Chapter 16: Epilogue

Felina arrived only minutes before the Sergeant. T-Bone was waiting for them just inside the door of the factory.

"Hmm, something smells good!" T-Bone commented, his nose sniffing the air.

Felina chuckled as she helped the Sergeant carry the food he'd bought into the factory door making T-Bone back up then turn and lead them back to the offices but they didn't stop there. T-Bone hit the switch on the stairs as they headed down to the basement.

An hour earlier, the pair had fallen back to sleep after their dawn sexual calisthenics. They were cuddled under the bedding, nude, when Felina unlocked the door and opened it. The three stood and gaped in shock. Clothing was scattered around the floor. Feral was spooning Razor on the bed.

The noise of the door startled Razor who jerked and opened his eyes drowsily. His movement stirred the bigger tom who raised his head and blinked sleepy gold eyes toward the door. The smell of food permeated the room.

"Ohhh, food...I'm starved!" Razor said excitedly, sitting up, disregarding his nudity.

"Hmm, so am I but I need something else right now and I hope there's a working one not far away." Feral rumbled urgently as he too sat up pulling a blanket from the two covering them.

"Uhm, yeah...uh there's one at the top of the stairs!" T-Bone managed to say, still stunned.

"Good!" Feral grunted, getting up with the blanket, wrapping it hurriedly around him and almost running them over getting out the door and racing down the hall for the stairs.

Razor snorted and got up with more decorum, but he too made a toga of his blanket and followed the Commander more slowly to the upstairs bathroom.

The three continued to stand near the door in utter shock.

T-Bone recovered enough to sniff the air. He blinked in renewed shock. "Okay, that is not what I expected when they finally got their act together." He said in dismay.

"Uhm, well...we know they aren't fighting anymore." Felina said lamely, a bit taken aback herself.

"I'll say I didn't expect this at all and don't know how it's going to effect how he's going to treat you SWAT Kats from now on." The Sergeant said in unhappy concern.

"I think we may be jumping the gun here guys. Let's just wait and see what..." Felina started to say when her uncle returned to the room trailed by Razor.

They stepped past the huddle near the door and returned to the bed to sit. He turned to the cooler and saw there was another two bottles there. Grabbing them both, he tossed one to Razor as the smaller SWAT Kat came to sit next to him.

They both guzzled the water half down before finally addressing the watching threesome.

"Well, are you just going to stand there or are we going to get a chance to eat. I'm hungry!" Feral growled irritably.

"Be nice! At least they brought breakfast, Ulysses." Razor chided him.

Feral just snorted and looked at the bags Felina and the Sergeant were holding, pointedly.

"Oh...uh...certainly sir!" The Sergeant said, blushing in embarrassment, quickly moving forward to sit on the rubber flooring and depositing the bags he was carrying in front of him.

Shaking herself, Felina hurried forward as well and sat down next to him. T-Bone eyed his partner with a confused and worried look before moving slowly to sit beside him.

The meal was quickly distributed to everyone and they began to eat hungrily.

"Okay, so what's going on? We'd hoped you two would make peace but this is more than we expected." Felina finally asked.

Feral looked at Razor who shrugged and blushed a bit. Feral sighed but continued to eat instead of answering. Razor gave him an annoyed look before looking back at the three waiting for a response.

"Well, ah...we sort of clicked when we were forced together by Dark Kat and Viper. Even though it was an intense heat and an aphrodisiac that pushed it to occur, it wasn't unpleasant for us as it should have been. We probably never would have known we were attracted to each other though if that damn pair hadn't done what they did." Razor explained rather uncomfortably.

"I didn't hate it as much as I should have and that's what upset me the most and caused me to shut Razor out of my life." Feral finally said, not looking at anyone.

"That's what made me soo mad! I knew I meant more to him than just the pregnancy but I could never get him to admit it nor get him to let me get close to help or comfort him. So I guess, what you did was a good thing." Razor admitted reluctantly.

"That doesn't mean I'm not angry with you three for doing it." Feral jumped in, eyes flashing his displeasure.

"Well that's just too bad! You two were becoming a danger to yourself and all of us. We had to do something before you got yourselves or one of us killed." Felina said, scoldingly to her uncle, not letting him try to use anger and his authority to over ride the good that had come of their intervention.

"I know that, Felina but I don't have to like it." Feral grunted in response.

"He just has to assert his authority for the principle of it or he'll be accused of being soft." Razor snorted, knowing exactly what Feral was doing by his posturing.

Feral didn't respond as he finished eating his breakfast.

"Seems you know him a little too well, buddy." T-Bone observed, a questioning tone in his voice.

Razor studied Feral a long moment. Feral noted the scrutiny and eyed him back in question.

"I think it's because it isn't lust that attracted us though the sex is great. There's a very real bond forming. I've seen such things but never expected it for myself." Razor said slowly.

Feral looked surprised and thoughtful. He had to admit their closeness was different than just attraction but didn't know what it was about it that made it feel right. A bond would explain it but he had trouble believing it.

Razor saw the skepticism in Feral's eyes. "You'll realize it's true the longer we see each other outside of our public lives. Just wait." Razor said with certainty.

Feral didn't accept that but let it go for now. "Whatever...you three go now so that we can get dressed. See you upstairs in a few." Feral ordered gruffly.

Collecting the trash, the three quickly did as asked, closing the door behind them.

"You believe that don't you?" Feral asked as he was getting dressed.

"Yes, but I understand why you need time to believe it and that's okay." Razor said softly, moving close and giving Feral a deep kiss before moving away to redress.

Feral shook his head but said nothing more. Once dressed they left the room and went upstairs to join the others.

A year later...

"Can you come to my apartment right now?" Came a breathless and sultry voice over the phone.

Jake had answered the special communicator he used to talk with his lover. He frowned in concern at the odd sound of Ulysses' voice. "What's wrong love?" He asked. "What are you doing home at this time of day?"

"My intense cycle has started and I can't stand it. I need you! Please come!" Feral panted urgently.

"Oh love, of course I'll get there as quick as I can! But an important question first...do you want to be pregnant?" Jake asked seriously.

"Noooo!" Came the abrupt reply.

"Okay, it's alright, I'll take proper precautions." He soothed his frantic lover. "Be there shortly, love." He said then clicked off and hurried for the hangar.

Chance had been listening and shook his head. "You better have plenty of condoms buddy as hot as you say he is when he's like this." He warned his friend.

"I know, I've got plenty. Sorry to leave you with the work..." Jake started to say.

"Heh! Don't worry about it. See you tomorrow. Have fun!" His partner snickered.

Jake just blushed and hurried off.

Chance shook his head and went back to work. He still found it hard to get used to about Jake and Feral but he couldn't really complain. They were in a committed relationship and, because of it, the enforcers were no longer breathing down their necks all the time.

That didn't mean Feral had accepted them because due to the laws about vigilantes he really couldn't and still be the Chief Enforcer. Chance no longer held that against the stiff-necked tom. It was obvious he loved Jake very much even though he still didn't know who he really was.

Chance had a suspicion that Feral did know who they were but was pretending not to know and it was really safer that way. His partner was very happy and that was all that mattered to him.

Three years later...

"Pant love, it won't hurt as much...that's it pant!" Razor urged his laboring mate.

"Gods! This hurts!" Feral gasped.

"I know, I'm sorry! Won't be long now, I promise!" Razor coaxed as he rubbed Feral's aching back as he reached the end of more than five hours of labor with their kitten.

"Push with the next contraction, Commander!" The doctor ordered.

Feral groaned and cried out as he pushed as hard as he could then relaxed. Another half an hour worth of turning red in the face he finally pushed out their new son. The kitten howled in anger as he was dried off and cared for.

Feral lay exhausted and sweating. Razor used a cool cloth to wipe his face and gave him a glass of water with a straw. Feral sipped it gratefully. The cinnamon tom leaned down and kissed his mate's forehead.

"Thank you, love! He's beautiful.

"You're welcome but I'm not doing this again." Feral huffed, only wanting to sleep now.

"And I wouldn't let you. It was an accident this time but I'll get neutered before I let you risk this again." Razor promised.

"You don't have to do anything that drastic." Feral said in surprise.

"I want you safe and if that's what it takes then I'll do it." Razor said solemnly.

"Well...it's possible we might want to do this again. At least I'd like to keep my options open." Feral said hesitantly as he stared into the tiny face of his new son that had been laid in his arms.

"Whatever you say, my love." Razor said softly, a look of amusement in his hidden eyes.