Summary: "What is this?" he asks her. "A voodoo doll…" she replies. NEJITEN

A short drabble, I thought of one day. Enjoy!

Neji has been having these urges lately.

They'd come out of no where, nothing specific triggering them.

He'd had the urge to put on a dress, a wonder bra, and make-up.

He'd had the urge to braid and curl his hair.

It was Tuesday, a week after the urges had started, and he and Tenten were in their secluded training spot.

"You seem distracted Neji-kun…" breathed Tenten; she was bent over, picking up her hundreds of weapons. Neji couldn't see her smirk.

"Hn." replied Neji.

Tenten smirk widened, her plan was working! She threw a kunai at his chest, if he hadn't been looking at her… something bad could have happened. Neji glared at her. Tenten smiled and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

"Catch me if you can!" he heard a far off yell. Neji smirked, Tenten never beat him in anything, she wasn't about to beat him in a simple game of tag.

Tenten stopped behind a huge oak tree, he was about 1000 meters from her, and he wouldn't activate his bloodline trait until he was at least 100 yards from the spot he was in now. That's the Neji she knew.

Tenten pulled out the wooden doll and made sure the hair was wrapped around it securely. She then proceeded to whisper to it.


Kiss Tenten, hissed a voice in Neji's head.

Neji halted, and shook his head. There was the urge again, telling him to do unwanted tasks!

Kisssssss Tenten Kissssssssss, hissed the voice.

Neji had no intention of kissing his training partner.


Neji activated his bloodline trait, and saw Tenten with her back faced to him, in a large oak tree only 15 meters from him. He quickly climbed up to her.

He jumped in front of her and smirked. Tenten squealed and zipped something up in her pouch.

Kiss Tennntennnn, the voice had now faded to nothing.

Before Neji could stop himself, he leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on Tenten's lips.

Tenten gasped and turned beet red, "Nej-ji, what are you dong?!" shrieked Tenten.

Neji glared at her and leaned forward again, this time pinning her to the tree.

"Neji-." Began Tenten, but he cut her off with another kiss. Tenten sighed, her legs felt like rubber and her plan worked perfectly!


Tenten's eyes shot open. Neji now held the wooden doll.

Realization hit her; he just kissed her the second time to get what she had clumsily put in her back pouch!

"Tenten" addressed Neji, "What is this… and why is a strand of my hair wrapped around it?"

Tenten flushed, "I-it's a voodoo doll…"

Neji glared at her, "You've been the on making me have these urges?"

"N-no!" squealed Tenten, "I was just making…suggestions."

Neji unwound his hair and threw it on the ground. He reached toward Tenten and plucked a stray strand of hair from her head. She gasped and flipped him off.

Neji smirked at Tenten, "We cannot deny fate any longer, Tenten. Now, strip."