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Years to Remember

Chapter 36

Three months later

Sam was sitting in front of the computer; he'd just finished his last exam in his pre-law class and was so happy; he was officially half way done with his classes. Dean was still at his exam, but it was the last one of the year, they were having summer vacation, which also meant that they only had two years of college left. Or rather Dean did and things had gone back to normal. Or as normal as possible with infants around.

Sam checked on the six month old twins that slept in the nursery. Dean was starting a new job in two weeks and they had planed to take Aaron and Hailey to see Bobby before Dean started. They had sold the bar and got the money to pay bills out of it. Dean had also found out that the automotive professor at the college was looking for an assistant he offered it to Dean. Sam had been the one to tell him to do it, even though that would mean that Dean had to spend an entire two weeks out town to start with because there was two garages that the professor owned one in Las Angeles and the one in Palo Alto. Dean had to work at the one in LA till the professor could get the paper stuff done for Dean to take the newest certification test so he could work in the one in Palo Alto. It was confusing, but they said they could work it out. Dean didn't want to be away from Sam and the kids that long though. Sam agreed to go with him so they wouldn't have to be since Sam had a friend that lived in LA, who'd agreed to let them all stay there.

Dean came in the door twenty minutes later finding Sam trying to get Aaron and Hailey to eat. Lately, it was a losing battle they seemed to only want to eat when Dean was feeding them.

"Well how'd you do?" Sam asked as Dean through his stuff down before he washed his hands so he could help Sam out with the feeding.

"I don't know, that math test was stupid and hard, but I guess I did okay," Dean said before he gave Aaron and Hailey a kiss on the cheek, "You not hungry?" he asked them.

Aaron reached up for Dean gripping onto Dean's shirt. Sam laughed as Dean picked Aaron up and gave him kisses making Aaron laugh. "They're growing fast. Mom sent us some money instead of clothes this time- yeah I know they live six miles from here, but she and dad are out town," Sam said before Dean could say anything.

Dean put Aaron back in the high chair and picked Hailey up. He took the baby food that Sam had been feeding her and got her to eat. "See, why can't you do that for Sammy?" Dean asked as she ate for him.

"I think she loves you more, just like I love you," Sam said.

Dean just smiled, "I talked to Mark, my professor that gave me the job, good news, I don't have to go to LA after all, he finished the paper work today, I just gotta take that damn test before I can work," he sighed.

"It's on inspections or something?" Sam asked

"It's an updated version of the one I took when I was fifteen," Dean said, "If I pass it the first time, I get the money back and automatic raise or something."

Sam nodded as he fed Aaron who was eating fine now that he could see Dean was there. "You want to leave in tomorrow for Bobby's?"

"Yeah, but I gotta pick up that book and start studying while we're gone," Dean said giving Hailey another spoon full.

Sam nodded, "I'll help you study, just like for your math final, every right answer and I'll blow you,"

Dean smiled at Sam, "Damn that was smooth, Sammy and this time you didn't stutter,"

Sam smiled at him before sticking his tongue out, "Bite me,"

"Blow me," Dean replied back

"Oh you wait till they're in bed, I'll have you begging for mercy," Sam said with a hint of tease in his voice.

Dean and Sam stayed around the house the rest the day and played with their kids. It was relaxing lately just doing that seemed to be enough for them. Dean and Sam played poker that escaladed into more, while the babies slept; it ended with them in their bedroom and Sam begging for Dean to fuck him. In which Dean did as he was told and brought Sam to climax few times.

Sam lay in their bed watching Dean sleep on his back as he kissed a trail up and down his lover's stomach till Dean woke up. "I'm trying to sleep here," Dean said with a smile on his face.

"So, I just couldn't resist touching you, how about I go get my laptop and see if you passed?" Sam suggested about to get up when Dean pinned him to the bed on his stomach.

"I know I passed, cause you see, I asked her before I left class, she graded it, all I want to do now is celebrate with you, but if you want to go fetch something it better be some lube, baby boy cause that ass hole yours is going to be hurting other wise," Dean said as he nipped along Sam's back.

Sam whimpered as he felt Dean spread his ass cheeks open and run his tongue over him there. "FUCK," Sam yelled as he tried to relieve himself by grinding against the mattress but that only made him even harder.

Dean smiled and brought his hand down smacking Sam's bare ass making him moan as he got to his knees. "I never said do that, Sammy," Dean said doing it again till Sam was moaning and cussing in the mattress as Dean peppered his ass with good smacks making Sam even harder.

"I can't hold on," he moaned biting the sheets.

Dean smiled getting the lube back out and making sure he had Sam prepared again before pushing inside him.

Sam about screamed as Dean hit his prostate over and over not missing it once as he fucked him. It wasn't long before they both were moaning the others name as Dean bit into Sam's neck coming and filling Sam marking him inside and out as his.

Sam came right after Dean as he felt Dean bite into his neck it was too much for him and he exploded all over the sheets.

"Now that is what I wanted earlier," Dean teased

"Bite me," Sam said and Dean gently did again before rolling off him.

"Tomorrow we can pack after I get my book," Dean said lying on his side looking at Sam.

"Agreed," Sam said before he closed his eyes.

Dean laid their watching Sam sleep till sleep claimed him too. He needed to rest the next day was going to be long for all four them.