A/N: Okay, the old format was driving me CRAZY. I couldn't type it for anything, and it was getting harder to read. So Prologue through Ch. 5 have been revamped. I like it a lot better.


The purple-hood billowed in the wind as the short, orange kat ran from his pursuers, his watch batting against his waist with every movement he made. Being of the undead, he could easily keep running for as long as he wanted, but he had to admit that even though it was a future he had a hand in creating, he didn't know his way around; they did whoever they were. They'd grown up in this desolate future, fighting to survive and that had only made them stronger. The red and blue outfits they wore sought to remind him of why he had helped create this metal world, but now he was regretting it.

He had been trapped in this place in time because his watch had been stolen by those he had helped, and in retrieving it, it had gotten broken, needing proper repair before he could use it again, and it had taken him longer than he expected to finish it. The watch had been made centuries ago by ancient yet simple technology and it served its purpose well. With all the technological advances made since then, he had been afraid to use any other method of repairing it. Who knows if it might have affected the watch's true purpose; he had had no intention of finding out, sticking to repairing it like he would have all those long centuries ago.

Finally finished, he had been ready to return to his time-skipping, but his enemies, both of fur and flesh and those of metal, had other plans. What he didn't know, but he wouldn't let them have the watch. So lost in his thoughts, he never noticed the dead end coming upon him and skidded to a stop to stare at the wall of rock above him.

"No!" He cried, turning just in time to see his pursuers stop, leveling some kind of weapon on their arms at him. Lean, thin, curved bodies were complimented by the red and blue attire he despised in another time. How his hatred for it seemed to transcend generations.

"Give it up, Pastmaster." One voice snarled at him, emerald eyes blazing through a dark mask. He growled and took hold of his watch with means of escaping through a portal. A pair of amber eyes glinted once and before he could he even raise it, a shadow fell over him and the watch was taken from his grasp. He glared at the other one, smaller in terms of height but with a fur coloring that was all too familiar.

"My watch! Give it back!"

"One condition." The small one stated, dangling the watch from the black-gloved paw. He watched it for a few moments, wondering what their 'proposition' might be. Seeming to read his thoughts, the taller one answered him.

"You hate this future, too, don't you?" His single eye widened and he looked away to hide his surprise. Yes, he did hate this metal future he helped make, but he had been unable to do anything about it. Maybe now, with these two, he could change it.

"Yes. Yes, I abhor this metal construct you once called Megakat City." He leveled his gaze on them, intent. The tall one smirked, showing off a set of gleaming fangs. Emerald eyes held a glint of amusement as the weapon was lowered.

"Well, then. We're at some kind of understanding."

"What 'condition' do you speak of, you troublesome she-kats?" He growled, his eyes never leaving his watch. It was the smaller one's turn to speak, her amber eyes narrowing at him; she disliked him for more reasons than one, but they needed him.

"Take us back in time. We'll destroy the Metallikats and keep this awful future from happening." His eye widened at the she-kat's offer. Could they really change the past and therefore the future? Their technology was more advanced and efficient than what the two of twenty years ago possessed, mostly being made from stolen parts of the Metallikats' robots and vechiles. How they managed to take them down without bringing every other machine in the city crashing down on them, he didn't know, but the advanced robot parts had made their weapons better. They had even managed to rebuild the sable jet that had once given everyone hope and made it better. After a long silence, the Pastmaster made his decision.

"Fine. Be it against my better instincts, I will take you two back. But not tonight."

"Why not?" The emerald eyed she-kat snarled, aiming her weapon at him again. He pointed skyward. They looked up to see clouds covering the moon, veiling the already bleak world in more darkness.

"A bad omen. It is always the worst time to travel when the moon is blocked. Tomorrow night is clear. Meet me here, and I will take you back through time." He held his hand out expectantly, wanting his watch. Instead, he received a black-gloved handshake and a glare from jade eyes.

"You understand, of course, why we won't give you the watch." He sneered at them; clever little kats. Backing away, he only nodded and disappeared through the night. Once he was gone through the undergrowth, the smaller of the two sighed. Her partner turned to look her, the flames of battle still burning in her green eyes. "Was it really such a good idea to trust him?" She didn't answer immediately, staring down at the watch in her hand. Simple in design and looks, but looks could be deceiving. This watch was special. The watch alone could rip the fabric of space and time. Finally, she sighed and stared at the spot he'd once been.

"Sometimes to help yourself...you must learn to trust your enemies."