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Chapter 6

"In the end, you didn't tell them, huh?" Yukimura asked.

"No," Tezuka answered as they entered the tennis court.

After Tezuka's shift ended that night, he went to visit Ryoma. He waited till Ryoma fell asleep before going home. By that time, it was already late so he didn't have the chance to meet his family. At the entrance of the hospital, he saw Yukimura. The ex-Rikkai tennis captain invited him for a match of tennis.

"When are you planning to tell them?"

"Tomorrow probably," Tezuka answered.

"What about the other guys?" Yukimura asked again.

"We haven't got the chance yet," Tezuka answered as he served.

Yukimura smirked as he observed the ball. "That's an easy lob."

It was a tough battle between them, just like the old times. In the end, Tezuka won 7-6.

"Hmm, it looks like I'm getting sloppy," Yukimura remarked.

Both of them sat at the bench at the corner. Tezuka was drinking a bottle of cold water while Yukimura put a towel on his head.

"Gen knows about Ryoma," Yukimura said out of the blue.

Tezuka stopped drinking and looked at the blue-haired guy. Although it wasn't shown his face, but the surprise was shown in his eyes.

"Did you tell him?"

"Iie," Yukimura answered. "He saw the file on my desk and figured out everything on his own."

It was silent for a short while.

"Sanada hadn't been visiting you at the hospital lately," Tezuka said.

"Nice observation," Yukimura replied. He sighed and looked at the sky. "Gen got angry. He thought I was using Ryoma."

"And…are you using him?"

Yukimura's head snapped towards Tezuka. "Sure, I was envy when I first knew, but I will never use Ryoma. He's like a little brother to me."

"I know," Tezuka replied. "I trust you."

"I wish Gen thought that way as well," Yukimura chuckled.

"He'll come to his senses," Tezuka said.

Renji heard the door to his and Inui's apartment opened and closed. Then, he heard a familiar, "Tadaima."

Renji smiled. "Okaeri, Sadaharu."

"Aah," was Inui's reply.

After keeping his things in the room, Inui went to the kitchen and joined Renji, drinking hot chocolate.

"Ne, Sadaharu," Renji said. "Yukimura asked me to do a test on one of his patients. It seems like this person drank your Hormones Deluxe Juice."

Inui looked at Renji over his newspaper. "But only Tezuka, Ryoma, and the Golden Pair has ever tasted it."

"Sou ka?" Renji said.

"Yukimura's an OB, isn't he?" Inui asked.

"Yes," Renji answered.

"I've never gave my drinks to a woman, and I don't think that Tezuka, Ryoma, Oishi and Kikumaru would cheat on one another."

"All of them are males, aren't they?" Renji said. "They can't be pregnant."

"No one knows for sure," Inui said, flipping the next page of the newspaper.

Renji looked directly at Inui. "Sadaharu, what are you suggesting?"

"It's kind' quiet when the boys aren't around, ne, oba-san?" Nanako said as she and Rinko sat at the kitchen, drinking.

"Hai," Rinko replied, smiling. "That's true."

"Oh yeah," Nanako said. "It slipped my mind earlier, but I was wondering what's wrong with Ryoma?"

"I still don't know myself, Nanako-chan," Rinko answered. "But I'm sure he'll tell us someday."

"So, he moved in with Tezuka-san, huh?" Nanako asked, taking a sip of her coffee.

"They are married after all," Rinko said.

Nanako choked on her drink. Rinko looked at her niece with an amused look. "Didn't I tell you about that?"

Nanako shook her head. "Apparently it slipped your mind."

Rinko laughed. Suddenly, she stopped and said, "Oh, I forgot."

"What is it, oba-san?"

"Ryoma called me today when I was talking on the phone with you," Rinko said. "I forgot to call him back."

"Let's visit them tomorrow, ne?" Nanako suggested.

"Sure," Rinko replied.

"Tezuka!" Oishi called out at the same time, entering Tezuka's office.

The stoic surgeon looked up from his paperwork. "What is it?"

"I heard from some of the nurses that Ryoma was submitted into this hospital," Oishi said. "But I couldn't find his records anywhere? If anyone should know, you should, Tezuka."

Tezuka sighed and massaged his forehead. He wondered when Oishi would actually stop being a mother hen. But knowing Oishi, he knew it wouldn't happen in this lifetime. Tezuka looked at Oishi. "Promise you won't tell anyone about it."

From the way Tezuka talked, Oishi knew it's important. "Aah," he replied.

Tezuka stood up. "Let's go."

"Ryoma's in a private room," Oishi said.

"We cannot let anyone know that Ryoma's here," Tezuka told his friend.

"Why is he here in the first place?" Oishi asked.

"You'll find out later," Tezuka answered.

When Tezuka opened the door, the scene of Yukimura and Ryoma eating breakfast together greeted them.

"Ohayou," Oishi greeted them as they entered the room. Tezuka closed the door behind them.

"So, how is it possible that Yukimura knew about Ryoma earlier than me?" Oishi asked.

"It's simple really," Yukimura answered. "Ryoma's my patient."

"Oh," Oishi said. Then, it struck him. "Eh?!" He was shocked.

"Great way to spill the beans, Yukimura-senpai," Ryoma said, not feeling the slightest bit of amusement.

"Then, Ryoma is…" Oishi said, looking at Ryoma. "But how?"

"I'm still doing research for that," Yukimura said.

"That's why you quit the US Open," Oishi stated.

"Of course," Ryoma said. "No one in their right mind would purposely miss the US Open, other than my idiot father."

"Aah," Oishi said. Looking at his wristwatch, he said, "I need to go. My shift is starting soon." On his way out, Oishi accidentally hit the wardrobe. "I'm okay," Oishi said. Clearly, he still hadn't completely accepted the fact that Ryoma's pregnant.

Tezuka, who had been by Ryoma's side earlier, said, "I need to go too." He gave Ryoma a kiss on the lips. "I'll come again soon."

"Aah," Ryoma replied, still a little dazed by the kiss.

Yukimura chuckled. "After his check-up, Ryoma should be able to leave today."

"Hai," Tezuka said. "Thanks, Yukimura."

"No problem."

Sanada stirred his espresso. 'Should I or should I not visit Seiichi,' he thought. He sighed. "Why did I got angry with him in the first place?" he muttered under his breath.

"May I have this seat?"

Sanada looked up. It was Tezuka. "Aah," he answered.

"I heard you already knew about Ryoma," Tezuka said, his eyes never left the menu in his hands.

"Aah," Sanada answered.

"I also heard you and Yukimura had a fight because of it."

"Aah," Sanada replied. "He took Ryoma's case because he's interested in male pregnancies."

"It's common for doctors, or scientists," Tezuka said. "But that doesn't mean Yukimura doesn't care about Ryoma." When Sanada didn't say anything, Tezuka added in, "Don't think about it too much."

After that, they heard a beeping sound. Tezuka stood up. "I'm needed back at the hospital."

After Tezuka walked a few steps, Sanada called out, "Tezuka!" Tezuka turned to look at Sanada. "Arigatou," the judo master said. Tezuka just nodded his head in response.

"Eiji onii-chan," a kid called out as he entered the pet shop belonged to Kikumaru Eiji.

"Konnichiwa, Aki," Eiji greeted him.

"I'm here to buy Ami," Aki said, with a wide grin on his face. Ami is a kitten in Kikumaru's pet shop. "I'm going to see her first."

"Okay," Eiji said, giving him the thumbs up. Aki ran to where Ami's cage is, and at the same time Aki's mother came in.

"Konnichiwa, Senri-san," Kikumaru greeted.

"Ah, konnichiwa, Kikumaru-san," Senri Ai, the mother of Aki, said.

"Mommy, here's the kitten I want," Aki said happy, running towards his mother with the kitten safely in his hand. "I want to buy Ami."

"So, how much would it be, Kikumaru-san?" Senri Ai asked.

"300 yen," Eiji said. After that, they said goodbyes and Aki and his mother left.

A minute later, Eiji heard the door opened. Eiji, who was busy writing in his register book didn't even bother to look up. He thought it was Aki.

"Did you forget something, Aki-chan?" Eiji asked without looking at the newcomer.

A very familiar voice chuckled. "Eiji, I worry about you. What will happen if a thief came instead of me?"

Eiji immediately looked at the person. With a wide smile, he said, "Fujiko, nya!"

Fuji gave his trademark smile. "Tadaima," he told his best friend.

That day, Tezuka finished work early. After paying the bills for Ryoma, he took Ryoma back to their apartment. When they arrived, Ryoma was already asleep. So, the older man carried his spouse all the way to their apartment.

After gently putting Ryoma on the bed, Tezuka sat on a chair, next to Ryoma. He looked at Ryoma's sleeping face.

'Somehow, Ryoma looked more free when he's asleep,' Tezuka thought. He remembered what Yukimura told him the other night. He stared far away, with a grim expression on his face.

"Ryoma might not make it through till the third trimester."

Suddenly, Tezuka felt something soft pressing onto his lips, making him snapped out of his thought.

"Mitsu, you always tastes like honey," Ryoma said. He was sitting on the bed, on his knees so that he'd be the same height as Tezuka.

Tezuka blinked.

"Why do you have that grim expression on your face?"

When Tezuka still didn't response, Ryoma sighed. He hugged his spouse.

"Ryoma…" Tezuka's voice trailed.

"Are you worried about me?" Ryoma asked. His voice was muffled because he buried his face in Tezuka's chest. "You don't have to be worried."

Tezuka gently hug Ryoma. "How could I not worry about you, Ryoma?"

"Che, you're the one who worked yourself too hard," Ryoma said, pulling away from Tezuka and looking the other way.

Tezuka made Ryoma looked directly at him by placing his thumb under Ryoma's chin. "You're trying to turn the conversation around," Tezuka said, smiling. He caressed Ryoma's hair, making the latter blush slightly.

However, that romantic atmosphere between the two married couple didn't last for long. The doorbell disturbed them.

Ryoma growled as Tezuka stood up. "I'll be back," he said and went to the door.

Tezuka opened the door. "Okaa-san?"

"Nanako and I decided to come and visit," Rinko said with a smile. "May we come in?"

"Ah, sumimasen," Tezuka said, opening the door wider.

"Sorry for suddenly visiting," Nanako apologized.

"Iie, it's alright."

"So, where's Ryoma?" Rinko asked.

"In our room," Tezuka answered. "Ryoma is still weak so he's not allowed to move around yet."

"What happened to Ryoma?" Rinko asked worriedly as they followed Tezuka to the bedroom.

"He just got released from the hospital today," Tezuka said.

"Okaa-san? Nanako-san?" Ryoma said, surprised to see his mother and cousin there.

"Kunimitsu told us you were admitted to the hospital, Ryoma," his mother said worriedly as they sat on the chair pulled out by Tezuka.

"H-Hai," Ryoma replied. "Have you told them yet?" he whispered to his spouse, who took a seat beside him.

Tezuka shook his head. "I think it's better if you tell them," he whispered back.

"Ryoma-kun, why were you admitted to the hospital?" Nanako asked.

"Uhm, there's something I need to tell both of you," Ryoma said. He fidgeted on the bed. Tezuka took Ryoma's hand in his own, squeezing it lightly as a sign of support. "I'm pregnant," Ryoma said to his family.

"I'm sorry, but did you say pregnant?" Nanako asked.

"Yes," Ryoma answered. "I've been pregnant for two months, thus the reason why I can't compete in the US Open."

"I'm sorry, Ryoma," Rinko said. Three pairs of eyes looked at Echizen Rinko. "We- I never thought that it would really happen?"

"What do you mean, okaa-san?"

"Yes, please do explain," Tezuka said.

Rinko sighed, looking at the married couple. "Ryoma, you were born a girl naturally."

Ryoma felt like his heart stopped. "W-What?" Tezuka and Nanako were equally surprised although Tezuka didn't show it.

"Since you were three, you wouldn't wear girls clothes anymore, and when you were five, you said you were born in the wrong body. So, for your happiness, we, Nanjiroh and I, agreed to let you have…"

"…Transgender," Tezuka cut in. Rinko nodded her head. "But that still doesn't explain how Ryoma is now pregnant."

Rinko looked at the floor. "For our own selfishness, we told the surgeon not to remove Ryoma's reproductive organ."

"I guess it was just hard to let go of our little girl," Rinko said, eyes moisten with tears. Nanako swiped away a tear with her finger.

Tezuka was holding Ryoma from the very beginning. When he felt his spouse shaking, he looked down and was surprised to see that Ryoma was actually crying. "Ryoma?" Tezuka said.

Only his sobs answered Tezuka. Then, Ryoma pulled away from Tezuka, went in front of his mother and knelt down. "Okaa-san, arigatou," he said, and lay his head on his mother's lap. 'Gosh, I can't believe I'm being so weak,' he thought as he continued sobbing in his mother's lap.

"Tadaima," Yukimura said after he entered his empty apartment. He switched on the light. The smell of food hit his nose. 'Someone had been here,' he thought. He walked further slowly and carefully.

Suddenly a figure appeared in front of him, coming out from the kitchen. "Okaeri, Seiichi," the figure said.

Yukimura was surprised. "Gen?"

Sanada stepped into the light. "Hai. I've made dinner."

Yukimura smiled, a genuine smile. "Great, I'm starving."

Yukimura went to his room to keep his things and change clothes. Sanada followed him quietly, and after entering Yukimura's room, he locked the door.

"Gen, I thought you were going to wait outside."

Sanada just ignored Yukimura's words. Instead, he hugged Yukimura from behind. "I'm sorry for being angry for you, and accusing you without any proof at all."

Still in Sanada's embrace, Yukimura turned around. He put a finger on Sanada's lips. "There no need to apologize, it is partly my fault after all." Yukimura kissed Sanada, his lips forcing entry into Sanada's mouth. Sanada gave entry, as his own tongue entered Yukimura's. After the long kiss, Yukimura wanted to continue more, on the bed.

"Didn't you say you were hungry?"

"I'm more hungry for you," Yukimura replied.

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