Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to one life to live or any of its characters

Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to one life to live or any of its characters.

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For Star and Cole

Together for ever or so they once said,

They wanted to spend this one magical night together before she moved to Hawaii.

They went to an old abandoned house to be alone

They weren't really planning anything but it happens

They make passionate love to each other

After they are finished they still are laying in the bed

Kissing and gazing lovingly at each other

Todd found out that they were together… together in Langstons old house…all alone

He was really pissed and within minutes he was there in the house

Searching for his daughter

When he got upstairs he looked in a couple of rooms for lights he didn't open the doors all the way

When he walked passed the room where Star and Cole were together her say candle light…. he opened the door further and saw them naked in the bed…well at least almost naked

Todd Manning, as we all know has a horrible temper

When he saw them it only inflamed his temper even more

He started beating Cole to a bloody pulp…

Weeks later

Star thinks she may be pregnant

She a pregnancy test and it is positive

She knows she has to tell Cole because it is his baby