Title: Generations
Rating: K
Characters/Pairings: Katara and Family
Summary: Family traditions endure.
A/N: This is just a series of reposts of drabbles that have been posted on LJ but not here on ffnet. Rather than spam up my profile with a billion 100-200 word stories, I'm just throwing them all here under this one header.

Notice I go out of my way to avoid naming the father of the child. Takes place in the distant future. Written for theavatar100's challenge #59: Judgement.

It is normal, when celebrating the birth of a child, to hold the babe up to it's parents and compare.

The ears belong to the father, but the eyes are the mother's – it was a practice Katara was long aware of and was fully prepared for when she birthed her first child.

She wasn't ready for the unanimous decision from every single visitor: the little girl was apparently Katara's double.

Her father and brother were most adamant about this.

"Don't you see it, Katara?" Sokka demanded.

Katara took in the girl's calm blue eyes. "I think she looks like Mom."

Originally posted 08/15/2006