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A New Bloodline
Harry Potter/Naruto
by Shinji the Good Sharer

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It had been a week since he started it. Harry Potter had made his first return to the magical world a few short days ago. He was a scrawny little boy with messy black hair, a lightning bolt scar on his forehead and haunting green eyes. The difference between Harry and other unwanted orphans was that Harry was a wizard and able to use magic.

Apparently he had been the only survivor and supposed defeater of a man named Voldemort, who was the last Dark Lord. He was the only one to survive him let alone defeat him when he had been taking over the British magical world. This made Harry famous and many wizards and witches saw Harry as their savior.

A week ago on his eleventh birthday Harry had been visited by a half-giant named Rubeus Hagrid, who took him into the magical world for the first time. His mother and father had been a witch and wizard respectively while his aunt, uncle and cousin were muggles, which was the wizarding word for non-magical people. They hated anything to do with magic and as such hated Harry. He was often beaten, starved, badmouthed so he wouldn't have any friends and generally ostracized from anything they didn't HAVE to give him.

His parents had apparently enrolled him in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry before they were murdered. Hagrid had been sent to help him buy his school supplies since his first year was scheduled to begin the next month. Once he had gotten his wand, eleven inch holly with a phoenix tail feather core, and his other effects they went to get his books.

Harry had splurged there he supposed buying what was called a 'portable library' which was an ornate wooden box that had a copy of every book the store had which wasn't as many as Harry would have liked. It was endless so Harry would never need to get book shelves, all he had to do was tap it with his wand and recite the book he wanted or what he was looking for and when he opened the box it would be inside. Or he could put his hand on it to get inside since, it was literally an entire library and much larger on the inside than it was on the outside, and look for the book he wanted on the shelves. There was even a brightly lit reading area inside.

Naturally, his first search was for a book that had a spell or something that would fix his eyes. For years Harry had needed glasses and his relatives didn't deem him worthy of new glasses claiming it was a waste of money. He had found several books on the matter but to his surprise he found the answer in one of the rarer books he had bought separate from the library and stored inside it.

Wanting information on all the types of magic he could Harry had bought all of the 'one of a kind' or 'unable to be copied' books the shop had at the time. The several million galleon trust fund his parents had set up wasn't even dented by it. He had gotten everything from dark arts and necromancy to fantasy stories and wards.

The answer to his needs was found in an ancient book about blood rituals titled Bloodline creation by Senju Tamura. It stated that he needed to use some of his blood to forms a ritual seal on his palm. It would create what was known as a Kekkai Genkai which was a power that only the user could use. The ritual could only be used once on a person in their lives and would create a power that only they could use based on which ever bloodline they chose to make. The ability would be hereditary after that but only the sire of the family, the one who used the ritual, would be able to use the full power of it without drawbacks. Once he had his ability he would then be able to nick his thumb and put it on a piece of paper in the back of the book which would name the ability and list its abilities and faults.

"Now, what do I want it to do?" he looked through the book. The bloodlines had different seals to great different bloodlines. There was everything from elemental abilities to powers that made the user impossible to catch. What caught his attention was dojutsu which were powers based in the eyes. "I've always wanted to be able to see everything without my glasses. I always wanted to be able to learn faster too. Being able to trick my relatives would also be nice." He thought and put those thoughts firmly into his mind before drawing the seal several dozen times in his own blood to make sure it was done perfectly so nothing would go wrong. "Here goes nothing." He said and channeled his magic into the paper.

Glowing, the seal seemed to filter the magic into him washing over his entire body. It wasn't painful, just odd with shivers running up and down his body. It subsided after a few minutes and Harry sat up from the cot on his bed. Using the small mirror he had taken from the trash when his aunt Petunia threw out her old make-up he looked at himself and found what had changed. His eyes, once a deep emerald green, were now blood red with three black commas in each. Slowly they faded to black.

End Prologue


Kekkai Genkai – Bloodline Limit

Author's Notes:
There's the Prologue, and Chapter 1 is right behind it. Harry with the Sharingan… I may have gone too far this time… Oh well. It'll be fun to watch Harry learn stuff ass loads faster than Hermione just to piss her off.