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Oishi and Tezuka walked down the streets together after they finished their work at Kantou General Hospital. Although Tezuka didn't show it, but Oishi knew that his best friend is brimming with happiness.

"You seem happy," Oishi stated.

"Aah," Tezuka replied.

"Ryoma's coming back after the US Open, isn't he?" asked Oishi. Tezuka simply nodded his head. "Tezuka, are you going to reveal it after that?"

"Reveal what?" Tezuka asked although he knew exactly what Oishi meant.

"Your relationship with Ryoma to your parents," Oishi answered.

"N-No," Tezuka said. 'I'm not ready;' he thought grimly, 'not ready to face what my family would say.'

Oishi put an arm on Oishi's shoulder. "You better tell them soon, Tezuka, before everything gets out of hand." The doctor-in-training looked at a redhead guy who was calling and waving at him.

"Syuichiro," Eiji called out his lover's name while waving at him.

"I'm coming, Eiji," Oishi shouted back. He then looked at his friend once again. "So, this is where we part, Tezuka. I hope you think deeply about what I told you."

"Aah," Tezuka said and both of them parted ways.

Oishi and Eiji walked towards a café, Oishi promised to take Eiji there for cakes. "So, what did you talked about with Tezuka, nya?"

"Just something I needed to say," Oishi replied, smiling. 'What will you do, Tezuka?'

Kevin was sitting on the couch, watching the television. "Che," he said to himself. "Ryoma is out and Ryoga and oyaji is doing something I so don't want to know." Changing the channel for the tenth time, he groaned, "I'm so bored."

Right after the Nationals, Nanjiroh had adopted Kevin Smith as his son. It's been seven years now, and Kevin is one of the tennis pros, along with Ryoma and Ryoga. The three of them are one again competing in the US Open with Nanjiroh as their coached. Now in US, they are staying at the house where the Echizen had lived when they lives in the States.

"I give up," Kevin said, turning off the television. Just then, he heard the door opened. Ryoma came into the house.

"Ryoma," Kevin said.

Without even looking at him, Ryoma said, "Call oyaji and Ryoga now."

Ryoma's voice was soft; Kevin barely managed to make it out. Ryoma acted not like himself, and something in his brother's voice worries him. "I-I'll call them now."

'I wonder what's wrong with him,' Kevin thought, walking towards their father's and Ryoga's secret room a.k.a the basement. "I can't believe you're my father and older brother," Kevin said to Nanjiroh and Ryoga respectively once he got close enough to them.

Nanjiroh and Ryoga were startled. They quickly hid their stash of 'dirty' magazines as they turned facing Kevin. "K-Kevin, what a surprise," Nanjiroh said.

"It's rare that you join us in our base," Ryoga added.

"Who'd want to do something disgusting like that?" Kevin said disgustedly. Nanjiroh and Ryoga felt like their hearts were struck by lightning.

"That's so cruel, hearing it from your mouth, Kev," Ryoga said with anime teas rolling down his face.

"Un, un," Nanjiroh nodded his head.

"Whatever it is, just follow me quickly. I think Ryoma wants to tell us something important."

Immediately Ryoga looked serious. "Is there something wrong with chibisuke?"

"That's what I want to find out," Kevin answered.

"I'm sure that seishounen is just fine," Nanjiroh said, putting his hands at the back of his head. Without warning, Kevin threw a magazine he found straight at Nanjiroh's face.

"Mr. Echizen, I have a bad news for you," said the doctor.

"What is it?" the tennis prodigy asked.

The doctor sighed. "I'm sorry to say…but you won't be able to play tennis for awhile."

Ryoma felt like his heart stopped. "What? Why can't I play?"

"Mr. Echizen, it seems like you have an unusual case," the doctor said. "You—"

"Ryoma," Ryoga said, snapping Ryoma out of his thought.

Ryoma looked up to find Ryoga and Kevin looking down at him worriedly. Nanjiroh silently whistled behind his two adopted sons, but everyone knows that he too was worried.

"You're here," Ryoma said. The three of them didn't say anything; they just pulled their chairs and sat in front of Ryoma, while Nanjiroh just leaned against the wall.

"Kevin said you wanted us here, chibisuke," Ryoga said. "Now tell us already, oyaji and I have something important to do." Kevin glared at his older brother. Ryoga quivered under Kevin's glare.

"I'm quitting the US Open," Ryoma announced.

Kevin stopped glaring at Ryoga and both of them looked at the younger Echizen; even Nanjiroh was looking at his son with a surprised look.

A few minutes later, Nanjiroh broke the tensioning silence with a laugh. "Hahaha, you got me there, seishounen."

Ryoga and Kevin relaxed a bit. "Mou, chibisuke, that's so not funny."

Ryoma stood up. "I'm serious; I won't be participating in the US Open." He started walking towards his room. "I'll be going back to Japan tomorrow."

Kevin clenched his fists. 'Damn, what does he think he's doing?'

Without even bothering to turn on the light, Ryoma lay down on his bed.

"I'm sorry…but you won't be able to play tennis for awhile."

Those words kept repeating in Ryoma's mind. 'I never thought I'll be put in this situation,' he thought. "Kunimitsu," he said softly. A few moments later, Ryoma drifted off to sleep.

Kevin silently closed the door to Ryoma's room. He decided not to disturb his younger brother. For some reason, the last few days Ryoma seems a little tired. He went back down to the living room, where his father is lying on the couch, reading one of his 'dirty' magazines, while Ryoga is sitting restlessly on the chair.

"He's asleep," Kevin said, pulling a chair and sat next to Ryoga.

Ryoga pulled his hair in frustration. "That is so not chibisuke," he said. "No matter what injuries he has, he would never back out from a match, even if it is just a practice match."

"Seishounen must have his own reasons," Nanjiroh said out of the blue.

Both Ryoga and Kevin looked at their father. "Oyaji…" they said.

Nanjiroh only kept his serious face for a few minutes though, before he yawned and stood up. "I better get a short nap myself." Putting the magazine under his armpit, he walked towards his room, saying, "Ah, pretty girls, all the pretty girls!"

Kevin's vein twitched. "That dirty old man!" he said, clenching his fist.

"But although he acts that way, oyaji is really worried about chibisuke," Ryoga said.

Kevin nodded his head. "Un," he said.

"Ryoma," Rinko said when she saw her son coming towards her.

"Okaa-san," Ryoma replied. He let go of his luggage as his mother pulled him in an embrace. "I was surprised when Ryoga called saying you're returning to Japan." She let go of Ryoma. "But it's really not like you to not participate in the US Open."

"I have my reasons," Ryoma said quietly.

Rinko smiled. "I know, and you'll tell me when the time comes." She hugged her son one more time and they walked to the car.

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