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"We have to get Dean out of here." Sam said; he was carrying Dean.

Before they could make it out of the building 4 wolves appeared. A man was standing in the middle of the group, a smile on his face.

"Well, it looks like the prey has tried to escape." He said, his eyes glowing black.

"What the hell is going on here?" Lincoln demanded, staring at the weird creatures in front of him.

"I will explain later. For now, we just need to defend ourselves against these demons." Michael said calmly.

"What the hell? Did I die? Did I go to hell or something or is this some kind of weird dream." Lincoln said.

Sam laid Dean down gently on the floor. "We'll explain later. Now stop asking stupid questions and get ready to fight."

He shoved a gun into Lincoln's hands. "I already have a gun." Lincoln said, trying to give Sam back his gun.

"Just take it, you idiot. Regular guns aren't going to work on those things."

"You demon, what the hell do you want with my brother?", Sam demanded.

"You puny humans, he doesn't interest me at all, but my bride wanted to eat him and the other one for dinner. For some unfathomable reason, she liked the way they smelled." the demon said with a smile.

"Who's this bride thing?", Lincoln demanded pointing the gun at the human-looking one. He had already figured out that the thing wasn't human and that the wife must be some kind of cannibal.

"Thing?" something hissed and suddenly a freaky-looking monster was right in front of him. She was freaking ugly. She looked like a woman, but she had huge claws and wide, flaring nostrils with pointy ears and grayish skin. Lincoln recoiled and fired the weapon almost automatically. A battle started after that. Shots were being fired all over the place and when at last it settle, only the human-looking demon was still standing. Sam, Michael, and Lincoln were mostly unharmed, except for a few scratches and bruises. Dean was still unconscious; all three of them had formed a barrier around him to keep him from getting hurt.

"You will pay for that." the demon hissed, his eyes were black pools of hatred.

"Just shut up already. Can't a guy get a little rest around here? Jesus, you had think this was some kind of war.", a very familiar voice said, and then the demon was being shot at. Sam immediately chanted in Latin. It was over and now he could turn around and check that it wasn't his imagination. Dean was staring back at him, looking pale but still with a wide smile.

"Did you miss me, Sammy? Don't get all teary eye." Dean said, smiling up at him.

Sam smiled, unable to say anything because he was almost crying.


"We need to get going." Michael said.

"Ok, let's go." Lincoln said.

They were at the hospital entrance. Dean had been released just a few moments earlier, and all 4 of them were standing talking to each other, ready to say their goodbyes.

"Well, it was nice meeting you guys." Sam said politely.

"Yeah, we should do it again sometime. You know, get kidnapped by bears this time around or something." Dean said with a grin.

Sam glared at him, "Shut up, Dean. It's not funny how you got hurt."

"Yes mommy, want to kiss my booboo and make it all better.", Dean said, making a cute little voice.

"Hate to interrupt this brotherly bonding moment, but we need to take off." Lincoln said impatiently.

They took a few moments to say their goodbyes and then took off in opposite directions.

"Well, thank goodness that's over. I wonder what the hell those two were mixed in?"Lincoln said.

Michael shrugged and continued walking.

'We have to continue on our plan." Michael said.

"Well, let's get going."

"You think we will ever see them again."

"Yeah, one day they will probably try to take over the world." Dean joked.

"No seriously."

"I don't think so."

"Wonder who they were. Maybe they were hunters too?"

"I don't think so, Sammy."

"Don't call me that."

"Oh yeah, I forgot, sorry mommy."

"Stop that, Dean."

"You have to admit you would have missed out on a lot of fun if I had died."

"Yeah, that's true." Sam said with a smile.

"What, you are agreeing?"


"Well, that's nice Sam.", Dean said with a nice smile.

"Why are you smiling? Did you prank me, Dean?" Sam demanded suspiciously.

"Me?" Dean said innocently.

"What the hell did you do?"


"I don't believe you."


"Fine, Dean, you know what, I don't care."


"Go to hell."

"After you."

Sam groaned, finally giving up. Dean laughed, glad he had won yet again.