A Digimon Frontier Fanfic

By Sakura Martinez

Author's Note:

I guess people didn't like the previous chapter too much. Anyways, as this is the fanfic finale, I will leave the longer Author's Note after the whole chapter. With that said, hope this ending would suit everyone's taste.

The Healing Touch

Chapter 5

"You still won't tell me what happened?" my teacher asked. She'd come to visit me in the hospital.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," I said. "Besides, it's a secret."

By the time I woke up, five days have passed. My body was wrapped in bandages from head to toe, and my limbs were in casts. Once, I tried to stand, but I could only flail vainly, so a nurse quickly pushed me back into bed.

"Did your aunt and uncle come to visit you?" my teacher pressed. "Is everything okay?"

I nodded.

At first, all the doctors seemed suspicious of me, since no one had any idea how I'd been injured. They even had the police in to question me, but there was no evidence of foul play. After a while, they gave up and I was just another patient in the hospital.

"All the kids in class miss you," my teacher said. "So get better quick."

"You don't have to try and make me feel better. No one there would miss me."

She looked surprised. "Of course they do! Everyone in the special class looks up to you."

I didn't have a reply.

After a moment the teacher started gathering her things. "Say hi to Kouichi for me," she said, "once he wakes up."

With extreme effort, I turned my head to look at the next bed over, where Kouichi was sleeping amidst crisp, white sheets.

"I will." I said.

Thankfully, I could move my right hand. My left was in a cast, but the fingers were free, so I could at least grip a block of wood. I kept working on the wooden dog I'd started before this whole thing began. It had been a while, but I wanted to finish. The shavings made a small pile on the bed. The nurse frowned at the mess I made, but they let me work. My hands had almost no strength, so it was slow going.

The day I finished the dog, I remembered something that had been bothering me. I was recovered enough to walk around a bit, so after I'd made sure the nurse wasn't looking, I clambered out of bed.

"I'm going out for a while." I told Kouichi.

"I'll go too!"

"Don't be stupid. You need to stay in bed."

The corridor was empty, so I managed to escape from the hospital. I still need crutches to walk, and every step sent sharp pains through my legs. My forehead was quickly drenched with sweat.

By the time I made it all the way through the town and down to the dump, the sky started reddening. I found the whole where I'd tossed my dad's stuff. I lay down on my stomach, ignoring the pain from my stitches. Something had caught on the edge of the hole, and I felt around until I put my fingers on it. It was a dog collar – our dog's collar. The wooden dog had reminded me.

I still can't remember what kind of dog we had. But it was proof hat I hadn't imagined the memory of my dad being normal and building our doghouse. It wasn't something I'd simply wished for; it was real. I clutched the collar to my chest as I made my way back to the hospital. The nurse scolded me, but I didn't mind.

The next day dawned bright and beautiful. Kouichi wanted to go on the hospital's roof, so I broke out for the second day in a row. The nurses would definitely label me a troublemaker.

The stairs to the roof were stuffy and dim, and we took extra time climbing them because of our crutches. We were both sweating by the time we got to the top. A tiny window let in enough light to make out a rusted iron door. I pushed it open, and the light that streamed in was blinding. The roof was flat and vast, and it made me sorry that I couldn't run. A half-dozen bed sheets dried on a clothesline.

We stepped outside, shading our eyes against the sun. I could see the whole town – the school, the ice cream shop, the park where we used to play. It all looked so tiny; it was hard to believe we'd spend our lives here.

Kouichi looked around in amazement, his fine hair blowing in the breeze. We could see the bronze statue at the entrance, where he'd nearly died.

I unraveled some of my loose bandages and let them stream in the wind. It felt so good that I took of my shirt, carefully avoiding the still-tender scars. I had a number of tiny ones, plus one that spread across my stomach. It was half of Kouichi's, from the time his mother had stabbed him. The two of us had shared everything.

I remembered the pain from when he'd moved the injuries to me. It was horrible, almost unbearable. But whatever it had been, it was only half of what he had carried.

"Here." I said. "This is for you."

I handed him the little dog, and his eyes went wide with surprise. He spent a moment examining it from all angles, then looked up to me. There were tears in his eyes.

"Why are you crying?" I asked him.

"I don't know." He shook his head. "I'm not sad. But I can't stop."

I don't know why Kouichi was given this power. Maybe only the pure of hearts are chosen – those who would gladly sacrifice themselves. It is, literally, the power over life and death, both for him and for others. I don't know where it came from, but I know why he was chosen to receive it.

"Thank you." I said.

He looked puzzled.

Thank you, I thought, for sharing your pain with me. You told me you were an unwanted child, but you were wrong.

The day my mom left, I sat alone in my darkened house and thought, That's just how the world is. No matter how far you walk, life is just a long, dirty alley; no matter how many corners you turn, the stench of dead dogs and putrid river will follow. When Sahiho left, it didn't surprise me. Just another turn.

But watching Kouichi, I realized that the world wasn't so bad. I thought there was nothing in the town but rust and junk. I was wrong. Kouichi was the one pure thing that made everything else worthwhile. He was like the speck of divine grace that's inside even the most evil of hearts. Anything so pure is destined to be betrayed, again and again. But in the end, he still saved people. Not just from their wounds, but from the darkness inside them.

He saved me. He could never be unwanted.

Even halved, the injuries and scars we carried were serious. But they were a source of pride for me. Someday, we may move those marks, erase them, but until then I wanted Kouichi to remember that there was someone in the world who was willing to share his pain.

I put my hand in my pocket and gripped the dog collar my dad had let me. Somewhere in the landscape spread in front of me was my mom, and Sahiho. Wherever they were, I hoped they were happy. I didn't feel angry or betrayed. Just calm.

We'd gone through such hard times. There was nowhere left to go but up.

The End

Author's Notes:

Okay, first up answering the reviews:

hitomisure who reviewed on April 29, 2008: I don't know what you mean by 'Death' fic, though I have a vague idea of it, but as you may have read, it isn't a fanfic where I would kill off Kouichi or Kouji. I had written this fanfic in hopes of showing what real life is all about. And although we all know that there are hardships and trials in life as well as all those negative things that would make you ask 'Why keep on living?', there are also those beautiful things like love, hope, joy, family, life… the list goes on. I wanted this fanfic to show that despite the raging waves that tries to swallow us up, there is always hope and light and the value of life. I hope I was able to send that message across.

Blonde-Eko who reviewed on April 30, 2008: I would have updated the day I read your review, but as time would not allow it. I wasn't able to, but I did update now, so three cheers for the update and the completion of this story! I hope you liked how this story went out and I'm glad you found the last chapter touching. As for the "evil cliffhanger" I just couldn't stop myself from cutting the chapter there (insert evil laugh)… I thought that it would be a good "dramatic effect" for the story, and I hope I was right about that. Thanks for the words of encouragement again!

As I have stated, as an answer for hitomisure, the reason for writing this fanfic was (apart from that whole experiment deal) to somehow, maybe, show those who are in a similar (in a sense) footing as the characters of the story, that they're not alone and that there is beauty in life. That there is hope.

The last line I have there is one of the quotes I usually tell a friend who is down at the dumps or remind myself when I, myself, am feeling low. Those words are true and you can use it to remind yourselves as well. I made this OC-ish having Kouji and Kouichi not be blood-related since I also wanted to show the power of friendship. In our world today, everyone could use a friend and need a friend – and a true friend at that.

For all the people who read and will read this story, thank you. To all those who added and will add this to their favorite story list, thank you again. I hope that in some way, I have managed to make a fanfic that you all have enjoyed reading and even learned something out of.

With all that said, it is time to close this story, and for me to work on the other fanfics that I have. I may write another First-person POV story in the near future, but it may be a different set of characters, but it will have a slice of life theme in it as well. So, once again, although this is the last chapter, I am hoping that you all would review and tell me what you think of the finale.

This is Sakura Martinez saying "PEACE" and signing out.