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Where is my Brother?

"I think this hunt is going to be a piece of cake." Dean said.

"What makes you say that?" Sam asked, turning to look at Dean who was staring straight at the road.

"Cause I said it and I'm the oldest", Dean said with a smirk.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Sam exclaimed.

"Well, can't I be optimistic?" Dean responded.

Sam opened his mouth to say something but at that moment Dean exclaimed, "What that hell is that?!".

He turned the wheel to avoid hitting something that looked like a huge wolf, but oddly it seemed to be standing. Sam didn't see the creature but he did see that unfortunately for them a car was coming from the other side. Dean tried to brake, but it was to late. He hit the other car with a tremendous crash. They were send forward, and both lost consciousness almost simultaneously.


Michael and Lincoln had taken a red car that was parked outside a supermarket.

Michael had chosen it because the idiot driver had actually left the keys in the ignition; the car was basically begging to be stolen.

"So what do we do now" Lincoln asked Michael.

"I'm not sure. We will drive for a while and think of our options", Michael responded to Lincoln's question.

"What ever you say, little brother, this is your show after all", Lincoln said.

"Ok, I figure it out this is what we are going to do -", Michael started to say.

His eyes widened as he saw something coming their way. Lincoln turned to look just in time to see a car coming towards them. It was to late for them to try avoiding the crash. They were hit head on. The force of the blow send their car spinning. The car stopped when they hit a pole. By then both Michael and Lincoln were knocked out cold.


The creature Dean had avoided was sniffing at the side of his car, perhaps the scent of blood was drawing it. It ripped the door open on the driver's side as if it were paper. It stood up, looking like an eerie combination of a man and a wolf. It took Dean out of the car, gently. A few steps away another creature was doing the same to Michael. They were strangely silent as they carried them both away from the scene of the crash.

Sam woke up because he could hear a strange, steady screeching. He wondered what it was, trying to open his eyes. He finally succeeded, and tried to stand up. Pain shot up his arm as he moved it, he winced and stopped moving. He remembered the crash and suddenly felt worried about Dean.

"Dean.", he called, his voice was hoarse and low. Perhaps that was the reason why Dean did not answer. He moved sideways, the pain flaring in his arm. The seat next to him was empty, the vacant spot stood out, especially because there was some blood on it.

"Dean. Dean where are you?", his voice grew louder and increasingly more alarmed as Dean did not answer.

Lincoln woke up. Somebody was shouting, making the pain in his head throb even more. There was the darn screeching song of some very ugly birds. He could see them pecking at something on the road. He pushed his way backwards, back onto the seat. HIs seatbelt had saved him from being thrown out the window, but barely. He turned to look for Michael. His brother wasn't there. Perhaps he was outside looking at the other victims. Even with the thought on his mind, he didn't think it was possible that Michael would be out there checking on other people while his brother could be dying inside the car. Something must have happened, he thought, and maybe the shouting moron would have a clue. He unbuckled the seatbelt, and step out of the car unsteadily. His head throb; he touched his forehead and could feel sticky congealing blood. He winced and started walking towards the other car. The other man was also sliding out of the car, he was holding his left arm and wincing in pain. His arm was covered in blood.

"Where is my brother?", Lincoln asked.

"Where is mine?", Sam answered.