Chapter 1: Unlucky

Finally heading home after a too long day, he'd decided to stop and pick something up to eat from his favorite eatery. The place was not in the nicest neighborhood, located on the dark side of the town not far from Enforcer Headquarters but its food was excellent and not that far from his home.

It was the only food joint along with a newsstand and small grocery in this area of small factories warehouses, and old apartment buildings. He'd just stepped from his vehicle when he noted something suspicious at an electronics factory two buildings down. Sighing inwardly, he veered his course and went to take a look.

With his weapon extended, he looked around cautiously, catching a flicker of stray light, he stiffened and began to reach into his coat for his radio. That's when it went to hell. Clawed paws and light chitterings warned him who his assailants were. One of the little pink buggers had managed to snatch his laser pistol from his paw as others joined in to carry him off into the air.

His struggles did him no good as he was swept around the corner to a dark van parked in the alley. He was rapidly hogtied, gagged and unceremoniously tossed into it. A couple of them stayed to keep watch over him while the others vanished out of sight. Very soon a group of ninjas returned with things in their arms that they dropped near him then climbed in and the van took off.

Meanwhile, Chance Furlong was in the same neighborhood delivering a car to its owner. He was on his way home when he stopped at his favorite haunt, Pop's Newsstand. They traded the usual pleasantries, he bought a comic then went back to his tow truck.

A light on his dash began flashing. Frowning he flicked it and a drop down alert map appeared. To his surprise, it showed a silent alarm had gone off right nearby his location. Debating whether he should take care of it or let the enforcers do their job, he caught sight of a pink something flashing past his rear view mirror.

Gritting his teeth in anger, he reached for his comm.


"Yeah, buddy, what's up!" Jake answered immediately.

"Creeplings at Megakat Electronics Manufacturing. I just saw one flash by my mirror and I've got a silent alarm going off at that location. Hot foot it to me." Chance said tightly as he kept watch behind him.

"Be right there, don't do anything till I do!" Jake said sharply as he clicked off.

"Trust me, I won't." Chance muttered to himself as he waited tensely.

He didn't see anymore creeplings and he didn't hear any sirens yet when Razor arrived with the Turbokat. Locking and securing the alarm on the tow truck, he hot footed it to a dark alley.

Seeing where Razor was parking the jet, he moved quickly to it then using the glovatrix that had been hidden in the truck, thanks to Razor's foresight, he shot a grappling line and rappeled up to the roof.

"Made good time, buddy." He said to his partner who had jumped down from the jet to meet him.

"Seen any more of them?" His friend asked tightly.

"No! Be with you in a sec!" Chance said as he jumped onto the wing and into the cargo hold to change his clothes. Moments later he rejoined Razor who was looking toward the building in question.

"Okay, let's go take a look, shall we?" T-Bone growled as he shot his grappling line into the roof edge then rappeled down quickly paralleled by Razor.

Once on the ground they ran quietly across the street until they reached a dark corner of the building. They checked the doors and found them locked. They went around to the back and that's where they ran into the ninjas loading a van.

Wasting no time, T-Bone fired a brace of net missiles while Razor fired a tarpedo at a pair of creeplings heading for them.

The net missiles caught at least four of the ninjas and Razor managed to get one of the pair of creeplings before they learned, to their angry dismay, that Dark Kat had planned for them. A literal cloud of creeplings fell on them.

They were soon in the battle of their life as they fired everything they had as well as beat, choked and tossed as many creeplings as they could get their paws on.

T-Bone had managed to wedge himself into a secure spot where he could fire on his enemies but they couldn't get to him. Razor wasn't so lucky. He got ambushed from behind by a pair of ninjas as a quad of creeplings snatched his glovatrix off his arm. He was quickly trussed up and whisked away.

T-Bone was caught off guard when a group of ninjas scurried from the building to the van, tossed stuff in then climbed in and drove off. He was still pinned down by the creeplings, was very nearly out of ammunition and couldn't take the time to touch his helmet to engage the radio to find out where his partner was.

Just as he thought he wasn't going to get out of this in one piece, the creeplings broke off their attack and flew up and disappeared into the night sky.

T-Bone waited a few moments to be sure he was free then tapped his helmet.

"Razor? Where are you buddy?" He asked anxiously but only static greeted his ears. Angry and afraid, he searched the area as quickly as he could as he could hear rapidly approaching sirens.

Finding no sign of his partner, he raced away from the building out of sight of the arriving enforcers until he could reach the building the jet was parked and rappeled back up to it. He checked his instruments in the cockpit and tried to pick up a tracking signal for him but something was scrambling the signal. He slammed his fist on the console in frustrated anguish.

"Oh God! Razor where are you?" He moaned. He didn't take off yet as he didn't want the enforcers to see him there. He sat in worried misery as he listened to the enforcer band hoping for a crumb of info.

Because of that, he learned that Feral's vehicle had been found abandoned nearby then his laser pistol was found near the broken into factory, where Razor and he had just been. Gritting his teeth, he realized that Dark Kat quite possibly had Feral as well as his partner.

"Wonderful!" He muttered bitterly then he heard a familiar voice. Making a quick decision, he left the jet again and returned to the ground. He watched carefully from across the street until he saw just the Kat he was looking for.

As she reached her vehicle, Lieutenant Felina Feral was startled by a familiar face staring at her from the other side of her sedan.

"T-Bone? Where's Razor and do you know what went down here?" She asked briskly.

"Yeah! Dark Kat!" T-Bone gritted out.

"Oh no! Explain quickly!" She demanded, her heart in her throat, afraid she knew what he was going to tell her.

T-Bone quickly described the battle he and his partner had fought just a little while ago.

"When I looked around Razor was no where and I get only static on his radio and his tracking signal is being scrambled. I only just heard about Feral so I can only guess that he was taken too." He finished grimly.

"Crud! Where do we start to look?" She said dispiritedly.

"I wish I knew. That creep could be anywhere. Did you discover what he took from this place yet?" T-Bone asked.

"No. We have to wait for an employee to tell us what was taken. I was just going to roust someone." Felina said.

"Do that. It's all we've got right now to tell us what Dark Crud is up to and maybe it'll give us a clue as to where he's got Razor and Feral. I'm hoping Razor will find a way to contact us." T-Bone said.

"I hope he can too. Let me make some calls then." Felina said as she reached for her radio.

Some distance away in an old mansion that had seen better days, Feral was hauled in and carried to the basement. He was thrown into a very small storeroom with a tiny window then locked in. After searching every inch of his prison he was forced to reconcile himself that he wasn't going to get out until someone let him out.

Sighing tirededly, he slumped to the floor and rested. Now that he was still and his adrenaline was slowing down a problem he'd been ignoring all day now made its rude demand for attention.

He groaned and shifted uncomfortably. 'Oh fine, I really needed this today on top of everything else. How unlucky can one Kat get?' He thought in frustration.

As a male hermaphrodite, he had a regular heat cycle that was usually barely noticeable. It was so light that he could use a masking spray and ignore it easily. But just like a normal female he was subjected to an intense cycle at least once a year. Of course after not having it yet this year it would pick now to appear.

Usually, he would not go to work if it happened in the morning or leave early if it started during the day then he would suffer miserably for the twelve hours it would last. Kat's Alive, how he hated it. He had no intention of being mated much less getting pregnant so he had been scrupulously careful.

Now here he was trapped in a dark hole, in intense heat, and waiting for Dark Kat to do something to him at any moment. 'How could it possibly get any worse?' He thought annoyed.

It was an hour later and he was so heated that he didn't hear someone coming down the hall to his prison until the door suddenly swung open and a light blinded him. He heard rather than saw a body being tossed in with him. The door was slammed shut again and darkness was returned.

He could smell blood as his eyes recovered from the light. He could barely make out the body with the weak moonlight coming in the tiny window. The odor of blood was mixed with another scent that made him groan urgently.

A male had been tossed in here with him and his heated state was clamoring for satisfaction.

Things had just gotten worse.

A loyal reader of mine begged me to do a piece with Feral being caught with a different SWAT Kat than the one I'm always pairing him up with. This just flew into my mind earlier today and I just had to put it down. This isn't going to be so happily ever after like my usual stories. I'm going for a different slant entirely. Hope you like it! Reviews are appreciated. Reminder: If you don't like hermaphrodite/slash stories please don't read and then be upset. Thank you!