The Castle of Smite

Chapter 1

There are many unexplained events that happen in this world. The ancient Greeks explained these events through gods like Zeus, Hades, Athena, and Poseidon. Now, what if the whole world was governed by the gods of ancient Greece? How do the gods choose who governs Earth? Are there rules about the governing of Earth?

In this story, told by Poseidon: The current ruler of Earth, or the Adjudicator, Poseidon arranges a tournament between the gods here on earth to become the new Adjudicator. This tournament has been happening since time began. Many mysterious events, such as World War 2, happened without warning or reason. Remember Adolf Hitler? He was an agent of Hades in one of the first tournaments ever held. Anyway, in this story the gods that are participating in the tournament are turned into game pieces.

They must make a bond with a mortal child here on Earth. Now, on Earth the gods' powers have very little effect because of the gravity here on Earth. The game board is very different than any game board we have ever seen on Earth. There are three levels of the board, the top floor is shaped like large rectangle, the second floor is a triangle, and the third is a circle. These boards make a different environment depending on which god piece has the most control of the resources and the most pieces on the board. The resources are all different depending on the god that possesses them.

How do normal people who aren't bonded to a god not find the board or interfere in the tournament? If you aren't bonded to a god, you can't even see the board or pieces. The story starts 42 days into the tournament when our friend Jason finds his first piece. But there are only 100 days of the tournament, so the gods must bond with a mortal and capture the most pieces in those days.

All of the gods have different agendas; some are trying to create, in their opinion, a better world. But some are just doing it for power. Now about possession, the god or goddess doesn't really possess you, they just put a little voice in your head, or they can be blunt and let you see them… they follow you around and they must get you to play the game in any way necessary. All mortals possessed are age 15 or younger, and they are usually drawn to the Castle of Smite, where the game is played.