Only You

--Takes place after The Anti GodParents. Someone out there lusts after Timmy Turner. It's stronger than Cosmo's or Tootie's feelings for him. And finding out who it could be is driving poor Timmy to the brink of insanity. Yaoi/Slash One shot.

An- Mr. Katich is another OC. I just got his name from an old science teacher of mine...I just updated his personality. And the same rules follow. I don't own any of the original characters, they belong to the FABULOUS Butch Hartman. But I do own this story and Angelina Chrysillie/Turner.

Timmy frowned as he sat on the edge of his bed, lost in his own thoughts. It was that dream again that was bothering him. The dream with the same glowing red eyes of the same person who whispered sweet loving words in his ear. The whispery voice...he knew it didn't belong to his Cosmo. And it couldn't be Tootie. No. It was a manly, lustful whisper and it sent shivers down his spine everytime he heard it.

He wanted to know who it was. But everytime he drew close to finding out, his stupid alarm clock would ring, snapping him back to reality. Cosmo frowned, watching his love from the fishbowl. He could tell something was troubling him and he wanted to help in any way possible. "Timmy, please, tell me what's wrong," he pleaded in a gentle voice.

Timmy shook his head, frowning as he glanced over at his godfather. "Nothing's wrong, Cosmo." He had lied. Lied to his very own lover, The very thought of lying to him had pained him, just as much as it hurt Cosmo to know that Timmy didn't want his help. The brown haired teen sighed as he watched his GodFather swim back inside the castle. "I'm sorry, Cosmo," he whispered, closing his eyes. "But this is something I'd like to find out on my own."

He layed back down, resting his head against the pillow. Glancing over at the alarm clock, he saw that it was only two in the morning. Maybe he could gain a few more hours of sleep before school. He closed his eyes once again, wondering if the voice would return again.

He found himself standing in the same dark room as to when the voice first appeared. His eyes widened with excitement as he stood still, allowing his eyes adjust to the darkness as he waited patiently. "You came back..."

A shiver crawled down his spine as he heard the voice once more. He soon felt a pair of hands on his shoulders. "I had to," he breathed, leaning back a little as he felt a clawed hand begin to caress his neck. "I'm glad you did. I missed you," the voice whispered in his ear.

Timmy shivered once more, closing his eyes. "I..." What was he going to say? That he missed him too? He didn't even know what he looked like! He bit down on his bottom lip as he felt lips brush against his cheek. "Do you have to sneak around like this? Why can't I see who you are?"

Silence. The figure had let Timmy go and stepped back into the shadows. "Because, you'll hate me if you found out. You'll hate yourself."

Timmy's eyes widened as he saw the figure begin to slowly fade from his vision. "N-no! Don't go! I could never hate you!" Tears sprang in his eyes as he began running after the shadow that seemed to be fading even faster...

"No, don't!"

"Timmy? Timmy!" His eyes fluttered open and he stared into the concerned, slightly frightened eyes of his godfather's. He was holding Timmy up by the shoulders, shaking him gently. He only seemed to stop when Timmy opened his eyes.

"Cosmo," he mumbled, leaning forward until he could feel himself rest against his love's chest, wrapping his arms around the other man's waist tightly. He shook a little bit, snuggling against the green-haired fairy.

Cosmo gazed down at his own love, worriedly. He ran a hand through his hair lovingly. "Timmy, what's bothering you? You're starting to scare me, you know," he whispered, hugging the teenager tightly.

Timmy bit down on his bottom lip, still wondering if he should tell him. He had never kept anything from Cosmo before. Unless Wanda bribed him too, but that was in the past. "It was just a nightmare, Cos-Chan. R-really, I'll be okay." Cosmo stared at him, not really buying the little white lie. But his thoughts were quickly thrown aside as he felt his lover kiss him reassuringly. He smiled down at Timmy, caressing his cheek with one hand.

"If you're sure," Cosmo whispered softly, returning the kiss. "You'd better get ready for school, love."

Timmy rolled his eyes and groaned. "Can't I pretend to play sick today?"

Cosmo just chuckled and shook his head, standing up and stretching. "Can't have any more absence notes on your ass from Katich, Tim-Tim. Besides, I'll never hear the end of it if Wanda finds out," he rolled his eyes at the sound of her name.

Timmy smiled as he got dressed and ready for school. Cosmo was right about those two. Wanda had been checking up on them every now and then, making sure Cosmo hadn't goofed up anything while she was with Anti-Cosmo. Little did she know, being around Timmy more by himself had given Cosmo confidence in getting the wishes he had made in the past few months right. Timmy's homeroom teacher, on the other hand, Mr. Katich, he would be what you would call 'One With A Short Temper' problem. If you were even a minute late to his class, you wouldn't be allowed in.

He looked at Cosmo with pleading eyes. "You wouldn't mind coming with me, would you, Cos-Chan?" he asked softly, playing with the hem of his dark pink shirt.

Cosmo blinked a few times, gazing over at him, confused. What would he disguise himself as? Timmy noticed his thoughtful expression and shook his head. "Don't disguise yourself. Just hide your wings and come as a parental guidance." Cosmo's eyes widened as he raised his wand, making his wings invisible just as his love requested. I did it again! I got it right! He grinned brightly at his success.

Timmy snickered softly, grabbing Cosmo's hand and pulling him out the door. "We can walk to school with Sis and Chester," he announced, grabbing his backpack, closing the bedroom door behind them. His sister was already downstairs, waiting for him, Chester was with her as well. Chester stared at Cosmo, a confused expression on his face. His eyes rested on their hands, which the other was holding.

"Uh, Timmy, who--?" He was cut off when Angelina whispered in his ear, explaining the fact the Cosmo was his boyfriend, at least that's what Timmy heard her say. He grinned, watching Chester's face heat up with embarassment. "O-oh, heh..we should get going," he managed to choke out, clearing his throat a little.

"Dude, you okay?" Timmy asked, smiling a bit more as he wrapped an arm around Cosmo's waist, pulling him closer.

Chester grinned, glancing over at him. "It's cool, man. I'm fine." He punched him in the arm playfully as the group started walking to the high school.

Dimmsdale High

Timmy followed Angelina and Chester inside to homeroom just as the bell rang. Safe. He glanced over at Cosmo, who was behind him, looking worried as he the class was giving him odd looks. Before Timmy could speak, Mr. Katich walked inside the classroom and closed the door. He gave Cosmo a questioning look and stole a glare at Timmy who swallowed hard. "Please, don't mind Cosmo, Mr. Katich, sir. My parents are letting him watch over me for some time and I wanted him to accompany me to school." The more he rambled on, the more it didn't make sense, at least to him.

Mr. Katich held up his hand for silence. "It's all right, Timothy. He may stay, just take your seats so we may begin todays lessons."

Oh, how he hated to be called Timothy. Anti-Cosmo had always called him that name and it got on his nerves. He frowned a little as he took his seat. Glancing over at Cosmo, he saw that he took the empty seat next to him, a warm smile plastered on his face. He returned the smile and turned his attention back to his teacher.

Timmy could feel his eyes grow heavy as the teacher droned on with something about the body's hormone's. He rested his head onto his desk. Maybe if I can just rest my eyes for a few minutes, he won't notice, he thought, closing his eyes.

He could see the dark figure ahead of him...and he was the same height as him! This was the first time he was able to see him without having the stranger behind himself in secret. At least we're getting somewhere, he thought, drawing closer to the figure. "E-excuse me," he could have slapped himself as his voice came out shaky. He slowly reached out and touched the figure's shoulder. The person turned to face him, yet he was completely hidden by shadows. All he could make out was those red eyes and two vampire-like fangs. The outline of his hairstyle, though, was the same as his!

He blinked a few times, a bit taken aback. "You still love him, don't you?" The whisper again. Timmy shivered lightly, closing his eyes.


He could see the figure arch a brow and chuckle. "Heh." He opened his eyes as he felt warm lips press against his own. He didn't dare to struggle; instead he allowed himself to be kissed by his admirer. He closed his eyes, pulling the figure closer to him, deepening the kiss as best as he could.

After a few minutes, the figure pulled away, and Timmy could see the warm smile on his face. "Will you let me see who you are?" he asked hopefully, his cheeks a bit flushed.

The figure shook his head, placing a clawed hand on his left cheek, stroking it gently. "I'm afraid I can't do that, love."

"Why not?" Frustrated tears had begun to form in his eyes.

"You could say that I'm trapped here." The figure frowned, placing a quick kiss to Timmy's forehead. "You'd better wake up before you get in trouble."

"But, I--" He was cut off by another sweet kiss.

"Until next time..."

"TIMOTHY TURNER!" Timmy's eyes snapped open upon hearing the harsh voice of his teacher. He could still feel the warm tender kisses, tears staining his cheeks. "There is to be NO napping in my class! Got it?" Mr. Katich continued, not noticing the tears.

Timmy wiped his eyes hastily with his sleeve. "Y-yes, sir..."

Cosmo stared at Timmy, concern showing in his eyes. Timmy caught the look and merely shook his head, faking a smile. Cosmo frowned at this, lowering his gaze to his hands.

Turner House

Angelina watched her brother worriedly as he stumbled into the living room, dropping his bookbag down on the couch. "Timmy?" he turned to face her and she gasped softly upon seeing tears begin to well up in his eyes. "Bro, what's wrong?" she asked quietly, raising his hand to his cheek.

Her eyes widened as he brushed it away and shook his head. "Not now, sis..." She frowned a little, watching him walk up the stairs to his room.

"Where did Timmy go?" Angelina turned upon hearing the concerned voice of Cosmo. "Up to his room," she replied. Before she could get another word out, Cosmo had brushed right past her, following after her brother. "This day just keeps getting weirder and weirder," she mumbled, walking into the kitchen.

"Timmy?" Cosmo spoke softly, opening the door to his bedroom slowly. He stepped inside and closed the door behind him. "Ti--" he stopped himself when he turned around to see his lover sitting on the edge of his bed, his gaze fixated on the floor, a sullen expression on his face. He quickly walked over and sat down beside him, wrapping an arm around his shoulder. "Timmy?"

"I wish he was out, Cosmo. I need to know who he is," he spoke in a shaky voice.

Cosmo blinked a few times, confused by his request. "You wish who was out, Timmy?"

Timmy frowned, biting down on his lip as he looked up at his godfather. "It's...complicated. But everytime I go to sleep, I see someone in my dreams. He-he claims to be my admirer or something. He won't reveal who he is though and it's driving me crazy!"

Cosmo chuckled a bit, not realizing who Timmy was talking about. I don't do the dream traveling bit, but I am one of your admirer's love," he smiled, placing a kiss on his cheek.

Timmy shook his head quickly, blushing a bit. "I know you are, but there's another. He's got these red eyes and vampire fangs. Please, Cosmo. He's trapped in there and I want to help him out."

His godfather studied his expression. He really wanted his evil counterpart out? But Timmy didn't know he had an evil counterpart due to the little amnesia episode and Jorgen had locked away Nega-Timmy inside Timmy's mind before he could remember anything else. And why on earth would his counterpart have an attraction to Timmy? It didn't make any sense to him.


He blinked, coming back to reality. "I don't know if I could do that, Timmy. Jorgen would be pretty pissed off if I granted your wish, you know," he mumbled, distracting himself as he pretended to play with his wand. Well, he would be...

Timmy sighed, closing his eyes. "I just want to find out who it is, Cos-Chan..." he whispered, leaning against him.

"I'm sorry, Timmy. It'd probably be for the best if you didn't know," Cosmo whispered back, pulling him close for a tight hug.

The teenager didn't know if he was right or not, but Cosmo knew what he was doing, right? Then why did it hurt him so much to know that he couldn't see his other possible lover?

"You'll hate yourself." The voice echoed in his head. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to shut out the noise. Was it true though? Would he really hate himself if he was to find out? But he still wanted to know. But he didn't want Cosmo in trouble for his actions. And it would seem that the only possible way to see him again would be through his dreams.

Perhaps it really was for the best...


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