Max sat her desk, not really seeing what was in front of her. She couldn't help it. Ever since she'd left Joshua and Alec's place, she'd been pretty much unable to think of anything but what Joshua had said and that painting.

Joshua had always been perceptive in a way that sometimes startled her. She remembered when Alec had been hurting over Rachel and Joshua had been the one to really see what was going on.

Sitting back, she thought back over the past few months. Sure, she and Alec had grown closer, but that didn't mean what he thought it did, did it?

She and Alec had been working so closely, surely she would have noticed if Alec was thinking of her differently. If he was thinking of her in that way. Even if he was unnaturally good at hiding his emotions.

Her mind flashed back to all the times since the JamPony siege. To the time right before he had gotten shot. Closing her eyes she remembered...something flashing in his eyes several times, usually when she mentioned Logan or went to talk to him.

Max's eyes snapped open and she groaned. She had never really thought about it before. She'd been happy to just think that they had been friends and that was it, really. Or was she just happy with that?

Thinking about everything that they had done together and how their friendship had progressed since they had gotten out of Manticore, she had to admit that from an outsiders point of view, it probably wouldn't look like just a friendship.

She'd been hurt when she'd realized that he couldn't remember her, that he didn't trust her. She'd been overjoyed when he told her that he did trust her after he'd woken up, even if he couldn't explain why he did.

She'd made a point of learning how to read his emotions and she usually knew what he was feeling now even though he hid it well. Well, he had hid it well before he'd lost his memory.

She'd gone out of her way, even ditching Logan, to help him afterwards. She'd been terrified when he'd first gotten shot, thinking that he could die. Her heart hadn't stopped racing and she hadn't been able to sit still until Shankar had assured her that he would make it.

She remembered when Zack had come back and how she'd sent him away because at the time because she hadn't been able to lose Logan. She tried to put Alec there and realized that she wouldn't have done the same thing.

It wasn't like she didn't love Zack, but the knowledge that she needed Alec, even more than she needed him or Logan, was startling. And she did need him. She needed him to be there and tease her when she was being to uptight. She needed him there to call her out when she was wrong. She needed him there to watch her back.

She had given up the cure once to save Alec's life, and that was when she'd hated him. Now, she was wondering if she ever really hated him in the first place. Maybe she saw some of the person that she'd seen over the past months then too?

She'd seen that person first when Rachel had died, but she hadn't really let him get closer to her right after that. She'd finally let him get closer when they'd had that conversation about Ben after she'd busted Alec out of jail.

Since then, they had gotten a hell of a lot closer and Max found herself seeking out Alec when she needed someone. God, she was such an idiot.

How could she not see this before? Admittedly she wasn't the smartest person when it came to this stuff. It had taken her over a year to admit what she had felt for Logan and by then it had been to late.

Logan...She had been so sure that he was the one for her. That he was it. That they would find the cure and be able to be happy. But it was wrong, wasn't it, that she'd confided in Alec and not the man she supposedly loved.

She had told Alec things that she had never been able to bring herself to tell Logan. One part of her saying that he wouldn't understand, another scared that he would reject her if he found out some of them.

She had known that Alec wouldn't, though. Known that he would understand, that she had done what she'd had to do. A small smile came to her face when she thought about his reaction to what she'd told him about Ben. He hadn't rejected her, he'd held her. And there was some part of her that thought Logan wouldn't, even if he could.

Standing up, she clenched her fist at the startling revelations and at how incredibly stupid she had been. It had taken a shot to the head for this to sink in! What the hell was wrong with her?

She hesitated as she started to the door. What if she was reading him wrong? What if she was reading the whole situation wrong? Maybe she should wait until he got his memory back?

Shaking her head in determination, she put down her doubts, and walked out the door. She'd waited long enough. She didn't want this to end the same way her relationship with Logan had. She couldn't wait a year with him too.


Max stopped in the doorway of Alec's bedroom and hesitated by the doorway. He was asleep at the moment, and she watched him for a minute, unsure of what she should do now.

Hesitating for a moment more, she walked slowly over to him and laid down carefully beside him. She turned towards him and watched him sleep for a moment. Reaching up, she brushed some of his dark blonde hair off his forehead and smiled when he let out a sigh and then opened his eyes.

"Hey." She said quietly.

"Max?" Confusion shone in his eyes for a second. "What are you..." She smiled a little wider and rolled over on her stomach, resting her head on his chest.

"Sorry." She said after a moment. "I just figured out a few things." He was quiet for a few minutes and his eyes closed. She'd thought had gone to sleep.

"About time." He whispered, when she was just beginning to think she might of made a mistake.

"Yeah." She said, smiling as she buried her head in his chest and breathed him in. She fell asleep in record time, at least for her, content in a way she hadn't been in a long time.

Note: Okay, so I know I didn't resolve everything but I thought that this was a good place to end this one. I will, if anyone is interested write a sequel to this about Alec getting all his memory's back and Logan and all that other stuff that wasn't settled here. I just really wanted this one to be just about them. Just let me know if you'd like one or not and I'll start working on it. Thanks.