phenix wright vs godot


it was 5 o clock in phenix wrights office when a man entered and he said "help im being accused of murder!" so phenix said he'd help him. he and maya went towhere the murder hapened and they found out that out that a other man got shot with a pistol and died and that the man they were defending is the suspect

so the looked around at clues when sudenly gumshoe came in and said "hey pal!" and phenix asked him about the case and he said that the man got shot with a pistol the other nght and that they got his footprints in the house in mud because he had been outside and it was muddy.

so phenix looked at the defendants shoes and he memorized what they looked like

they looked around some more and found the murder weapon in the trash. they told gumshoe and they were looking for it so theywere excited

they went to anilize it but that would take a while

phenix and maya then went to get mcdonald's and then they went home for the night

the next day gumshoe called phenix and said "we anilized the gun but there werent any fingerprints because the man had gloves on so he didnt leave any" so phenix got up and godot was wating in his office and he said "i'm going to win this case phenix" and phenix said "we'll see about that!" but then he noticed that godot had the same shoes as the man. phenix was stunned because this proved that godot was actually the killer

at the courthose phenix presented this evidense and they won and godot went to jail because he was a bad guy

the end