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Just for spite
Every day, every night
You still wonder, you wonder
From the ashes I rise
By the roll of the dice
You'll go under, go under
You never realized
I'm back here to stay
Like a fungus that grows on your side
You never realized I won't go away
Not tonight

Timmy frowned deeply as he turned on his right side, finding it hard to fall asleep after what his godfather had just told him. It wasn't fair! He had the right to know who was trapped inside his dreams. He wanted to meet this person so badly it hurt him. He curled up underneath the covers and squeezed his eyes shut, trying his best to catch some sleep.

He frowned again upon finding himself in the same darkened room as before. The figure again. He stayed in the corner this time, watching Timmy's actions closely. "What are you doing over there?" he asked softly.

The figure said nothing, keeping his gaze on the slightly startled teenager. "Say something, do anything," Timmy pleaded, scared that he might have upset him somehow.

He blinked a few times as the figure slowly glided across the floor towards him. "Like I said before, do you really want to find out? You'll most likely end up hating yourself," he whispered, brushing his lips against Timmy's right ear, causing him to shudder gently.

The sixteen year-old swallowed hard and nodded, squinting his eyes a little to get a better look at the figure. "You really don't remember me, do you?" He whispered, kissing the teen's lips once. Timmy shook his head, biting his bottom lip as he forced the tears back down.

I'll never leave you lonely

He smiled, caressing his cheeks gently. "Calm down, love." He licked his cheek a little, resting his head on Timmy's shoulder and a hand on his chest, while he wrapped his other arm around Timmy's waist. "Is it against the rules to have a crush on your counterpart?" he whispered, sending another shiver down his spine.

You'll never leave me darling
Now hear my tender warning

Timmy blinked a few times, a little bit startled. He gazed down at the figure who smiled up at him lovingly. This time, he could just make out his face. Black hair that closely resembled the shape of his own, his skin was a slightly darker color though. "You're my Counterpart?" he asked softly, staring into those red eyes.

He nodded, reaching up to kiss him again. "It's Nega-Timmy." He pulled the teen closer towards him, deepning the kiss some. He pulled away after a few minutes. "I've always held a crush on you ever since Jorgen seperated us."

"I had no idea," Timmy stared at him, his cheeks flushed a little bit.

Nega-Timmy smirked, pulling the boy into a warm embrace. "That's because Jorgen gave you amnesia to forget about me after he locked me away in your mind." He paused, gazing deep into blue eyes. "Do you hate me?"

Timmy shook his head frantically, snuggling against his counterpart. "I could never hate you," he whispered, leaning his head against the other boy's chest. He stayed there like that, allowing the boy to hold him until he heard the faint sound of his alarm clock. "Nooo," he moaned, lifting his head a little. "Come with me," he pleaded just as he saw his counterpart begin to fade.

"I can't. Jorgen's forbid it."

His eyes snapped open as he reached over to shut the alarm clock off. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and glanced over at the fishbowl. Cosmo was wide awake and was grinning at him. Timmy forced a smile back, still weary of what he told him the night before.

Cosmo blinked a few times, tilting his head a little as he watched his love get ready for the day. He poofed out of the fishbowl, standing at his side just as the teen placed on his pink hat. "Want me to come with you today, Tim-Tim?" He asked, cautiously. Timmy smiled faintly and nodded. He saw Cosmo heave a sigh of relief. Did he figure something was bothering him?

He shrugged it off as he grabbed his backpack. He still couldn't help but blush as Cosmo wrapped an arm around his waist, walking closer beside him as they made their way down the stairs. Angelina smiled at the two as she looked to be waiting for Chester. "Sleep well, bro?" She asked softly.

Timmy bit down on his bottom lip and gave a faint smile as he nodded. "Pretty good," he frowned after he said that. His godfather seemed to have noticed the frown due to the small hug he received after he said that. "Did you have the dream again?" He raised his eyes to meet worried green ones.

Angelina blinked, confused. "What dream?" She asked, her voice filled with concern.

"Nothing!" Both Cosmo and Angelina jumped, startled from the harshness in Timmy's voice. The teen sighed, rubbing his temples. "Can we just go, please?"

Cosmo nodded, taking Timmy's hand gently in his as they continued to walk, leaving a slightly confused Angelina behind. The two walked in silence, allowing Timmy to think clearly before they arrived to Katich's class. He noticed Chester and his sister had arrived moments later, taking their seats just before the late bell rang. He gazed around the classroom, finding Sanjay's seat to be empty. Uh-oh. He's never been late once, he thought, keeping his gaze on the empty seat.

His thoughts were soon interrupted as he heard the door shut and Mr. Katich enter the room. It was then when Sanjay decided to make an appearance. He pounded on the door once, but Mr. Katich ignored it and went on teaching. Timmy shook his head and sat back in his seat. He stared at his desk, deep in thought.

I have to tell Cosmo...He decided, pretending to be taking notes as Mr. Katich droned on about molecules.

You can't! He nearly jumped upon hearing the voice.

Why? I want you out. Don't you want to be freed?

I don't want you in trouble because of me. I love you, I don't intend on hurting you.

Timmy frowned, gripping his pencil tight in his hand. But it's hurting me to have you trapped in there. I don't care if I get in trouble.

Heh. You're stubborn.

So are you, He smirked in silent victory when his counterpart didn't say anything back.

It was during Lunch break when Timmy decided to tell Cosmo the news. Cosmo still couldn't believe Timmy wanted his Counterpart out, so he argued with the facts over it. "Timmy, you don't understand! Jorgen will be after us if I granted the wish!" He lowered his voice a little upon seeing the stares they were getting from yelling earlier.

Timmy finally sat down, taking the seat across from Cosmo. "Does it look like I care? Don't you want me happy, Cosmo?" he asked softly, lowering his eyes to his tray of food.

Cosmo stiffened a little upon hearing that question. He...wasn't happy? His lower lip began to quiver and he bit down on it. The green haired fairy closed his eyes and sighed deeply. "I thought you were happy," he mumbled.

Timmy's eyes widened as he looked up at his godfather. He didn't mean to upset him! Hesitantly, he reached his hand over the table and took Cosmo's hand in his, giving it a gentle squeeze. "Cosmo, I Am happy with you. Don't ever think anything different. I just want to meet this person is all," he whispered.

He blinked a few times, watching his love raise his green eyes to meet his. "And our love won't change once you do meet him, will it?" Timmy didn't know what to say after that. Things were getting a bit intimate in his dreams with his counterpart, but he still loved Cosmo with all his heart. "No, it won't," he finally answered, smiling softly.

Cosmo grinned from ear to ear upon hearing this. He leaned across the table and placed a soft kiss on his cheek. "I'll grant the wish after school, then, love."

Timmy stood in front of Cosmo behind the school. After he checked again, to make sure everyone had cleared the building and was headed home for the day, he turned to face his godfather, a huge smile on his face. "Okay, Cosmo, I wish my counterpart was freed and was out here with us!!"

Cosmo smiled and raised his wand, granting Timmy's wish. In a flash of bright light, Nega-Timmy was in clear sight, standing in between the two, a blank expression on his face. Timmy smiled as he stared at his counterpart, his heart started to beat faster as he saw his counterpart's eyes meet his, yet he said nothing. The two just stared at each other in silence. What's he doing here? Timmy almost jumped upon hearing his counterpart's thoughts enter his head.

Cosmo? Why not? He came with me to school and, well, he granted the wish, Timmy thought back, smiling softly as he took a step forward towards Nega-Timmy.

Nega-Timmy smiled back and did the same. He rested a hand on Timmy's right shoulder, moving slightly closer towards him. I still love you, even though you still love him. He pulled the boy closer and pressed his lips against the teen's in a passionate fashion. Timmy sighed into the kiss, closing his eyes as he wrapped his arms around Nega-Timmy's shoulders. But I'm afraid I must be going soon. I don't want to be caught by Jorgen.

Timmy's eyes snapped open as his counterpart pulled away. Where are you... his thoughts trailed off as he received another soft kiss. Nega-Timmy smiled a bit, watching his reaction before he took his leave.

You'll see me again

He looked over at Cosmo who was staring at the spot Nega-Timmy had stood in, his cheeks a bit flushed from watching the scene. "Cosmo?" The green-haired fairy lifted his gaze to Timmy's, smiling sheepishly.

"Heh, yes, Timmy?" His cheeks reddened even more as his godchild wrapped his arms around his waist and kissed his cheek.

"Let's go home."

In the thunder and rain
I come crawlin', I come crawlin'
I've got eyes everywhere
From the shadows I stare
At you darling, my darling


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