The Week of the Senior Prom

The Week of the Senior Prom

Ch 4

"Tension Arises"

As they drove toward the beach she asked.

"Can we stop at my house so I can pack a change of clothes? I don't know how I'll be able to enjoy myself if I'm suffocating. You should also stop at your house and change."

He shook his head.

"I'll be fine really. I would rather avoid my house tonight to tell you the truth. Cause if I go home now my brother will ruin our night and I don't want that to happen. I'll wait out here for you."

She looked and said.

"I'll change when we get to our room. You can come in you know. I trust you not to try anything while our stepmother is home; and probably asleep in her room. See her car in the driveway. Come on inside Alvin I won't be that long I promise.

He sighed and got out of his car and followed Brittany inside as she entered after she used her key to unlock the door. Ms. Miller saw him and looked.

"Oh hi Alvin dear how was the prom? By any chance do you know where Simon and Jeanette went after prom? I already called Eleanor and she told me they disappeared before prom ended. Then I called Simon's cell and got his machine. Then I tried to call Jeanette and she left her cell home on her bureau and it was off.! Where are you two off to anyway?"

He looked as he responded.

"We're going to the beach to take a walk beneath the moonlight. As a minor I can't be out driving at 1am so we'll be getting rooms at the hotel on the beach."

Her eyebrows went up.

"Did you say a room or did you say rooms? I'm hard of hearing dear can you speak up?"

He swallowed hard and said.

"I said rooms not room we both know better. As for where Simon and Jeanette went he didn't say anything to me. Just like Eleanor said they left 10 minutes before prom ended. Sorry I couldn't be of any help bye Ms. Miller see you in the morning."

They got in the car and she threw her bag in the back. Then he sighed with relief as he pulled out and said.

"Whew that was too close. We almost got caught. I can't believe she still thinks you're innocent at 16 1/2. Now you know why I am not stopping home. I bet he has your sister there and has his phone off! He better hope I don't go home and catch them again! He won't be able to get away with it again. Let's just hope he's as smart as he claims! Enough about Simon; I wonder how it's going with Theo and Elle? Ms. Miller did get Elle maybe they really aren't ready to go that far especially after what Paul did to her at prom. Should I call him or leave it alone?"

She looked and asked.

"Will it make you feel better if you call your baby brother Alvin? Then maybe we can focus on us for once in your life!"

He looked and glared.

"Exactly what does that mean? I am in charge Brittany; don't you think I should know where they are just in case my father asks me. Even though I already know where Simon is. He was really nervous when he talked to me earlier; and came to me for advice because he was confused."

She rested her head on him and sighed. Then he dialed Theodore's cell. While they were making out she heard his cell ringing and said.

"Go on answer it; it's probably your older brother Alvin. I have to see if I can get your stupid brother Simon. My stepmother is really angry and in a really bad mood!"

He looked and answered.

"Hey Alvin what's up? Why are you calling me? Where are you and Brittany anyway? Did you get Simon yet? Ms. Miller is really having a fit because Jeanette never checked in. I tried to call his cell and keep getting his machine and so does Elle."

He sighed and responded.

"No but I will call him as soon as I find out how it's going with you and Eleanor. Is everything alright now?"

He looked at her and said.

"It was going fine until you called me. Can we maybe talk about this more when I see you at home? What time is dad coming in again? I am curious because I want to be there before he gets home. The last thing I need right now is to get yelled at. Besides I know you are tired of getting in trouble. I gotta go now she's getting impatient with me and I don't need that right now! Tonight is prom night a lot of couples move ahead in their relationships and I'm really tired of fighting it especially since I'm already 17. Oh you two need to be careful on the beach; I overheard Jordin and Paul talking they're supposedly staying at the same place as you two. So I think you should watch out for paparazzi! You know how Jordin is; I mean she's your most obsessed fan and also your ex girlfriend. Just be careful please?"

He sighed and said.

"Thanks for the warning we will be. Have fun Theo and dad is coming home around 11:30am. So it would be wise to check out around 10:30am so we can all get home before any of us get caught! Well all except Simon anyway if he asks I'm playing stupid! Bye Theo enjoy the night to the fullest!"

He smiled slyly as Eleanor took his cell from his hand and said.

"Are you done hesitating or do I need to convince you more on how bad my body is calling out for your touch! You're not going to make me make the 1st move are you? It's just normal Theodore you're the man and I'm the woman we follow, and men lead."

He looked and said.

"I know that, but I don't know how to start it off! I also want you but am a little nervous you might not be ready even though I am! To tell you the truth I'm way beyond ready feel my body and see how ready I am!"

She looked and pulled her hair out and began to kiss him full of passion moving her hands down to where his dress pants were zipped up. He swallowed hard as she pulled it down and unfastened them. Then he grabbed her hand and said.

"I thought I was supposed to make the 1st move not you? First that gown must come off so we can move ahead."

She smiled slyly and said.

"Why don't you do the honors it might make you feel better."

He moved his hands to the back and unzipped her dress then he slowly moved it down and pushed her down to the bed. Suddenly everything faded from sight and she closed her eyes. As she tried to catch her breath she said in a loud sigh.

"Oh I 'm so glad you finally have the trust in me to have this night be so special for us both. I love you so much Theodore."

He smiled slyly as he brushed her hair back from her face and said.

"Let's just hope you and I are as slick as your older sister and my brother. Cause if my father sees any trace of shock on my face he'll be furious. You seen how he reacted the night they nearly got busted. I thought for sure Alvin would be grounded for Spring Break; but he was smart enough to convince our father nothing really happened between them. That Simon was up to his tricks again because he was just jealous. I'm so exhausted now. Let's get some sleep; unless you want to go on till dawn? Whatever you want to do let me know and I'll give it to you. It is the night of Prom!!"

She pulled him down and fought the tears in her eyes.

"No we should go on till as long as we can last. Since we probably won't have another opportunity to be like this again! You are a Chipmunk am I right? You have a lot more to offer this Chipette don't you!"

He smiled slyly and began again silencing her as her nails dug into his skin.

Back in Alvin and Brittany's hotel room he dialed Simon. Jeanette heard it ringing and answered fighting to catch her breath while Simon was fast asleep by her side in none other than Alvin's bed.

"Oh hi Alvin why are you calling Simon? We just came in from the movies what's up? How's everything between my sister and you? Sorry we left 10 minutes before Prom ended but we caught a late movie."

He smiled slyly and let Brittany hear Jeanette's breath. Then she took the cell and said.

"You best get your but on his cell and call Ms. Miller. You are really in big trouble come morning for leaving your cell at home. Whatever you two are doing; you better hope and pray that his father doesn't catch you! I got news for you if he does you better not even ask me or Alvin to stick up for you again! Do I make myself clear…now get on that cell and call Ms. Miller she's worried sick about you Jeanette. Goodbye!"

She hung up his cell in a rage and he looked and said.

"I love it when you get pissed off! That alone puts me in the mood what do you say? I know that's what you want it's all over your face! It's been awhile since we've actually been alone like this without everyone up our butts! Brittany it's not even 12:30am and I really don't want to see Paul or my ex right now! Can you take a rain check on the moonlit walk along the shore! I promise I'll make up for it. Looking out of this window makes me sick…look at those two right beneath that pier and they're drunk too! Mind you they're way under age too! Brittany hello are you paying attention to a word I'm saying Brittany!"

She looked up from the bed and said.

"Yes I am; are you just going to continue talking or make the best of this night? It is the night of the Senior Prom you know! Stop paying attention to what is out there and pay attention to what you have right now! Either you get your butt over here or I'm going to sleep! ALVIN! Fine then suit yourself goodnight Alvin!"

He closed the drapes and turned toward the bed then he entered the bathroom and took off his suit and hung it up on a hanger in the bathroom. While he brushed his teeth he realized her dress was already hung up on a hanger. Then he also seen her bag open and saw the jeans and tank top still in the bag beneath her tooth brush and make up bag. He exited the bathroom and saw her eyes closed. Then he got in the bed next to her and started to tickle her.

"Are you really asleep or are you faking it?"

She laughed and pulled him down to her kissing him full of passion as she took her hair out and let it spread across the pillow. While he continued to kiss her he realized she was wearing a set in black lace. She felt his hands moving up her thighs and sighed loudly. Then she realized they had slipped down and felt his hands as they moved beneath the covers so warm against her soft skin. She also whispered in his ears as his hand moved to the back as he unfastened it and let it fall.

"It was Victoria's Secret you know!"

He smiled slyly as he pushed her down to the bed and responded.

"Yea I know already! That's the only lace sets you buy now that you're a mature teen."

She closed her eyes as the sensation moved through her body once again after several months without his loving! She said as she fought to catch her breath.

"Of course I'm with you aren't I! How else can I let you know what I'm in the mood for without the lace hmm Alvin!"

He silenced her and looked to the side where she slept on his chest and stroked her forehead gently. Then he covered them both with the sheet and held her close to him after he kissed her forehead. Saying to him self.

'Hopefully my little surprise for you will make you speechless. Let's just hope the answer is yes when I get the guts to propose to you.'

He held her close and whispered in her ear.

"I love you Brittany goodnight."

She saw him fast asleep and also kissed him on the forehead. Then she wrapped her arms around him and also whispered in his ear.

"I love you too Alvin goodnight and thank you!"

He looked up and said.

"You're very welcome Brittany. Let's get some sleep now we have to be at my house before my father. Let's just hope I'm wrong about my brother and your sister cause my father will blow his top and your step mother will hear his mouth even though you ladies happen to live 3 doors down from us! Then they'll both be in big trouble especially after my father warned him too many times when he tried to get me in trouble when we weren't even doing anything but listening to music and talking about your hard life since you were babies! The day my father walked in my room and saw you asleep on me beneath my comforter. Don't you remember that afternoon?"

She smiled and said.

"How can I forget? You argued with your father for nearly an hour because Simon had to go and make it more than it was. Then after the arguing was finished we all ganged up on your braniac brother including his own girlfriend!"

At that Alvin laughed.

"Yea I know that was too funny! Enough talking sweetie we really need to get some sleep I still have to drive in the morning you know. Goodnight."

The next morning she was the 1st one up and entered the bathroom to take a shower. When she was finished with her shower she laid her gown on the bed and shook Alvin.

"Come on Alvin it's almost 10am. We need to get going toward your house."

He woke up and also entered the bathroom to take a cold shower after the long night with Brittany. Then she looked out of the window and saw Jordin and Paul asleep on the sand in the nude and laughed when the cop grabbed them both.

'Serves you right you little blonde slut. Trying to steal my man from me after you messed it up on your own like Susie.'

When he finished his shower he put his shirt on and left it out after he fastened his pants. Then he grabbed his jacket and also looked out at where he saw those two in cuffs.

"Now you know why I didn't want to go on the beach last night. We both would've got arrested even though we're not like those two and it would've screwed up both our images. Come on Brit we have to get going. It's along drive from here to my house. Are you sure you have everything?"

She smiled and took his arm. Then they handed in the key to the desk. He laughed when he saw the cop pushing Paul and Jordin in the back of the squad car! Then he heard Paul calling to him.

"Yo Alvin you're a witness we weren't doing anything but sleeping on the beach right? What about you Brittany?"

He looked and said.

"What I saw was you and Jordin making love beneath the pier and drinking alcohol and also smoking pot! So don't even turn me into a liar I was no where near you two sex crazed maniacs! Bye Paul I hope you two make bond before graduation!! See you; oh and officer also charge him with attempted violation on a minor when he just turned 18 a month ago!"

They got in Alvin's car and he drove toward his house. When he pulled up he saw all the lights off and realized they left the front door open.

'Real swift Simon! Leaving the front door open after 12am. Yea you're smart you obviously are brain dead! Even I would've had sense enough to lock my door if I was here all alone!'

Brittany watched as he walked upstairs and followed behind him. He looked in Simon's room and didn't see them in his bed. Then he looked across the hall and his face turned red as he listened by his door and heard them still at it! He stormed back downstairs and waited for Dave to pull up. She looked and asked.

"What's the matter Alvin? You really seem angry what is it?"

He looked and said in an angry tone.

"They're in my room making love! I'm going to tear him limb from limb after my father deals with him! He had to go use my bed when he has his own and mine is a water bed. Does that answer your question! I just got that bed too and those are also new sheets."

She looked and asked.

"You have a water bed? Why would you sleep on a water bed isn't it hard to sleep?"

He looked and said.

"No it's not. It's very comfortable. Oh here comes my father too come on Brittany. It's time the elder brother takes the responsibility and gets him busted. Oh and here comes Elle and my brother too. Just in time thank goodness Theo come here quick. At least you cooled down and so did I. We won't really get caught but Simon is about to."

Theodore looked and said.

"Oh no you were right all along. If that's the case then why is his door wide open?"

He looked.

"Oh because they're in my room and in my bed too! Oh did I forget to mention my bed is a water bed too! I'm going to kill him I swear! He also forgot to lock our front door too! That's it I'm done with him. You 3 stay here and let me go talk to dad."

He walked over to Dave's car as he exited and he asked.

"Where's your brother Simon and Jeanette? Alvin don't lie to me where are they?"

He looked and said.

"Oh in my room doing something you warned him about a million times. Not his room my room of all the rooms in the house."

He looked and said.

"In English Alvin! In your room doing what exactly! ALVIN!"

He swallowed hard and responded.

"They're in my room making love."

His face turned red and he yelled to Brittany.

"You 3 go to the girls' house and go get Ms. Miller. I mean it Alvin move it! That's it! Now he's finished after all the warnings I gave him he still does it!"

Alvin shrugged and they all walked down to Ms. Miller's house. Brittany used her key and unlocked the door.

"Oh Ms. Miller we're home."

She entered Ms. Miller's room and saw her bathroom door closed. So she knocked on the door.

"Oh Brittany dear I'll be right out. I'm getting dressed. Wait downstairs dear I'll be right there."

She walked downstairs and joined the other 3. Then she looked at Alvin and said.

"Ok you were right. They were up to no good last night. That's why he wasn't answering his cell and the reason my sister left her cell home."

Ms. Miller descended from the stairs and Alvin looked.

"Umm Ms. Miller can you come by our house Dave told us to come and get you."

She looked and asked.

"What for Alvin dear. Did you manage to get a hold of Simon and Jeanette?"

He looked and said.

"Umm no; but we do know where they are now. That's why Dave told us to get you."

She followed the 3 of them to the boys' house and Dave looked at Alvin.

"You were very responsible to get me! Now go downstairs in the living room and wait until we're done with those two! I mean it Alvin or go in the yard."

All 3 of them sat on the couch and he clicked on the TV. Then they heard Dave's mouth.

"Simon Seville get up out of your brother's bed and get dressed now! You too Jeanette move it now! Don't even back talk to me young man! I warned you too many times about this didn't I? How many times did I walk in on you two when you tried to? Now I come home and see you not even if your bed. Your older brother Alvin's bed! You're grounded do you understand me. No cell, no going out, and no Jeanette until you learn to control yourself! Do I make myself clear?"

He looked at Dave and said.

"Oh really what about Alvin is he innocent or something! Why don't you keep him away from Brittany he's been experienced since he was 14 and I didn't see you ground him like you did me! What do you think they did last night after prom? What about Theodore? Why not yell at them instead of me!"

Alvin heard that and stormed up the stairs!

"Excuse me what was that? I was too grounded when I was 14 and I got worse than you so don't even give me that crap! Sorry Dave but it's true you grounded me the entire summer and I was not allowed to talk to her on the phone or see her at all!"

Dave looked at Alvin and said.

"Thank you Alvin now please go downstairs and let me finish with your brother!"

He closed the bedroom door and said.

"Yes Dave I'm going."

Ms. Miller looked at Dave.

"Oh really then why didn't you tell me what happened 4 years ago? Are you telling me My Brittany was experienced at 13 ½ years old?"

Dave looked and nodded.

"Actually she was 13. He had just turned 14 and he begged me not to tell on her so I didn't! Ms. Miller that was years ago; they both learned their lesson after that. Let's not focus on Alvin and Brittany that's over and done with! Now we have to deal with these two and make sure they learn to have respect for their parent's house. I dealt with my son. Now you deal with your daughter."

Ms. Miller looked and yelled at Jeanette.

"Get dressed young lady as of today you're forbidden to see Simon until you learn to respect an adult's household and follow the rules. March home and into your room young lady!"

She looked and asked.

"What about Brittany? Isn't she in trouble? She's just as guilty as I am? What else you think they were doing in a hotel room on the beach? Besides her and Alvin done it more than Simon and I it's just not fair!"

Ms. Miller looked and said.

"Maybe so but they weren't caught! You and Simon were busted now you both face the consequences! Not another word young lady I said enough. Now get dressed and march your butt home and in your room!"

As they exited the house Jeanette glared at Brittany.

"You are sneaky I swear! I hope you're satisfied Brittany and you too Alvin! Now I can't see Simon thanks a lot you just couldn't cover for us again! Oh did I say that! We'll get you both mark my words!"

Alvin laughed.

"Yea right maybe in your dreams Jeanette! You did it no one else so don't even start on me or your sister! As for you Simon I'm going to kill you for using my bed! You better strip that bed or I swear I'll pound you!! Move it Simon I mean it! You disgust me!"

Dave looked and yelled.

"Alvin enough or you'll get grounded too. Don't push it young man!"

He sighed and said.

"Yes Dave I'll shut up as long as you make him strip my bed! Because I am not sleeping in my bed if they made love in it! I'll sleep in the spare room!"

Dave looked.

"Ok Alvin enough out of you! One more time you open your mouth I'll ground you also! Don't you even start Theodore you're also caught it's all over your face and Eleanor's. I'm not mad I just wish you would've come to me like your brother Alvin did when he decided he was ready!"