--A man is sitting on a chair looking straight at camera view. "Hey, my name is… well that's not really important. Today is my first day at my new job as being the camera man for this new show. I will be going around and filming our main characters of Tomobiki Periodically, a character will talk to the camera to express their thoughts and opinions. You will NOT hear me talking during this show. The only time you will see me is once at the beginning of the show, like now, and once at the end. Now it says here that I should be focusing on a… Ataru Moroboshi. Alright then, I hope you enjoy our first show," the man says.--

Hen to hen o atsumete

motto hen ni shimashoo.

Hen na hen na uchuu wa

taihen da! da! da!

Suki na no wa anata hitori yo.

Itsudatte daite ii no ni.

Aa achikochi ni baramaite

watashi o nayamaseru wa.

Koi wa itsumo futari no mono.

Yume wa hitotsu Love me more.

Soo yo koi wa futari no mono.

Owari no nai Love me more.

Camera view of panning the classroom. The teacher looks irritated. All students are in uniform. One of the students in the classroom is smiling trying to get attention from the camera.

--"Hi! My name is Moroboshi, Ataru" Ataru says, sitting on a chair outside the classroom. "So you're the guy who's going to be filming a show of us, right? That's neat. Don't mind Onsen-Mark, he's always angry like that. So… how much does your job pay?"--


"Ahem… well, let's get on with the class… Mendou, please read line 14," Osen-Mark says. One of the male students, the only one not in unfirom, stands up and begins to read. "Which way to Tomobiki Station?" he begins.

--"Mendou, Shutaro of the rich Mendou clan. I think it would be important to state to my fans that I have no connection with Moroboshi what so ever. Moroboshi is the lowest of the low. Everyday he goes out and chases after women trying to get their address and phone numbers but to no success. I, on the other hand, have much more respect for the female species" Mendou says as he sits in a chair outside the classroom. He shows a rich smile at the camera.--


The lunch bell rings. Most of the students are out of their seats and standing around the classroom talking to other students. A green haired girl walks over to Ataru. "Darling, let's have lunch together," she says, smiling. "Ryuu-chan, how about a date?" Ataru asks another student in a male's uniform. "Darling!" the girl yells as she starts floating. At this point, the camera seems to have fallen to the floor. "I guess Cam is… surprised by your powers, Lum…" Ataru says as he bends down to look into the camera. He smiles and makes a V sign with his hand.

--"My name is Lum," Lum says as she floats outside in the hall. "I'm an alien from the planet Oniboshi and for the past 2 years I've been living here on earth with Darling. Darling and I are a married couple and--" Lum starts as Ataru barges through the classroom door. "Would you stop telling people that?! We're not married!" Ataru says. Lum quickly angers and starts charging with electricity. "Darling!!" she yells as she starts electrocuting Ataru. 'Cam' turns around and starts following a student with a perm. "What do you want?" he asks.--

Outside the School

Four male students are hanging around in a group, one of them the student with the perm. "It's almost been two whole years since Miss Lum arrived on earth…" the one with glasses says. He appeared to be the group leader of the four. "As leader of Miss Lum's Storm Troopers, I believe it's time we start planning another celebration party like last year's, only this time make sure Ataru isn't invited," he continued. "Megane, you know that Lum won't come knowing that Ataru is not there with us," the small one says. "Chibi is right… Alright then, Perm, I'll put you in charge of making sure Ataru doesn't screw this party up," Megane says. Mendou walks in on their conversation. "So, you four are planning a two year anniversary party for Miss Lum," Mendou says. "Yes, and why do you ask?" Perm asks. "If it is for Miss Lum then I'll be happy to donate a small amount of money into the funds for this party," Mendou says with a smile on his face. Megane smiles in return. "Darling!" Lum calls. She appears to be flying around, looking for him. Lum flies over to the group. "Have any of you seen Darling?" Lum asks. The five shake their heads. "Ooo… I bet he's off on one of his girl hunts again…" Lum says as she gets angry. She flies off. "Pst!" someone whispers. Ataru is hiding behind one of the bushes, waving Cam over. "While the Oni's away, the mice will play," Ataru says with a smile. Ataru begins to laugh in a freakish way.

Pa Pa Pajama Jama Da!


Tonogata Gomen Asobase.


Ataru is walking along the side of the street. "So, Cam, I guess I should explain a little bit of what goes on around here," he says. "First off, Lum and I are most certainly NOT married. She forced her way into my life and I've been living in hell ever since… You haven't even begun to see the strangeness of our little town here…" he continues. He looks around. "Tell you what, I'll give you exclusive info on all the important people around here if you help me with one little thing…" Ataru says before he begins to laugh in that freakish way again. He walks up to a completely random woman. "Excuse me, Miss, how would you like to be apart of our TV show?" Ataru says with a huge smile. "TV show?" the woman asks. "Yeah, yeah, see? We have our camera man right over there," Ataru says as he points at the camera. "I've always wanted to be on TV!" the woman says with a smile. "Good, good, I just need your address and phone number," Ataru says as he pulls out a small black book and a pen. "My address and phone number? Why would you need-" the woman starts. "Darling!!" Lum calls from the sky. She shoots lightning down at Ataru, which he runs from. "She found us! Run!" Ataru calls as he runs down the street. Lum flies down and chases after Ataru. "Darling, this is unforgivable!" she yells as she attacks him with lightning. "Those two are the strangest couple you will ever see…" a girl's voice says. Turning the camera view around reveals one of the girls from the school. "I'm Shinobu. Allow me to explain their relation ship… basically Lum is dedicated to be with that pervert, Ataru, for the rest of her life but Ataru, on the other hand…" she starts as she strolls down the street. "Is dedicated to his "Girl-hunting." He's the most lecherous being in the universe and does whatever he can to get away from her but… for some reason Lum still stays with him, nobody can figure out why…" Shinobu says. Shinobu seems to be the first ordinary person seen today. Pretty soon the words "I love Shinobu!" are screamed repeatedly from someone further down the street. A large ugly man is revealed running straight towards Shinobu. "I love Shinobu! I love Shinobu!" he repeats as he gets nearly. Upon getting close to Shinobu, one punch and Shinobu sends him flying into the sky. "Damn… all men…" she says angrily.

School Halls

Megane and his friends are running up the stairs. "If we don't hurry, we're going to be late for class!" Chibi says as they run. Ataru stands in there way. "Move it!" Megane orders. "What's the rush to get to class? Don't you think it'd be more fun to skip out once in a while?" Ataru asks. "Only if you want to face Onsen-Mark when he finds out you skipped," Megane replies. They pass Ataru and head off to the class. "Lum went to the class too, which means I have a few hours off from her, hehehe…" Ataru begins to laugh again. "Let's see, who should we look for…? I know!" Ataru says as he begins to walk down the hallway. "First I'll introduce you to Nurse Sakura," Ataru says with a smile. An ugly faces appears in front of the camera. "I advise against that!" the face says. For some reason, there is an explosion. Ataru gets up. "Cherry! Why are you always popping up everywhere when you're not wanted?" Ataru asks. "I just wanted to let you know that going to Sakura's room will only bring you bad luck," Cherry replies. "YOU are bad luck!" Ataru says as he marches off.

--"That boy is the unluckiest person I have ever set my eyes on…" Cherry explains. "Sakura is also my niece and while she is this school's nurse, she is also a high priestess as am I a monk. Last time I checked, she was doing an exorcism…" Cherry continues. As he talks, Ataru's screaming can be heard coming from the nurse's room. "I wonder what affect it will have on Ataru Moroboshi who is like a magnet to evil spirits…" he continues.--

Just outside Nurse Sakura's Room

Ataru exits through the door and collapses. "Damn it… when I went in, there were a bunch spirits flying around and then they started attacking me!!" Ataru says in anger. The door burst open and a bunch of spirits flew through the door. A priestess comes running out yelling "Exorcise! Purify! Exorcise Purify!" and waving an enchanted item. Cherry joins in on the chanting too while Ataru runs off. Cam follows Ataru. "Alright, so maybe introducing the audience to Nurse Sakura first wasn't the best idea," Ataru says as he runs. "No worries, I know plenty of other women I can introduce. Closest one would be Ran-Chan," Ataru says as he smiles. Ataru stops outside one of the classroom doors. "I forgot… all classes are in session right now… I can't get caught now…" Ataru says. "Think… think… who's left… Ryuu-Chan, she's in class… Benten… Oyuki… Ryoko-Chan… everyone is out of reach…" Ataru says to himself. "And I can't go back to class now, this late in the period… Only one thing left to do… Time to go girl hunting!" Ataru calls with a smile. "Darling!" Lum's voice echoes through the halls. "Damn! When I didn't show up for class she must have gotten suspicious and came looking for me… I need to hide…" Ataru says. He opens the door to a janitor's closet and ducks in, closing the door behind him. Lum comes flying down the hallway. "Cam… Do you know where Darling is?" she asks. Her attention is drawn to the closet door. She opens the door to find Ataru hiding behind some brooms. "Darling! You were out girl hunting again werentcha!?" Lum yells. "No! I swear I didn't do anything!! Ask Cam! Cam, I didn't even leave the school right? Right?" Ataru asks as he slowly makes his way out of the closet. Cam does not answer as he isn't supposed to talk during filming. Lum latches onto Ataru's back. "Unforgivable!!" she calls as she electrocutes him.

--Cam sits in front of the camera. "Well, on my first day at the job I managed to attain the nickname 'Cam', almost get electrocuted by an alien Oni who shows an interest in the most perverted fellow I've ever met, get caught in a completely random explosion that appeared to be caused by the presence of a Monk? Nearly got trampled by spirits, and used as a pawn to help Ataru get phone numbers. I can think of three words that describe my day… What the HELL??"--

Higure no machi wa usuku kirameki.

Donna otoko mo yasashiku mieru.

Suki na no wa anata hitori yo.

Kimagure na koi ja nai no yo.

Yosomi o suru no wa yamete yo!

Watashi ga dare yori ichiban...

Anata ni aeba "Besame te Quiero."

Yozora ni step "Ame Usted."

Sugu yoake ga kuru.

Ai ga kiete yuku

Sugu hitori ni naru.

Tada sore ga kowai yo.

It's not just my imagination...

Filling me with anticipation...

Come on, give in to the temptation...

'Cuz I'm the one you really need!

Hen to hen o atsumete

motto hen ni shimashoo.

Hen na hen na uchuu wa

Taihen… taihen… taihen…


Author's Notes: Those who read this story who also watch or have watched "The Office" might get a better understanding at this. Now, I REALLY need feedback on this first chapter and I won't be releasing any new chapters until I finish watching the rest of the series, for obvious reasons. I'm on episode 180/195 so it will only be another month or so.

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