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Chapter 12 – Back for you



Hinata dropped to the floor, pieces of glass surround her. "That was a tad harsh, don't ya think?" The male said to his two female companions.

The girls just grinned.

"Well, let's move."

"Yes, Jiraiya."


"Where is she?" The sun was rising upon the horizon, and the boys were finally finished packing the last few items.

"Can you see her?" Kin asked

Hanabi sadly shook her head and jumped down from the tree.

"Where is she?" Sakura asked "She shouldn't take this long...Why is she so stubborn?" she muttered

"We need to go." Temari said, holding her dog in her arms.

"But we have a few moments left; Hinata could be coming back right now." Ino wishfully said

"But what if she isn't?" Tenten spoke in a soft tone "Look, I know we can't imagine anything bad happening but this is-"

"Don't." Hanabi stated "Please don't. She'll come."


"Why are they all standing there like that? I mean, they made us get up before dawn. They could at least fill us in-"

"Kiba, shut up." Neji stated "Can't you see their discussing something?"

"Aren't you guys the least bit frustrated?" Kiba asked.

The rest of the guys stayed silent.


Five minutes later...

"It's time to go." Kin said stoically

"But what about Hinat-"

Naruto was cut off by Hanabi "She'll catch up. She's our leader. She's a lot stronger than you think. Have faith."

Shikamaru sensing their reluctance to talk about Hinata, changed the subject. "So...where are we going?"

"To the mountains."


Hinata was woken by a violent splash of water to her face.

"Rise and shine Hinata-dear" a familiar singsong voice rung through her ears

Hinata opened her white eyes, to find that everything surrounding her was still a little blurry. She tried to rub her eyes, only to be met with heavy chains of resistances around her arms behind her. "It'll wear off eventually. Those chains are quite heavy, right? " Another familiar female voice spoke.

Hinata tried to sort through the thoughts within her mind. Kami...

"Konan? Yumi?"

"Bingo." Another male voice was revealed.



Almost...what does he mea- Oh Kami. CUZZO (Crap)!

...Hotaru...Jiraiya's twin brother, but I thought-

"Get it, princess?"


There was a short, slow round of claps. "Well done. Pretty face and smart head."

She ignored the comment. "What did you do to Jiraiya?"

"My stupid younger brother, he's ...somewhere."

"What. Did. You. Do?"

"My, my, feisty aren't we, for someone chained and in a cell?" He mocked

A cell? I'm in a prison?

"What do you want?"

"We make the demands here," Konan cut in "you shut up and listen."

Hinata hesitated, and nodded, she could only comply as she was at the disadvantage, without her sight and being out numbered three to one, she needed to come up with a plan quickly.


The gang was now at the clearing concealed in the mountain range.

"We're here...now what?" Sai blankly stated

"She said, we'd know where to go," Kin said, ignoring Sai completely "What the hell?"

"Who? Hinata?" Neji asked

"Don't you think you should fill us in?" Sasuke said

The girls sighed and glanced at each other. "The truth is Hin-"

"Hanabi. Don't."

"Why not?" Hanabi cried "Hinata's gone, and we don't even know if she's coming back."

"We can't. Until we know she's dead, she's still our leader." Tenten explained in Italian.

"Don't say that." Temari said, scared of the truth that everyone refused to acknowledged

"She's my sister." Hanabi stated

"Enough." Ino and Shikamaru said simultaneously

"Hinata could be dead." Sakura stated sick of this argument.

"What?" The guys responded. Sasuke's mind went blank.

Kin sighed, "Hinata, last night, took off...without telling us where she was going."

The guys were silent.

"Kin..." Tenten paused and continued to say "Fine. You guys want the truth. Here's the truth. Hinata took off last night, and didn't tell us where she was going. She told us to move towards a secret training ground that had been banned that is within these mountains, and if she didn't come back, to just leave."

"Well, that's stupid, wh-" Naruto started

"You don't get it, do you?" Hanabi stared at Naruto "Hinata ALWAYS comes back. She always contacts us if she can't make it back in time. She's never done this before. We've NEVER had to leave her behind."

"Why did you leave her?" Neji exploded "Aren't you her friends? Aren't you supposed to protect each other in some sort of ROOT code?"

"We all knew what the consequences were when we signed up." Ino began "Hinata was a firm believer in the code. But as ROOT agents your well-being is our priority."

The bags were long forgotten, everything had been dropped on the floor. "Where's Sasuke?" Temari asked.

Everyone looked around.

"Merda! (Shit!)"

Hanabi switched on her byakugan and looked around. "He's heading back."

"What do we do?" Ino asked

"What else? We follow him!" Naruto shouted

"No, we need to-"

Naruto disappeared back into the forest. "Crap!"

"Fine!" Hanabi and Tenten yelled.

"Let's go."

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