High school never ends

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Chapter 1- Theory proved wrong

'Crap I'm so late' thought Hinata as she ran down the pathway to her next class. Hinata Hyuga was the quiet achiever in class, she and her friends never wanted to be noticed much by anyone. Hinata was 15 and so was her sister Hanabi and her friends Tenten, Ino, Sakura, Temari and Kin. The school uniform consists of a white short sleeve button up top, and chequered skirt which was SUPPOSED be at the knees, basically Hinata and friends were the only people who wore the uniform properly, and a black tie which hung loosely around her neck. Hey, she may have not wanted to be noticed but she didn't want to die of suffocation. They also had white socks and black shoes. Her purple tied up hair swished back and forward as she quickly walked down the path.

"Hinata!" called out a voice behind her.

'Oh fuck' thought Hinata she turned around to see "Principal Tsunade. How are you today?" she said as she smiled sweetly

"I'm fine Hinata. And you?" the tall woman with long blonde hair and large breasts, she had them redone. For some reason we will never know. (hmm…thinking face)

"Oh I'm fine," Hinata said, completely hiding the fact that she was annoyed "but I'm a little late for class"

"Oh I'm sorry. But I have a favour to ask you." Hinata nodded as Tsunade continued "We have decided to change this school and turn it co-ed" Hinata just started at Tsunade like she had grown 2 heads. 'What the fuck?! Co-ed?!' See Kohona High School is…was an all girl's school from the years 10 to 12.

"…Ok?" and Hinata gestured for Tsunade to continue.

"And I would like you and your sister and group of friends to be the welcome committee" Tsunade continued

"Um…I'm honoured but I have to ask my friends"

"Okay let's ask them now" Tsunade suggested, as she started to walk off

"What?!" Tsunade turned around and looked at her funny, Hinata and her group of friends were supposed to be the nicest most "innocent" people in Kohona High School. This was their theory if they were the nicest people in school and the quietest, they would never be noticed. But they were wrong…really wrong. "I mean we can't just walk into their classes and I still haven't seen my teacher yet."

"Ok let's go talk to your teacher. The boys are coming in 2 hrs"

"What?! Principal Tsunade no offence or anything but isn't this being just a little unorganised. And cutting it close??" Hinata questioned

"It's too late now. Come on Hinata we have to see all the teachers"

'Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck' was all Hinata thought as she walked behind Tsunade to her class. As they made it to her Computer class, Mr Orochimaru had just finished his morning talk on his favourite website about snakes.

"Mr Orochimaru, can I talk to you for a minute?" Tsunade enquired as she stepped into the room.

"Ooooffff ccccoooouuurrsssseeeee, Ttttttssssssuuunnnaaaddee" (Of course, Tsunade) he said as he followed her out of the classroom. When Orochimaru came back he had called up Hinata's friends and said they could leave. They all left the classroom and followed Tsunade.

"Hinata," whispered Tenten "What's happening?"

"Well," everyone was listening to her except for Tsunade who was up ahead of them "Tsunade said that she was changing this school into a co-ed"

"What?!" they all half-yelled, half-whispered

"Shhhh" Hinata said and continued "And since were the "nice and non-slutty" students she ask us to be the welcome committee, to build a good "non-slutty" name" emphasising the quotation marks.

"Fuck" they all said

"Shh, she's coming"

"Girls, what are you whispering about??" Tsunade enquired as she turned around to face them.

"Nothing Tsunade" said Sakura happily, completely hiding the fact that she was pissed. All the girls were good actresses, they could all mask what they felt and there emotions for the world, but it only didn't work on the group of friends.

"Ok girls I need you to create a welcome small ceremony in an hour and a half is that okay"

"Yes, Tsunade" they chorused

"Now I'll give you these" she said as she handed out notes "you girls will be walking around school, and these notes will explain why you are out. You will also need these badges," she handled out the badges with their names on them and they all pinned them out their uniform "I made these earlier. Today there will be all the students coming and this is the sheet to mark there names off" she handed them a 2 booklets of like 50 names each one going from A to M and the other N to Z "and they will be staying for the rest of the day. Now go and start planning" And with that she walked off

When Tsunade was out of sight they all said "Fuck" really loudly,

"Far out, I thought the point of being quiet was NOT to get noticed" complained Kin

"I know, this is so stupid" said Temari

"But ever since the other high school we decided that we never wanted to be noticed" said Hanabi

"Yer, my sis is right. After this we'll just go back to being no-one. Agreed??" said Hinata

"Agreed" the group chorused

"Now we need to plan the arrival…shit, what are we going to do??" panicked Ino

"Now's not the time to panic," said Sakura as she tried to calm down her friend "why don't we just sit in the middle of the field and think"

"Fine, let's go" said Temari

They all walked down the middle of the field as a group. By the end of 30 mins they had come up with a rough plan.

"Okay so me and Tenten are in charge of marking everyone here and cleaning" Hinata stated

"Yer, and me and Ino are in charge of some quick decorations and making the school some what presentable. Then when they get here make sure they stay together and don't wonder off" Sakura said

"Ok, and Hanabi and I are in charge of doing some cleaning, around the school. When they get here we will separate them into their year groups" Kin said

"Yep, and now I'm in charge of telling all the teachers about the new students, and sending a message over the inter-com. And then help anyone who needs help" Temari said

"Ok, now let's get to work. And we'll meet here 10 mins before there due to arrive" Ino said. And they all walked off into different directions to do there job.

After 20 mins of cleaning and preparing there was an inter-com message "Good morning, there is some exciting news today. Principal Tsunade has decided to make this school and co-ed school" cheers were heard throughout the school "So girls be on our best behaviour and the principal excepts you all wear your uniform properly. That means NO shortening of skirts." aww was heard throughout the school "They will arrive after recess and will be staying for the rest of the day. But teachers will be expecting all girls in class when the bell brings otherwise a 1 hour detention will be issued" more awws were heard "Have a wonderful day"

'Whoa, go Temari!!' they all thought after the message.

After 10 more minutes of cleaning the recess bell was heard.

Bell Rings

Recess was boring for the whole 20 mins all the girls could talk about were the new boys, and what they would be like.

'Geez people it's like you have never heard of boys before' thought Hinata and her group. The group met up at their usually place which was behind the school building far away from everyone else. They really didn't like other people.

Bell Rings

Recess is over and girls walk VERY slowly to class wishing that they could see the guys coming. After all the girls were in their classrooms, Hinata and her friends did the last minute decorations and waited for the guys to arrive.

They didn't have to wait long as soon as they sat down from exhaustion 2 cars pulled up and parked in her school parking lot. In the 2 cars there was a total of 7 people, and they were all hot. The girls all groaned as they got up, fixed their uniform and plastered on a fake smile on their face and went to go greet the boys.

As the boys walked up to them the girls went to their positions and got ready for the torture. And they all wished at once…

'Please let them not be perverts'

"Hello, my name is Hinata and this is Tenten we will be 2 of the guides today" Hinata said cheerfully to the guys.

"Hi" the guys groaned, they were all wearing baggie pants with a hoodie, and their hands in their pockets.

"um…okay, please line up in 2 lines Hinata here has the booklet for guys last names ending with N to Z and I have A to M, so what are your names and when we have marked you off please go stand on the field over there were the other girls will sort you by year groups. Thank you" Tenten said plastering another yet fake smile on her face.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki" said guy with spiky blond hair and blue eyes, with 3 lines on each cheek.

"Hello Naruto" said Hinata not very interested in the guy in front of him, as she looked through the booklet for his name.

"Name's Kiba Inuzuka" said a guy with a furry hoddie on and 2 pink lines on his cheeks

"Hi Kiba" said Tenten in a bored tone, skimming through the book to find his name. Both guys stood their as they were waiting for some reaction like they have had before like "OMG go out with me!!" or "I love you" or there personal favourite "You are my soul mate and we have finally met" or anything along those lines, but the girls didn't say anything. So they walked off dejectedly.

'Whoa that was different; they didn't fangirl us' thought all of the guys

"Hn, Sasuke Uchiha" a boy with dark blue with a tine of black hair with onyx eyes, grunted as he didn't believe that the girls weren't interested in them

Hinata looked up for a minute and looked at his eyes and they met gazes, but Hinata shook it off and said "Hi Sasuke" looking for his name in the book. Sasuke walked off

"Sai Bouni" said a pale boy with black hair.

"Bouni, bouni, bouni" she said as she skimmed down the page. "Here we are thank you"

"Gaara Sabuto" said a red head with the kanji symbol of love tattooed on his forehead

"Thank you Gaara" Hinata said sweetly

"Neji Hyuga" said a boy with long brown hair and white pearly eyes

"Ok Neji Hyu…" she mumbled to herself "Hyuga?!" Tenten said surprised "Hinata-chan" she said poking the blue haired girl

"What Ten-chan?!" she whispered and yelled at the same time, trying to keep her cool.

"This is Neji Hyuga" she said as she pointed to the long haired boy.

"…Neji??" she questioned the guy

"Yeah, what?" he replied, and looked at her

"Don't you remember me? The poor helpless Hinata Hyuga who can look after herself" she said

Neji looked at her "…Hinata??"

"Yer it's me" she said as she gave him a quick hug, which was unusual for both of them "How have you been?"

"Good, so you go here?"

"Yep" she said as she smiled

"Um…Hinata-chan, sorry to break this up but there are more people coming" Tenten said as she pointed at the cars arriving

"Shit," she swore under her breathe "I'll talk later, yer?"

"Ok" Neji said as he walked off.

Tenten gave her the 'WTF?!' look and Hinata said to her "I'll explain everything later" and went back to doing the name calling.

"Shikamaru Nara" said a brown haired guy who looked like he was about to fall asleep

"Thanks Shikamaru" said Hinata

This went on for a long time but after about an hour and a half they were all here.

"Hello and welcome to Kohona High School" said Hinata into a microphone that they manage to set up, she was standing at the main entrance of the field. Everyone stopped their conversation and turn to look at the 7 girls at the front.

"My name is Hinata, this is Tenten" she pointed to the brown haired girl who had buns on her head "Sakura" pointed to the pink haired girl "Ino" pointed to the girl with the long blonde hair "Temari" pointed to the blonde haired girl who had her hair up in 4 spiky buns "Hanabi" pointed to a girl with short blue hair and white eyes "Kin" pointed to the girl with long black hair, in a high ponytail. "And we are going to be your guides today. Tenten, Sakura and I will separate the Yr 10's and form 3 groups. Ino and Temari will half the Yr 11's and take you on the tour, and Kin and Hanabi will half the Yr 12's and take them on the tour. So will the Yr 10's meet at the back of the field and will the Yr 11's move to the basketball courts to your right and will the Yr 12's meet at the tennis courts behind us. Thank you and I hope you enjoy today" Hinata handed the microphone to Ino

"Oh wait, we forgot something, we didn't remind you that you better watch your backs you never know what girl is following you. Because I swear it's like they have never seen a guy before" Ino said which earned a couple or smirks, smiles, and laughs in the crowd. "Now time to move"

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