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A New Bloodline
Harry Potter/Naruto
by Shinji the Good Sharer

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Chapter 6

Bells and Genin Life

Harry arrived at the run down apartment of Uzumaki Naruto. He frowned at the graffiti on the walls and moved on ignoring the bums sleeping in the hallways. Knocking on the door of Naruto's apartment the blonde boy opened up and smiled at Harry. "Quite a place you have here." He said seeing the damage done on the inside with the words 'die demon' on the inside of Naruto's apartment in spray paint. "Naruto… how would you like a better place to live?"

Naruto looked at Harry curiously. "Seriously?" he asked looking at Harry who nodded. "I'd love it if I had a place."

"Here are your new clothes." Harry said. "Put them on and grab whatever you feel is valuable. I'll have Nippy set you up with a room on my estate." When Naruto had left Harry frowned. "Nippy!"

"Yes sir Master Harry sir?" the tiny creature squeaked once it popped into view.

Looking at the elf Harry spoke. "Nippy, I want you to prepare one of the guest houses for Naruto. He'll be living with us for the foreseeable future. I'll key him into the wards when I get back to the estate. Have the floo in that guest house connected to the floo network as well. I want the floo address to be 'Naruto's Nest'." The tiny creature nodded and popped back to the estate to do just that.

When Naruto returned Harry took out an extra scroll and sealed his things into it. He had to admit that Naruto looked better in black. They even had the same mesh shirt. "Thanks for the new clothes Harry."

A nod from Harry was the response. "Nippy is setting up one of my guest houses. You will have it to yourself and my elves will take care of the day to day needs of upkeep. If you need any food or assistance simply call for Nippy and she will assist you." He told the blonde boy. "For now let us take your house key to your landlord."

They went down three flights of stairs to the manager's office and knocked on the door where a fat man that reminded Harry of Vernon Dursley answered. "What do you want you monster? I'm not wasting hot water or gas on…" he trailed off when he saw Harry beside the door holding his sword handle.

Harry's limited skill in Legilimency picked up memories of a horrifying monster that displayed bloodlust and evil like he had never thought could exist as raw power and chakra flowed off it. He knew then that he had a new worst fear. "I'm moving out." Naruto said and dropped the key in the fat man's hand.

Fat-boy smirked coldly. "Fine, just pay for the damages you caused to my building and you can leave." He laughed.

Glaring with his Sharingan activated Harry spoke. "He doesn't have to. Cutting off the hot water and gas was a breach of contract on your part. In fact due to that you owe him money for each month you've done so."

The fat man's face went purple as he glared. "What would a demon lover like you know about it?! I'm not doing a damned thing for that demon brat and he'll pay for the damages or I'll take this up with the council! I'll kill you both before I let that monster get away free!"

"I see." Harry said calmly. The fat man started to smirk until Harry snapped his fingers. To his blubbery horror a long blade stabbed out of his chest letting a red stain grow along his shirt. The blade twisted and wrenched back into his stomach letting him fall to the ground stone dead. "Iymithra, I want him displayed in the village square. Be creative."

With a soft pop the man's body vanished with the invisible elf. "What did you do?" Naruto asked in a panic. "Harry, what did you just do to him?!"

"He made a threat towards us. Thus I had that threat ended." Harry replied while calmly turning and walking towards the exit. "You need to understand Naruto. I grew up the same as you did. You need to understand that people like that only stop when they know you won't let them get away with it any longer. Sometimes there is no happy ending or way to talk to them, only actions will teach them. People like that happen to be one of those times. I had to learn the hard way I will not let that happen to you."

Silently, Naruto followed Harry out the door. They stopped when they passed through the town square seeing the fat man crucified upside down and naked. Above him in floating fire were the words 'bigot', 'racist', 'monster' and 'true demon'. The words circled above him in a halo of flames. Anyone, even ANBU who moved to try and take him down were violently thrown back. He could feel Iymithra just behind him under her invisibility cloak as he stepped up next to the Hokage and looked at her handy work.

Sarutobi looked at Harry silently for a moment before he spoke. "Did you have something to do with this Harry?" he asked.

Looking up at the fat corpse Harry nodded. "He made a threat against me and Uzumaki Naruto while refusing to let Naruto move out before he paid for the damages others did to Naruto's apartment. When we notified him of the amount of money he owed Naruto for cutting off his hot water and gas he refused to pay. He then said he would kill Naruto before letting him go free and kill me for being a 'demon-lover'. Since he was no threat to me I had my personal bodyguard kill him for threatening Naruto. His corpse is a warning to the rest of the village, if they don't straiten up and fly right then man, woman or child there will be more bodies to keep his company."

Those listening paled a great deal. The Hokage spoke again. "How do we get him down Harry? Not even I or the ANBU can get him down. I think the village has learned its lesson."

"He will stay there until the last bit of flesh has rot from his stinking corpse." Harry replied before turning and starting to walk off. "Bigots and abusers like him deserve no better and they will get no better from me any longer. Your village may hate people for stupid reasons, however if I find out of one infraction in this village now that those who have trusted me are here, then those I brought with me will be leaving along with all my possible gifts. You know what that means." He told the aging man who paled.

"I'll see to it Harry." The old man said in a tired voice. "I suppose it's long past time that the villagers learned that they can't act as they have been anyway. I just wish I didn't feel like there was going to be so much more paperwork from now on."

As he raised an eyebrow Harry looked at the old man. "Why not just do what I do?" Seeing the old man's blank stare Harry rolled his eyes. "Make some Kage Bunshin and have them do the paperwork. Then you can work on your own projects and towards bettering the village." Staring bug-eyed Sarutobi watched Harry and Naruto walk past the crowds with a slight shimmer in the air that only he noticed following them. He would later correctly assume it was Harry's invisible bodyguard. For now he was too busy conjuring up a stream of swearwords that pealed the pain off nearby buildings.


Harry and Naruto walked through the training grounds ignoring the other teams. Out of the entire class it seemed that only teams eight and ten had passed. Both of which were having group sparring. Several of them called out to Harry and Naruto but only received nods in return. One from Harry since he didn't honestly care about them and one from Naruto who was still in shock from seeing a man killed in front of him. "You had better get used to killing Naruto. You will have to kill someone one day as well."

"No I won't!" Naruto said firmly. His voice was full of conviction which Harry frowned at.

Turning to Naruto Harry slapped him firmly. "We are ninja. Even the Hokage must be an experienced killer. He makes choices daily that cost thousands of lives. Those who can't kill either die or stop being ninja all together. Ninja lives are not glamorous or full of saving princesses. That is a samurai's duty. We ninja are the ones who do the dirty work and get the job done." He told the boy firmly. "The moment you put on the headband you branded yourself a killer Naruto, a killer or a corpse. Choose which you want to be but choose before someone you care about dies because you don't want to think about it."

Growling at Harry, Naruto stood back up. "You're wrong! I won't have to kill anyone! You'll see Harry. I'll prove that…"

A smirk spread across Harry's lips as his Sharingan activated. He quickly formed one Kage Bunshin and one normal Bunshin. The Kage Bunshin he switched places with and the other he transformed into Sakura then sent ahead. The clone staring at Naruto stared coldly. "If you will not choose I will show you your mistake. Kill me… or I will kill Sakura. You have until my sword ends her life to kill me."

The clone vanished with a simple Shunshin making Naruto gape as Harry's voice seemed to come from everywhere around him. "The clock is ticking Naruto." At those words the blonde began to panic as he raced through the trees towards the training ground.

He got there just in time to find Harry holding his new sword to a beaten and bloody Sakura who was face down into the dirt. His blade was already stabbing into her back and slowly pushing deeper towards her heart. "Harry stop, you're killing her!"

"That's the idea Naruto." The clone replied pushing the blade deeper into the beaten girl who screamed in pain. "You have one chance Naruto. If you move closer I'll stab her in the heart and she'll die before you can do anything to help her. But if you take a Kunai and hit me in the heart, throat or head I will die instead and you might be able to get her to the hospital before she dies. Choose Naruto, me or her." The clone punctuated this by stabbing the sword a little deeper and twisting the blade making the illusionary clone scream and cough up some blood. "Better hurry Naruto, if I push much deeper it may hit her heart." The clone taunted.

Sakura screamed in pain again under another twist and tears fell down Naruto's cheeks as he threw a kunai as hard as he could. It struck the Kage Bunshin in the head dispelling it as Naruto rushed forward to help Sakura. He froze when he saw his hands sink through the illusion before it vanished. "It… it wasn't real?"

Harry's voice carried from the tree top he was standing on. "No Naruto, it wasn't. I did this, not to hurt you or be mean. I did this to show you that sometimes here is no way to talk things out. Sometimes you have to make the hard decisions and pick the lesser of two evils. That is our way Naruto. Do you understand?" he asked the blonde boy.

Nodding and pulling his knees up to his chest Naruto sat quietly and thought. He had been willing to kill to protect someone he cared about. He had even been willing to kill a new friend to protect someone who treated him like dirt because he couldn't stand by and watch her die. He had a lot to think about.

The other two teams arrived soon after that to see Naruto and Harry sipping butterbeers and waiting for their team. It was pretty early and they had a while to wait. The other two teams hopped out of the trees and sat down with them. Harry called Nippy and asked her to bring them all some snacks and butterbeers which she did with a small bottle of Ogden's Old Firewhiskey for the two Jōunin. Not enough to get them drunk or buzzed, but enough to be relaxing.

Kurenai had long wavy black hair that curled at the tips making her hair look wild despite how well kept it was. Her eyes were a vibrant red with matching red lipstick and porcelain white skin. Harry looked at her when she spoke to him. "So Harry, what bloodline clans were you able to bring to Konoha?"

Calmly sipping his drink and eating Bertie Bott's beans with the other Genin and laughing at each other when they got bad flavors Harry thought about it. "The Hokage has received confirmation from the Dementors, Vampires, Veela and Werewolves. We haven't heard anything from the goblins, centaurs, giants, trolls or merfolk yet though. We should hear from them by the end of the day." He told them.

Azuma chuckled and shook his head. "Harry those are just mythological creatures, they don't really exist." The Jōunin chuckled.

"And if I turn you back into a mouse?" Harry reminded making the Jōunin flinch and shut up. "Bloodlines are created through magic Azuma-sensei. They work off chakra and genetics but to make one you need magic and knowledge." That made Harry's eyes light up. "Ah, that reminds me." He said while unsealing his wand from his right palm and starting to pick leaves off the trees around them and pile them up. Subulate, sagittate, hastate, lobate and orbicular leaves were the ones he chose and put them in piles.

A wave of his wand turned the piles of leaves into piles of metal weapons. Subulate leaves turned into senbon throwing needles while sagittate leaves turned into kunai. Hastate leaves turned into three pronged kunai and lobate leaves turned into serrated or barbed kunai. The orbicular leaves turned into shuriken. Resealing his wand into his hand Harry sat back against a tree and watched the others gape at the weapons. The Genin were already fighting over them while Harry chuckled. "Everyone get's three of each." He told them stopping it before it could turn into an all our brawl.

Quite shocked at the casual display of magic Kurenai looked at Harry. "That was magic, real spell casting magic!" she squealed and Harry nodded absently. "Teach me!"

"Can't." Harry replied calmly. "You have to be born with the ability to do magic or have it created in you much like with bloodline limits. You could probably use magical items and things but I don't think you'll ever be able to cast actual spells." He told the woman who was looking downcast. Grunting at his soft spot for crying women he sighed. Opening his potions scroll he unsealed three vials and handed them to her. "The one with the molten gold colored potion is a Felix Felicis, luck in a bottle, it makes the user incredibly lucky and that vial has a twelve hour dose. The one with the sickly tan looking potion is Polyjuice, if you put a hair of someone into it just before you drink it you'll turn into that person for one hour and only one hour. The one with the water-like potion is veritaserum, three drops on a persons tongue will force them to tell the truth for an hour whether they want to or not, it also forces them to answer. Any more than three drops will just poison them though."

Kurenai's eyes welled up in tears and she hugged the boy who was still rolling up his scroll tightly. "Thank you! Thank you so much!" she squealed making Harry sigh.

"Yeah sure." He sighed. 'That soft spot's going to get me killed some day.'

Ino, a Yamanaka girl with long blonde hair done up in a ponytail with one long bang hanging in front looked at Harry curiously as he finished rolled up his scroll. "What else do you have in those scrolls?"

Harry just shrugged. "Same as other ninja I suppose. I've got a tent, some weapons, food, useful items and tools, medical supplies and reading material. You know the usual stuff."

Nara Shikamaru, a shadow user with black hair up in a pineapple style frowned. He had noticed something rather curious. "How did you make that stick appear in your hand? I felt chakra coming from your hand when you did it."

"Oh, you mean my wand." Harry said after a moment and pulled off his fingerless gloves to show his palms. On the pad of each finger was a small storage seal tattoo with a larger one on his palm. "This is an idea I had when I saw how seals could be used on people as well as paper. Storage seals are the easiest seals to make with the exception of exploding tag seals and at one time all academy students had to be able to make both before they could graduate. So I thought why store weapons and things in pouches and pockets which take time to pull out? So I put these seals on my hands. Each one has a different weapon stored from needles to explosive notes and to choose which I want to use I only need to focus chakra into the seal I want. If I put more chakra into them I can even shoot them out in rapid fire instead or just one at a time." He then demonstrated by shooting a kunai out of his first middle finger hard enough to sink it into the tree truck half way.

It wasn't his most clever idea though, far from it. Using Ssapdril's help, Harry had gotten storage tattoos placed all over his body starting from his elbows and moving down to the soles of his feet. They were invisible unless he put chakra into them but it was what they were meant to do that he felt was his best achievement. Certain ones would fire out poisoned senbon while others would fire out kunai with explosive tags attached. Still others would fire out kunai with wires attached. With this he could attack in all directions, even someone holding him from behind.

As he resealed it with the others into his middle finger tip Kurenai started bouncing from where she was sitting. "Oh! Do me! Do me!" she said talking about her hands and stopping only to smack Azuma for a lewd comment about why he didn't think of that to get in her knickers. Looking rather irritated Harry did as she and the others asked. Hyuuga Hinata, Aburame Shino and Akimichi Chouji said they didn't want to though. "How much can they hold?" Kurenai asked when she and the others had their seals put on and finished sealing their weapons into them.

It took several seconds for Harry to answer. "Well, I would say the ones on your fingers should hold about forty of each smaller weapon at maximum and the palms should hold one or two larger ones. I never bothered to check since I can just make more weapons with my wand but I didn't make them very strong anyway so the limits should be pretty low." He answered with a shrug. The Hokage Mountain caught Harry's eye and he blinked as he remembered something he wanted to ask. "I've been wondering since yesterday about something. Is that Naruto's big brother or dad?" he asked pointing at the fourth Hokage's face.

Silence descended as everyone looked from Naruto to the Hokage monument and back with ever gaping jaws. Even Naruto himself seemed shocked. Shikamaru, Shino and Harry just watched them all curiously. Kiba was the one who spoke up this time. His hair was messy and black with red markings on his cheeks. "Whoa! Naruto, why didn't you tell us you were the Fourth's kid?!"

Among Naruto's protests that he didn't know Sasuke and Sakura arrived. Sasuke sat by Harry and took an offered butterbeer while everyone pretty much ignored Sakura. Harry unsealed a small scroll and handed it to Sasuke. "I had one of my elves make a copy of one of my scrolls. That one's on basic meditation techniques."

Sasuke looked at Harry with a frown. "Why would I need meditation techniques?" he forced out angrily.

"One of the greatest military minds in history once said: 'Know thy enemy and know thy self and you shall always be victorious.' He wrote a book called the art of war which I've read very closely since all military techniques today are based off his. Self-control and self-awareness make things such as chakra manipulation and keeping a calm head in battle far easier and often. You may be interested to know that the most useful Genjutsu I know is one made of several D-ranked jutsu." Harry confided while sitting back. "I could get the Tsukiyomi if I wanted but it had a high price."

Looking up, Sasuke grabbed Harry's shoulders. "You know how to get the Mangekyou Sharingan?" he asked and Harry nodded. "Teach it to me!" he said desperately.

A sigh came from Harry as he sat back. "Sasuke, for all the power the Mangekyou Sharingan grants I will not teach it to you for one simple reason." He said calmly. "Your brother Itachi gained the Mangekyou Sharingan. Unfortunately using the Mangekyou Sharingan damages your eyes. He is going blind from using it." Harry told the young Uchiha.

Eyes wide Sasuke almost cringed. The thought of going blind was one of the worst fears of a dojutsu user. Their bloodline resided in the eyes and a bloodline user who loses their bloodline was often helpless at best. "He's really going blind?"

Harry nodded. "Just like every user of the Mangekyou Sharingan. To my knowledge the only one who has the potential to use the Mangekyou Sharingan safely is me." Sighing Harry shook his head sadly. "I'm not going to make the same mistakes the clan did Sasuke. I'm not going to let you rely too much on the Sharingan or see it as your strength. I'm going to teach you to make it a powerful tool that will help you on your way. Your greatest strength will be your mind and your skill. Something the clan forgot long ago."

The next two hours were Harry explaining what he would be helping Sasuke on over his vacations. Kakashi showed up then and had team seven take their places at the center of the field. He held up three silver cat bells and smiled under his mask. "For your exam, you must get one of these bells from me. The three who get a bell will pass and become my Genin team while the one who doesn't get a bell will go back to the academy. You have until lunch and anyone who doesn't have a bell by then will be tied to those posts while the others eat in front of them. Oh, and don't forget to come at me with lethal intent. If you aren't willing to kill me you won't pass."

Frowning at the Jounin, Harry stood watching him calmly. The Haruno looked panicked while Sasuke smirked. Naruto started to move to attack but Harry put a hand on his shoulder easily. "Begin!" Kakashi said and reached into his pouch only to pull a book out and start reading.

"Why are you reading that sensei?" Naruto asked with an annoyed look on his face. Only he and Harry hadn't vanished into the trees.

Kakashi chuckled and kept reading, not minding anything in particular. "I'm reading it to find out the rest of the story. You aren't a threat to me."

Naruto looked like he was about to attack until Harry calmly started walking towards Kakashi with his Sharingan active. Being the lazy ass he was Kakashi didn't pay attention and he hadn't witnessed anything about Harry before he arrived. So you can see that he would be shocked when Harry vanished without him noticing only to get the butt of Harry's chakra fang slammed into his nose hard enough to knock him several inches into the air. Harry hadn't even fully unsheathed his blade and sheathed it back into place before kicking Kakashi in the stomach. This was followed by a quick second kick. Knocking him higher and a third power kick to the guy knocking him well over thirty feet into the air.

As he fell Kakashi struggled to breathe. To Harry he was falling in slow motion and he vanished again. This time he reappeared in font of the upside down falling form of Kakashi watching him fall before channeling a significant amount of chakra into his muscles and punching him in the gut. The Jounin bounced across the ground at high speed before striking a boulder hard enough to crack it as Harry looked at the bells he had taken on the back swing of his punch.

Quickly deactivating his Sharingan, Harry walked over to Naruto and handed him one of the bells. "Sasuke, Sakura, come here." He called emotionlessly. Both hesitantly came over looking shocked at Harry's efficiency. He handed each of them a bell. "That was lesson one of the Uchiha training course. It's not about how powerful or flashy an attack is, it's about how quickly you can defeat your opponent. I want all three of you to remember that." He told them and the Genin nodded.

"How did you do that?" Sasuke asked in surprise. His eyes couldn't have been wider if someone kicked him in the balls.

Smirking Harry took out three small scrolls and handed one to each of is teammates. "I thought you might want to know. These are copies of a scroll I have on Shunshin no Jutsu which allows you to move short distances at high speed. It's only a D-rank but arguably one of the most useful of all jutsu. I want each of you to learn it and practice nothing else over the weekend. Your goal is to be able to do it without handseals as long as you can see where you're going." He replied. "With handseals your range should up to three miles and without them it should be about one mile on line of sight. There is a magical version which can go up to eight hundred miles but only Naruto can use that one."

A fuming Sasuke and Sakura glared at Naruto. Naruto however looked at Harry in surprise from his place reading the scroll. "What do you mean Harry? I can't use magic."

"Iymithra and Nippy say you can. I trust their opinions so I'll take you to a wandmaker over the weekend and give you my first year spell books." Harry stated while watching Kakashi walk over dusting himself off.

Popping his shoulder Kakashi frowned. "Who are Iymithra and Nippy? I don't know anyone in the village with either of those names."

Harry looked at Iymithra who took off the invisibility cloak. The tall and very busty dark elf stood calmly wearing the original black Jounin vest Harry had been wearing. It sat over her corset but was left open except for the buckle just under her breasts letting her cleavage show through seductively. "This is Iymithra, my personal bodyguard. She's what is known as a dark elf and she lives as my personal servant and companion along with Nippy, Ssapdril and Nauris. Are there any other questions?"

Sakura nodded shortly. "Where do you live? As your teammates we should know where you live incase of emergencies." Really she just wanted to know where he lived since she hadn't been able to find out any other way.

"I live the same place as Naruto, in my mansion 6,140 miles from our current location in Konoha. Naruto's home was a dump so I am having him move into one of the guest houses on my estate." He commented while relaxing as Iymithra wrapped her arms around his shoulders from behind. He didn't even bother noticing how her large breasts rested on his shoulders.

Kakashi, Azuma and Kurenai did along with several of the boys. Kurenai and the girls crossed their arms over their chests feeling self-conscious. The males who noticed were staring with minor nosebleeds. Iymithra ignored them in favor of running her hands along Harry's chest and abs happily. She always seemed to calm down when she was holding Harry and took every opportunity to be in physical contact with him.

To everyone but Harry and Iymithra it looked more like a lewd display of public affection rather than an everyday form of cuddling. Then again neither really cared what others thought and merely rolled their eyes at them. "Anything else?" Harry asked with a bored tone.

"How can we reach you when we need to? Especially if you're so far away." Sasuke asked feeling nervous despite himself.

Shrugging, Harry looked at the young Uchiha. "Same way you reach anyone else. Call my cell phone." He replied and handed out several business cards. Holding the phone up he showed it to them. "I've always got it with me so don't worry and you can leave a message on my voice mail if I'm busy."

Everyone nodded and Harry looked at Naruto. "Let's go. I think you'll like your new house Nippy seemed rather excited having someone else to help keep her busy." He said and took both Naruto and Iymithra's hands before all three vanished in a swirl of leaves.


Naruto tumbled out of the fire place and looked around in shock. The place was easily four times the size of his apartment. The walls weren't covered in graffiti or burn marks and the floor was a rich hardwood. The house had three bedrooms, a master bathroom and a normal bathroom. An extra room had been turned into a library and the final room had been turned into a computer room of sorts. A kitchen with an island, a dining room and a family room were also included. "This is awesome Harry!" he shouted.

Allowing a slight laugh Harry nodded. "I suppose it is. I was in awe of this place when I first bought it as well. Now it just sort of feels like home. I changed the indoor tennis court into an indoor training area. I've also had the library filled with copies of the scrolls and books on chakra and magic I use. In the morning I'll take you to Diagon alley where we'll get you a potions kit and some other things you might like. The wards will knock out anyone who follows you through the floo so don't worry about that. The grounds and training areas I've set up as well as the pool are open to you. I just ask that you not go into any door that is locked since I might have something dangerous or private in there. The rooms of my elves are also off limits since those belong to them and them alone."

Happily agreeing Naruto got the grand tour and met the other elves. He and Nippy got along famously. Harry had never been able to use house elf magic but Naruto seemed determined to learn it. Harry wished him luck in that but didn't bother hoping.


The next day Harry took Naruto to the floo and left with him and Iymithra to the Leaky Cauldron. Once out of the floo they dusted off and Harry moved on towards the doorway stopping to say 'hi' to Tom and introduce Naruto. They moved on to the back alley and Naruto tapped the bricks with his wand making the bricks shift and open. "You like that huh?" Harry asked the giddy looking Naruto.

Flitting from one display to the next Harry smiled at Naruto's enthusiasm. Inside the apothecary Harry got several pre-made potions and some ingredients he was getting low on. He let Naruto pick out what he wanted. "Can I get this one?" Naruto asked pointing at a large trunk. It was one of the secured potions labs with the inside of the trunk being about the size of a large warehouse. Harry agreed and got one for each of them. It was only one hundred galleons with a full complement of ingredients since they were on sale.

They stopped in on Quality Quidditch Supplies where Harry bought five of the new Nimbus 2001 brooms, one for Naruto and one for each of the elves. He already had a Nimbus 2000 he never used so he didn't bother getting one for himself. Besides he had his eye on the Firebolt model that was supposed to come out in a year. For some reason Naruto asked him to get a few dozen bludgers and when he had done so Naruto giggled occasionally about stuck up ANBU and locked rooms.

After listening to Naruto rant for a few moments Harry decided to suppress his memories of this entire conversation in order to keep plausible deniability. Heading into Magical Instruments they got a large box of Omnioculars and some other items. The ones Harry and Naruto thought were most useful were the penknives which had all sorts of things including attachments that could untie any knot and unlock any lock. They even had small sneakoscopes and built in Deluminators which could put out any light from a distance by sucking up and storing all the light from them. They also had small foe-glass attachments but Naruto said he saw the villagers enough as it was.

Stationary was easy to get as well and they got several quills of all kinds, parchment, ink and a couple of spell-checking quills. He got a few dicta-quills too which would write down anything the target said word for word. They stopped is Florean Fortescue's ice cream parlor for a snack and much to Harry's surprise the man DID have ramen flavored ice cream admitting it was one of his more successful flavors. That was a little disturbing to Harry.

Flourish and Blotts was also easy. Naruto, Harry had discovered, could make over a thousand clones while Harry could barely manage twenty now. When he told Naruto this the boy's face had lit up. They immediately set about getting Naruto his own portable library as well as updating Harry's with over one hundred new books and scrolls. He had special ordered several more summoning scrolls and every scroll and book he could find on chakra with the exception of those he already had. This brought his summoning scroll list up to:

- Snakes: Which people no longer wanted because of a missing-nin named Orochimaru being a snake summoner.
- Scorpions: Which nobody wanted since they felt scorpions were creepy.
- Dragons: Which nobody wanted since they were almost impossible to control.
- Bats: Same as scorpions.
- Birds: Which was so common nobody really cared who had the contract anymore.
- Foxes: Which was being sold since the summon boss was missing. After hearing about the Fourth Hokage and seeing the seal on Naruto's stomach he had a pretty good idea where the boss was.
- Cats: Which nobody wanted due to their really high standards for their summoners.
- Wolves: Which nobody wanted due to them being skittish or violent to others they didn't know about.
- Demons: Which nobody wanted because if you worded the orders incorrectly or less than perfectly they would use the orders against you so you would die and they could feed on your soul before they were sent back to hell.

A person could use only one summon at a time and if they signed a summon contract then their previous one would be broken. Harry hadn't gotten the contracts just for himself but for his family when he built one. Not many people liked snakes as much as he did and he doubted any daughters he had would want creepy crawlies. Though they were arguably more useful they were less used because people didn't like to handle them.

Leaving the book store with instructions to have the items sent to Harry's house, they headed further down the alley to Ollivander's wands. Ollivander looked at Harry in surprise and smiled. "Mr. Potter, what a surprise. I do hope your wand is alright despite it being creepy as all get-out."

A nod from Harry was the young boy's answer while a spiky haired blonde boy stepped up to the counter. "Hi, I'm Uzumaki Naruto. Harry says I need a wand."

Ollivander chuckled and started to go through wands. "Hmm… let's see. Let us try this wand." He suggested handing the wand to Naruto. "Hickory with a unicorn tail hair." He told the blonde. "Give that a wave."

Naruto did just that and they watched the vase behind Ollivander shatter. Jumping Naruto quickly put the wand down much to Harry's entertainment. "No, not that one." The old man said while going back to the shelves. "Perhaps Cherry wood with a dragon's heart string will work better." He suggested and handed Naruto a deep red colored wand.

Waving it Naruto jumped when one of the pictures on the wall burst into flame for a moment. "Hmm… maybe not." Ollivander stated while Harry struggled to keep a strait face as he watched. It was funny when it wasn't happening to you!

Eventually they had tried just about every wand in the shop. "Oh I like tricky customers. You're almost as tricky as Mr. Potter was. Hmmm… let's try… this." He said while holding out a wand that looked to be pale cream colored with deep red and black lines running through it. As soon as Naruto held it a deep red aura of chakra and magic swirled around him lashing wildly like a hurricane of wind.

Almost splitting his face with a grin Ollivander nodded and put the wand back into the small box he took it from. "Thirteen inches of Yew with a chimera scale core, powerful and very wild. I dare say you shall be very powerful Mr. Uzumaki, very powerful indeed."

Harry paid for the wand and they moved on towards the last shop on their list which was the shop he had gone to in order to get his elves. It was cleaner now since his solicitor had gotten rid of the man for abusing sentient creatures and the creatures inside were looking much happier than they had been. Each of them happily greeted Harry who greeted them back with a nod. Several elves hugged and greeted Iymithra and were talking off in the corner. "Naruto, every wizard needs a familiar, a creature or pet that is a constant companion and source of comfort. There are also certain spells that can only be used with familiars. I want you to pick out yours now."

"What's your familiar Harry?" the blonde asked.

"Mine is my owl Hedwig. Owls can carry mail and packages so they're very useful and quite intelligent. They can also be very loyal. However I don't want you to choose based on my preference but on one that you feel best suits you. They are our closest friends and dearest companions." Harry replied and sat down with the elves to chat.

There were owls, rats and even a few phoenix eggs. However Naruto's eye caught on a pair of small foxes. The first was small and white furred with five tails behind it each with a red flame mark at the tip. Its left eye was gold while its right was blue like his and it had bells tied around its left ear with red and white yarn.

The other was orange with white paws and a white stomach. It had eight tails and each one had a white tip with a black crescent moon on it. It had a red tuft of hair on its head and a black crescent moon in its forehead. The most beautiful purple eyes Naruto had ever seen stared at him. When it turned he saw that a black crescent moon rested on each of the creature's thighs as well.

It was love at first sight as he picked up the two creatures happily and started stroking their fur gently. The two foxed seemed startled but after the initial shock wore off they just luxuriated in the feel of having their bodies pet and cuddled by a boy and his shadow clone lovingly. "Hey Harry, can I get these two?"

Blinking slightly Harry shrugged and nodded. Just because Hogwarts students could only keep one familiar didn't mean Naruto had to. He wasn't going to Hogwarts so it wasn't really an issue. Besides, those were Kitsune so it would be funny to see Naruto finding out they could take human forms.

After paying they walked out of the shop and headed back to the Leaky Cauldron where they used the floo to return to their respective homes. Naruto had chosen to name the two Kitsune with his own brand of weirdness. The white one was Eon while the orange one was Lanza. When Naruto left the room during dinner Harry looked at the two Kitsune who were eating from dog bowls. "So when are you two going to reveal yourselves to him?" he asked. The evil foxy grins made him bite down a snigger.

Early the next morning he was woken up by Naruto's scream and two distinctly female voices laughing. Looking up from his place laying on top of Iymithra with his head nuzzled between her breasts Harry chuckled with her. The morning floor show of two nude girls who had fox tails, ears and paws as they professed their 'undying love' for the freaked out boy they were chasing was quite entertaining.


On Monday Harry and Naruto arrived and Naruto had two Kitsune foxes with him, happily yipping at his heals. One of the villagers in the square moved to kick one and before anyone could do anything about it he froze and didn't move again. Beside Naruto everyone watched Harry flick some imaginary blood off his sword before twirling it with a flourish and sheathing it with a snap.

Nobody knew what happened until the wind blew and the top half of the man's head slid slightly to the right before falling off leaving his bottom jaw and body completely unharmed as arterial spray shot all over the front yard of his house. Nobody but the more experienced ninja had even seen him move. Those under Jounin level had only seen a flash of light when it happened.

The other clans had all agreed to join with the exception of the trolls since there weren't any swamps for them to bathe in. The Dementors had given notice to the Ministry of Magic by way of a note that said 'We've been sucking souls out of people for you for years and got nothing in return as per our agreement, suck something of ours assholes! Love the Dementors.' Harry never wanted to hear another Dementor laugh as long as he lived, those bastards were creepy! On the plus side the ANBU prison, Torture and Interrogation areas had the same ice cold aura as the Dementors now. Captives usually spilled everything they knew when they saw the place.

Arriving at the training ground they waited for Kakashi who showed up late as usual and held up a scroll with the Hokage's seal on it. "Today we start on our first mission as a team. This is a D-ranked mission."

Naruto happily bounced around until Harry bopped him on the head with the sheath of his chakra blade. "So what are we gonna do? Save a princess, beat up bandits or maybe save a town from a rampaging hoard?" The sadistic and slightly psychotic laughter of Kakashi didn't raise Naruto's hopes.

End Book 1


Sennin – Legendary Ninja
Jutsu – Technique
ANBU – Black Ops
Jōunin – Elite Ninja
Chūunin – Average or Journeyman Ninja
Genin – Trainee Ninja
Shinobi – Male Ninja
Kunoichi – Female Ninja
Genjutsu – Illusion Shill
Ninjutsu – Ninja Skill
Taijutsu – Body Skill
Kenjutsu – Sword Skill
Kinjutsu – Forbidden Skill

Author's Notes:

Well, there's last chapter in book one. Hope you all enjoyed that one. This was the first book in my Sharingan!Harry series. I plan on going their all the books and through the entire Naruto series. Keep an eye out for the next book in the series!