'd pay for it later when he had to tell Sam. "I'll be there, dad." He said before hanging up.

"You fucking promised me." Sam said before he left the room he'd heard the conversation.

"Sammy." Dean said going after his brother. "You know I gotta go I'll make it up to you when I get back I promise, I didn't promise you this weekend I promised next weekend I just said I might could this weekend, come on baby b…"

"NO, don't call me that just leave me alone." Sam yelled "Get out of my room and don't come back either." he said

"What did I do you got to tell me what I did wrong?" Dean asked

"It's our fucking six month anniversary tonight, dumb ass." Sam said slamming the bedroom door.

Mary had heard the yelling and came to see what the matter was. "He said it's been six months since I've been away on a weekend." Dean said before he left grabbing his bag and leaving.

"Sam, open up its mom." Mary said

Sam opened the door finding her standing there. "Why'd he have to leave?" he asked her.

"Why don't you go with him." She said

Sam thought for a second before he said anything. "Stale him while I get somethings." Sam told her going back in the room. That hadn't occurred to him.

"Dean, wait I think Sam wants to come with you." Mary said finding Dean standing outside.

"Mom, I messed up I shouldn't let him come but I should stay I'm the one that said…"

"Dean when I say this I promise you I don't want your dad to ever know what I know you hear me." She said

"Yeah, what is it." He asked

"I know why you moved in the cabin Dean, I've known for about six months I don't know exactly why it did or how, but I know about Sam and you more than brothers."

Dean had the deer in the head lights look how could she know. "Mom…"

"I'm not happy about this at all Dean, but you two always did look out for each other and you've always protected him since he was little especially when I was missing for the first five years of his life. Your dad would never understand this probably so I want say anything about it, but take him with you Dean after all like he said it is your six month anniversary."

"I never meant for it to happen mom you got to believe me." Dean told her

"I know, oh and you didn't dream that I found out that first night. It was a dead give away when I found Sam and you passed out in yawl's room no covers and the lube in the floor and the whiskey." She told him. "Just don't let me catch you two again and pretend we never had this conversation, never let your dad know or hurt your brother because if you do I'll hurt you too." She told him.

"Thanks for stalling him." Sam said coming out. "So can I come with you?"

"Yeah, get in little brother." Dean told him.

Dean faked being okay after he'd took the bone crushing blow to his ribs when the witch throw him using her telekinesis and the force field on him. "I'm fine dad and don't worry I'm fine to drive back." He added the last part before Sam could offer to drive.

"Okay you get home put some ice on them and take the week off I'll be back home next weekend before we leave." John told him.

"No problem." Dean told him before he got in the driver's side.

"So help me I'll kick your ass if you think you're driving all the way back to South Dakota, Dean you got cracked ribs." Sam told him.

"No I don't I just got couple bruises that's all."


"I said drop it, bitch." Dean yelled making Sam jump. "Sorry Sam, but I'm fine I just want to drive and listen to music I'll be fine when we get to SD he told him.

Sam woke up to Metallica playing and Dean singing along to them. "You suck at that." Sam joked stealing a kiss while Dean's mouth was open.

"Well well little brother, guess you're finally awake if you want to fuck." Dean joked "But it's another half hour for we're at the cabin." He told him.

"I can wait Dean." Sam told him. "And you're mine when we get there, soldier." Sam said using Dean's nickname again.

"You call me that one more time, baby boy and you're not getting what I said I would let you do." Dean told him letting one hand go to Sam's hardening crotch. "If you get my drift, Sammy." he said.

"You do that and I'll call rank on your ass." Sam said.

"Sorry I have rank over your ass, baby boy and I'm calling it now." Dean told him pulling off onto the drive way that led up to the cabin.

"You're taking the back way?" Sam asked

"No, I'm pulling over you're getting in the driver's seat." Dean told him before he got out.

Sam slide over into the driver seat when Dean got in he pulled back out and started down the road. "Why you change places?"

"Cause I had couple beers and there's a traffic stop up the road." Dean told him putting his seat belt on and pretending to be asleep.

"I'm going to kill you." Sam told him

Sam smiled as he pulled into the driveway of the cabin. He remembered the first time they'd come up here as kids. Dean always said he'd have it and now he did. He'd didn't actually own it though it was still in Bobby's name or his dad's they weren't sure, but Dean was staying here for now and working at Bobby's to pay for it cause he wanted it. "Get your ass up." Sam said blowing the horn and waking Dean up making him jump.

"Fuck yes." Was what he said when he jumped.

"Having another sex dream about us?" Sam asked

"No you moron." Dean told him getting out the car.

"You owe me Dean after you use the can you're getting out here." Sam told him.

"I need sleep I drove all the way here, Sam."

"Okay nap then you out here." Sam corrected following Dean inside.

They got to the bedroom and stripped and got in bed letting sleep take them.

Dean was the first one up from their nap and he went to get something to eat before Sam woke up. Dean got back half hour before Sam woke up and he had an idea of what to do. He grabbed the things he needed from the frigerator and closet and went back to the bed. "Hey Sammy wake up." he said kissing Sam awake.

"Dean, give me five more minutes." Sam said trying to roll over, but he found him self bound. "Dean I'm kicking your ass." Sam almost yelled they hadn't went this far before

"I want to try something you don't have to bit my head off. You want to find out what it is?" he asked. "Please." He asked. "Promise I'll stop if you don't want to go any farther."

Sam looked up and saw that only lust was in his brother's eyes. "Okay." He said before Dean claimed his mouth.

"I promise Sam I'll never hurt you or let anybody hurt you." Dean told him

"I know you want." Sam told him

"I'll save you if you ever need me too." Dean said before kissing him again.

"I need you to save me now." Sam told him. "Because I'm horny, Dean."

"Then I'll save you, baby boy." Dean said pulling his shirt off.

Sam woke up finding himself uncuffed with Dean lying beside him still curled around him. "You always were a sucker for that." Sam said with a smile before rolling to face Dean. "Hey, you awake?"

"Yeah, you want to go again?"

"Not right now I was hoping to eat the food you got us." Sam told him.

"Sure no problem, you stay I'll go get it." Dean told him getting up he hadn't gotten dressed either.

Dean grabbed the food and went back to the room handing the food to Sam. "Here bitch, eat or I'll feed you." Dean told him.

"I'd like you to feed me, Dean." Sam said

Dean smiled and moved closer to Sam. "I hate chick shit, Sam you better be glad you're a girl." He joked

"You love me." Sam told him taking the fry. "Damn that was good." He said

"You're funny, bitch."

"So what are we doing the rest the day?" Sam asked

"I thought we could go for a run see where we get." Dean told him.

"A run are you joking."

"No you are mine this weekend baby boy." Dean told him.

"Fine, but you're mine tonight."

"Okay you got a deal. Eat up and we'll go run once we rest…" He said, but Sam cut him off.

"We're going to be having sex after we eat Dean so shut up and eat up." Sam said biting down on his ear. "What you think about that, big boy?" Sam asked

"You're turning me on that's what I think." Dean told him kissing him.

"I love you, Dean I'll always love you." Sam told him

"Love you too, Sammy." Dean said back.

"In four years no matter what I want you to promise me something Dean." Sam said

"Sure, what is it Sam?" he asked

"In four years no matter what I want us to met here, no matter what we are doing or where we are."

"Okay, I think I can do that." Dean told him.

Sam couldn't believe that he'd just gotten his high school diploma it was a wonderful. He looked in the crowed as he walked off stage and found the person he was looking for, Dean was standing beside their parents yelling his name out as he went back to his seat. He smiled and hoped that nothing would change this was what life was supposed to be. Sure he wasn't like most he was a little different and once he got home he'd be different for good. Course how exactly do you tell your best friend, your brother, your lover and the only person that really gets you that you want to go to college at Stanford. Well that was the next step and he'd do it soon. Once he got in the parking lot with his family they started taking pictures of him in the gown and he remembered four years or five years earlier standing at 

Dean's graduation doing the same except now your parents knew the truth and so did your siblings, but nobody outside the family, except for maybe Bobby knew what was going on. "You two coming back to the house or are you going to the cabin?" Mary asked her sons

"House first, but later we're going to the cabin." Sam said.

Dean hadn't said much yet he was waiting till everybody stopped talking before he came up. "Hey, so I heard you got into Stanford." He said "Guess you're not going be staying here after all?" he asked

"I want you to come with me, Dean." Sam said. "Please, I can't do this alone I want my brother with me."

"I'll give a ride to the house we can talk later." Dean said before getting in.

"Please don't shut me out again, Dean you do this every damn time. I want my fucking brother to come with me to California, I want my fucking…"

"No, sorry Sammy I got things to do you know I can't stop hunting, maybe I'll come and visit, but I can't stay." Dean told him.

"I need my big brother, Dean."

"This time you're on your own." Dean told him when they pulled in the driveway. "Congrats on graduating always knew you would, but I gotta…"

"You dare tell me you got something more important than this then don't think about coming back." Sam told him.

"I don't have anything more important Sam, but I do have a surprise I gotta pick up for you, for later less you want it to melt."

"Okay, I'll get mom to bring me home." Sam told him getting out.

Dean pulled the letter he had in the glove box out and read it again. 'We want to welcome you to Stanford, Mr. Winchester.' That was what the acceptance letter in front of him said only problem was it wasn't Sam's. "Why the hell did I listen to you, bitch?" Dean asked before he left throwing the letter and application on the passenger seat.

Sam unlocked the door that night going inside finding Dean at the table. "So where's my surprise cause if I have…"

"Remember how you begged me to apply to that thing last year and I wouldn't?" Dean asked

"Yeah, and it was your senior year five years ago and that thing was your SAT's Dean."

"Here, I never actually looked at them, but I had to put them on this application I let mom fill it out I just signed the damn thing." Dean said as Sam started reading the letter. "I guess we're more than good in bed Sammy." Dean told him

"Dean you got a fucking 1999 on your SAT's." Sam told him.

"Is that good or something?" Dean asked him.

"Yes you're one of the ones that are smart as shit." Sam told him. "That means you can go to college like I asked you to." Sam continued "I can't believe this my brother scored the same thing I did on the SAT's." Sam finished before he hugged Dean then kissed him. "You're a genius like I said you were."

"Oh and here." Dean said "Not sure what it is asking, but I think I got in to that fucking school of yours."

Sam couldn't believe what he was reading Dean had actually gotten into Stanford. "I don't get it you graduated high school with a 2.5 how did you get in."

"Sam I lied, I graduated high school with a 3.5 I thought about going to college that year, but I kind of fell for my brother and didn't want to leave." Dean told him.

"Do you want to go with me to college, Dean?" Sam asked

"I don't know, Sam I just got this letter yesterday saying I've been excepted I don't know what I want to do I don't even know how to do that financial aid thing either." he said

"I'll help you, I got a full ride to Stanford for four years Dean I think I can find you something too." He said. "I love you, Dean and this is the best surprise you could have given me too." He added hugging him

Sam got up and went to the computer it was almost three am and after Dean and him had celebrated they'd wound up having sex again they hadn't made it to looking on the internet, but Sam was now. "Bingo." Sam said to him self and started filing out the application for financial aid on line he even got the electronic pin number emailed to him so it would go faster and by four am he had officially filled out FASFA and three other scholarship offers for Dean because he'd convinced Dean to go with him.

Dean got up and sat down beside Sam on the couch. "You know looking at porn this early is not that wise when you got a really hot and horny brother that wants to fuck you in the next room." He said in his ear.

"I filled out the applications for scholarships that you needed to do and the FASFA form too." Sam told him. "The estimated money that you'd have to pay is six hundred with FASFA so maybe if you get maybe three scholarships and part time job you could do it." Sam told him.

"I don't know…"

"NO, you said you'd do it and I actually am helping you here." Sam said

"I was going to say, I don't know what kind of job to get, baby boy." Dean told him. "So can you help me look for one those too?"

"Yeah, cause I was going to get one too. I actually found a place that's hiring for automotive techs. And I got a job lined up at a library." Sam told him. "Working on computers, not cars."

"You are fast and I didn't even tell dad yet that I'm not going to be able to hunt that often now, yet." Dean said. "You know he's going to be pissed at me."

"Why don't I show you how happy I am with you again?" Sam said kissing Dean. "Because Dean, I'm proud of you."

"Thanks Sammy." he said "Now get your ass to bed I'm lonely in there." Dean teased him pulling him off the couch.

"College, you want to go to college?" Mary asked. "John is he possessed or something?" she asked

John was shocked too, but he knew it was Dean. "No, he's Dean, I don't get how did you pull it off though?"

"John, Dean graduated high school with a 3.5 GPA he could have went to any college he wanted even then."

"But I wanted to stay here with Sam." Dean said.

"Well I guess I could just use you on breaks." John said because looking at Dean he knew that his son was serious he really wanted to do this.

"You're not going to stop me?" Dean asked

"No Dean, I'm not because believe it or not I'm actually proud of you." John told him before he hugged him. "And you too, Sam." He added.

"Dad thanks." They both said.

"Catch." Sam said throwing a box to Dean.

Dean caught it before he through the pillow he was holding at Sam. "Bitch, I'm on the phone." He said. "Sorry mom, no we're fine Sam just wants to be a bitch right now. I'll call you later." Dean said hanging up.

Sam shut the door and locked it and went over to Dean turning him around and kissing him. "How do you like college life, Dean?"

"Don't know only been here three days." He said wrapping his arms around Sam. "What you think about christening that bed in there?"

"I'd say get your ass in there big brother or I'm going to drag you with me." Sam told him going towards the bedroom with Dean behind him.

Sam wasn't sure about which book to get for his class cause his teacher was teaching both and the class number was the same. "Hi, I was wondering what book to get for the criminology class." he said

"The red one, the green one is for graduate students." The person said handing it to him.

"Okay thanks." Sam said going to find Dean since he was done. "You find your books."

"Yeah I think I did anyway. What the hell is SOC because I can't find a book with that labeled?" Dean told him looking confused.

"Dean it's a Sociology book and here I got it already since I knew that we are in the same class." Sam said

"Sam what would I do without you?" Dean asked

"Probably be out hunting." Sam told him with a smile. "Come on I got the rest your books too that way you don't have to kill yourself looking." He joked.

"Hah hah bitch." Dean told him. "So how do we get out here with the books?"
"We check out, Dean you don't know anything about this?"

"I know you're my brother and that if you make one more comment about that I'm going to hurt you." Dean told him.

"Hi, do you know where the Sociology book for the 250 undergrad book is at?" some body asked coming up behind Dean.

"No, but I can find it for you." Dean said smiling at her.

"Thank you it's the only book that I couldn't find."

"No problem." Dean said showing her the way to the book even though he didn't know where it was. "Here you go." He said actually finding it by mistake. "Last one left too."

"That's good cause they have to order new ones for the ones that don't get one and they cost like hundred some bucks." She told him. "I'm Danielle by the way and you?"

"I'm Dean, I'm new here my brother convinced me to come." He said

"You must be glad to have an older brother."

"Actually he's my younger brother, four years apart. He graduated in May and wanted me to come with him I hated the idea at first, but I'm starting to like it."

"Following his footsteps, wish my sister would do the same, she got pregnant right out high school and now she's married with two more kids that was just a waste, I mean who would want kids." She said

"I want kids one day, listen I gotta go." Dean told her before he left. "Okay what is with the chicks here I mean she said she practically hates kids." He told Sam.

"Dean what did you do?"

"I didn't do anything you fucker I just said I came here because you and then she started telling me her life history; next thing I know…" Dean said looking behind him. "She said her sister has three kids and married and who'd want kids."

"Let me guess you wanted to tell her off?" Sam asked

"Hell yes what if mom had listened to her friends I wouldn't be here and neither would you." Dean told him.

"Doesn't matter Dean not now that is so chill out and come on." Sam told him as they put there books on the register. "Next time why don't you ask for sex?" Sam said giving Dean the glare that meant you screwed up now you're dead look.

"Sorry baby boy didn't know you were going to play the field on me and ask her out." Dean said. "I mean you're the one that said we got a week."

"Dean that was a fucking joke if you actually cared you wouldn't have." Sam told him opening their dorm room door.

Dean shut it behind him in the girls face who'd come up. "I'm sorry okay if I knew you were going to be suck a girl Sammy I would have remembered to do it later." Dean said opening the door. "What?"

"Sorry, it's just there is this party tonight thought you two would like to come."

Dean smiled taking the flier before she left he accepted the invited. "Sam I'm sorry okay please forgive me?" he asked coming in their room. "What are you doing?"

"Well if you want to go around screwing girls again then you're sleeping on the floor no way I'm having you near me." Sam said throwing the pillow on the floor.

"You bitch I didn't say I was going to fuck her. She's in my English class I thought I'd make a friend besides you and yeah she's a girl, but that don't mean anything not anymore. Sam I promised you I'd be yours didn't I?" he asked sitting down. "I sure as hell didn't get that stupid…"

"Don't finish that or I'll kill you." Sam told him sitting down. "I'm sorry I freaked maybe you're right about the whole making friends thing. And Dean I know that you wouldn't really sleep with her."

"Then why did you go all Psycho on me?"

"Because Dean I got scared okay, we're here nobody knows that we're together here and I thought that maybe you couldn't go throw with it or something." Sam told him.

"Sam, I love you and not just as a brother either you know that. And trust me I don't think this means nothing it means something too." Dean told him "I mean shit I am off the market for good I better be getting some action tonight." He joked

Sam smiled before getting up. "Okay so what do you want to do on our first weekend before classes start?"
"Get drunk and fuck you." Dean told him.

"You are defiantly mine." Sam said

"You're my bitch too." He added

"Okay remind me never again to mix vodka and whiskey." Sam said rolling over finding Dean already up. "Dude when did you get up?"

"Five minutes ago I went and found us some coffee the best might I add. It's beside the library and do you know that they have a whole collection of books on or by Stephen King I mean they got his whole The Dark Tower collection that he's put out so far and few other classics by him." Dean said

"Where the hell is my fucking brother?" Sam asked a little worried. "Cresto." Sam said, but Dean didn't flinch. "Okay so you're Dean, but what did you have to drink this morning?"

"Two cups of coffee plus I brought you a cup." Dean told him setting it down. "Thankfully you talked me out of taking morning classes even though they get the day over with you can't find anything early in the morning."

Sam was actually the one that was feeling sick which was a good thing it was only Sunday morning. "The library's open on Sunday's too?" Sam asked

"Not yet, but the library fell for I really need to find a book routine hell if I was single I'd fucked her, but I told her that I wasn't and that I was sorry." Dean said before Sam could bitch at him.

"You tell her why you weren't single?"

"Yeah and she thought I was too cute to be straight and I don't get that. I'm straight I'm just with you." He said.

"Dean I don't think you'd call yourself straight bi maybe, but not straight."

"The hell I'm not the only guy that's ever came near me is you so unless I'm mistaken or you're wrong I'm a fucking straight person just having sex with his brother."

Sam wasn't sure if he'd missed something or not, but he knew Dean was acting weird. "Spill, somebody call you a lesbian again?" He asked joking.

"Nobody called me anything you bitch, I just was trying to have a normal conversation with you, but if you don't want to then I'm going out." He said before he left.

"Okay that didn't go well." Sam said and went to the bathroom. "Here's hoping it gets better."

But of course the day didn't get better because by the time Sam was feeling better it was noon and Dean still hadn't came back to the room. "Hey, Lee have you seen Dean?" he asked the girl that Dean had been talking too earlier.

"Yeah said something about walking or running at the track." She said.


"But that was three hours ago." She added as Sam walked away.

"Thought I'd find you here if I didn't look enough." Sam said sitting down

"I just want to be alone." Dean said getting up.

"Come on Dean it can't be that bad." Sam told him.

"That bad, I'm twenty-two Sam I wanted to go hunting with dad, but you begged me to come here with you so I did and not once since we got here has it been what you swore it would be." Dean told him. "Where are the parties, the hot chicks, because I might be fucking you but I want to look at girls also? That's me and you know that Sam, but you're trying to change me and I can't handle that too well. Why you think I started me and you, it wasn't because I loved you that way at first; it was cause with you I knew nothing would change. You were my brother and that you wouldn't need me to have me change, but I was wrong apparently." Dean told him

"You're asking out of this, but I love you." Sam said

"I love you too, baby boy, but I need few days and no I'm not asking out of this Sam you think I would have asked you to come with if I wanted out. I just need some space from the… I don't know."

"Dean, look at me I never asked you to be the person you're not I just asked you to be my boyfriend. We stared clean out here nobody knows we're brothers."

"That's the thing, Sam; I liked it when people knew we were brothers and didn't know the other part." He said. "It's not that I'm ashamed or anything it's just I don't want you to get hurt."

"No you don't want yourself to get hurt." Sam told him about to stand up.

"You think that is the case then you don't know me, Sammy cause if that was the case you think I would have fucked you in the back of the car graduation morning, your graduation you we fucking begging me to let you cum, but I didn't let you till five minutes before you had to be there." He said going to Sam.

"Then why do you want space?" Sam asked

"Sam I didn't want to bring it up, but last night you got drunk and I don't know it could been my imagination, but I thought you said Katie when you came and last time I checked I'm not a girl." Dean said

Sam almost tripped he hadn't had he. "How much did you hear?" Sam asked

"That apparently you want to marry her and have her kids. Although you getting pregnant I so don't see you'd never be able to do that." Dean told him. "So when did you fuck her?"

"I'm sorry Dean I never…"

"Sam the fact that you scored besides me is a miracle I thought you'd die a female virgin." Dean joked. "But if you want to take a break from us you can I don't mind hell that book store clerk looked hell of a lot better this morning." Dean said teasing him.

"No, I want you back at our place cause tomorrow morning we're going to class and you're going to wish you were still begging for it." Sam told him. "Next time you do that I'm going make you sit on a butt plug for an entire class lecture." He added.