Not Mine. Similar Stories Have Been Told Many Times Over But Here's My Take On It. Hope You All Like.

Liam "Angel" Angelus was eighteen years old, though he could easily pass for older... which was something that he often took advantage of, whenever the need presented itself. Or whenever he felt like it. It could come in handy at time.

He had a dangerous look to him. His dark, tall, spiked hair, his hard brown eyes. He was intimidating, though he thought people were really easily scared off. He could do much worse than that, after all. He worked out, a fact that was usually easily outlined with his way of dressing. He knew he was above average on the attractive scale, but he didn't care. Never had. He had no use for things like that.

Angel was aware that he was attracted to girls. It was a fact, he'd never doubted it. But they were too afraid of him to actually walk within a twelve feet radius of him. If didn't bother him though, he didn't have any use for any of them.

At some point, he had thought it odd that he was still a virgin, yet he'd never really cared about it more than necessary... he had considered just using a bimbo or two as fuck buddies, just to get it over with, but had eventually realized that he didn't want to even need someone for that. So, he'd let it go.

People in this town were afraid of him, had been ever since he had arrived a few short years earlier. Another thing, he didn't care too much on either.

He and his younger brother Connor had moved to this hell-hole called Sunnydale to live with their aunt, who also happened to be one of his teachers, Jenny Calendar. It hadn't taken very long for the rumors to start spreading like fire on powder. He knew all about them, and if he had to be honest... actually kind of liked them too.

Teachers, students, women... people... all knew as a rule knew not to fuck with him. And no one did.

School was easy for him. He enjoyed learning... his only problem, really, was with people.

Within a few short weeks following his arrival, he had found the easiest way to avoid them all, and keep them at bay.

Angel never spoke to anyone. At all. And no one dared to speak to him. There had been a time or two when some had tried, but they'd only done it once. He'd just slowly graze their way and shoot out his infamous glare, and he could be sure they would never try again.

He had murder in his eyes. Cold blooded, pitiless, and instantaneously deadly. His first day was all it took. A few hours, and everyone knew to leave him be. They were just too scared. His path wasn't one to be crossed, it became a very obvious fact after that day.

And it wasn't just at school... no, it was the whole damn town. No one messed with him. Ever. Hell, even Jenny was afraid of him it seemed more than half of the time.


Angel was in the library, school had yet to start but Jenny's car had broken down again so he'd been driving her and Connor here in the morning, earlier than necessary for him.

He didn't mind though. He had driven her, seen if she needed any help, and then he'd come in here. He liked the place contrary to many of the other students who couldn't bear to set a foot in the room... something about the somehow dark atmosphere scared them away. A fact that Angel was more than grateful for... at least here, he could be alone.

He was upstairs, hidden among the large bookshelves, looking for something that would strike his interest. Hopefully something he hadn't yet read, though the possibility of finding such a rarity was getting very unlikely as the months went by. He was running his fingers on the books' covers when the sound of a feminine voice startled him out of his thoughts.

"Um... hello? Is anybody here? A librarian maybe?" the girl's voice carried through the library. "Hello?" she asked again when she got no response.

Angel groaned inwardly and buried himself deeper in the shelves, firmly set on ignoring her.

"Hello?" she called again after a moment or two, impatience clear in her voice.

Angel just grabbed a book off the shelf in front of him and started flipping through it, hoping against all odds that it would help drowning the noise she made out.

There was a short period of silence but before he could thank the Heavens, he heard someone coming up the stairs.

Before he could even react or curse under his breath, she was calling about again.

"Oh librarian? Librarian? Where are you?" she called like she would a cat. "Come here, little librarian!" Her voice kept coming closer and it didn't take long before he could feel her presence a few feet away from him. Her voice rang up into his ears again. "You're not the librarian," she accused after a second or two of staring at him.

New blood, obviously, otherwise she would have known better than to engage in a conversation with him. Or at least a semblance of conversation.

And that annoyed him. More than annoyed, even.

He had his death glare on as he turned to face her... but it didn't last long. A first for him.

As he raised his eyes, he immediately came face to face with a blonde, whose features he couldn't completely make out in the darkness of the room. But despite that fact, he still decided she looked pretty enough, before wondering where on earth that thought had come from. He wanted nothing more than to get rid of her. But nevertheless, the sight of the unknown girl unsettled him a little.

She barely saw the look in his eyes, but it was enough for her to take a step back... before narrowing her eyes at him. He stared right back at her, not used to having anyone hold his gaze.

Finally, she huffed and went about her journey down the aisles. "Oh librarian? Come out come out wherever you are!" she called as she peeked around.

Angel was almost in shock. He could feel his heart beat faster, his blood pumping through his veins. His hands were gripped hard onto the book he'd opened in his hands, and his knees were a bit shaky.

He was trying to get a grip on the situation when she was back in front of him. He swallowed and looked at her.

"You're still not the librarian," then her eyes narrowed again, "Are you?"

"No," he answered, his voice low.

She half-rolled her eyes and huffed, before turning and going back to the stairs, down them and onto the main floor. "Ugh! Where are you?" she called, now searching the main floor better.

Angel took a second then, and for reasons unknown to him, walked to the railing that over looked down to where she was. "Giles," he said.

"Huh?" she spun around looking confused.

"The... the librarian. His name is Giles." he said, then started to go back to the shelves, but before he could make it far enough she called back to him.

"First or last?"

"Huh?" he asked turning back her way.

"First or last name. Jeeves or whatever."

"Giles. And it's his, um... last name."

"Oh," she looked around distracted, "Is he here?"

"He wasn't when I came in so I doubt it."

"Oh," she said again, "Great." She looked around for a second, before pushing a strand of hair behind her ear. "Thanks," she said back up to him.

Angel just nodded then, and went back to the darkness of the shelves. He was confused as ever. Not sure why he wasn't trying to kill the girl, and why he was even engaging in a conversation with her.

For a long time he tried thinking about that, hoping to find a rational explanation to his behavior, and was so deep in thoughts that he never heard Giles come in, or most of the conversation he'd been having with the strange blonde.

He hurried to grab a few books then his bag and started towards the steps.

"Okay then, Jeeves."

"Giles, Miss Summers," he corrected her, before noticing Liam Angelus walking down the stairs. He only looked up that way for a second before dropping back down to the new girl. "This should be all you'll need, at least for right now."

"Cool," she said looking at her books. "Lucky me, huh?"

Angel walked past her from behind, noting she even looked good from that point of view... A small body, gentle hips, and long blond hair that brushed her back... He went and sat his books on the counter, standing a good few feet away from her.

Giles started wordlessly going through the checkout, carefully avoiding looking his way, but the blonde on the other hand didn't have such reservations. He could feel her eyes on him, looking him up and down, and he had to bite back a smile that wanted to play across his lips at her actions.

Giles hurried through the process and scooted the books more towards Angelus on the counter, then gave him a slight smile, his eyes cast downward. He then headed back towards Buffy.

Angel was surprised to find as he put the books into his bag how much he didn't really want to leave. The bell was about to ring, and kids would be heading to their classes in a second, but that had nothing to do with it. Nothing at all. And yet, he didn't act on his strange urge to stay.

He sighed, slung his bag over his shoulder, stole a glance her way before slowly heading towards the door. He had only taken two steps before Snyder came bursting through the doors. "Miss Summers," he called, looking her way.

In order to do that he'd also had to meet Angel's gaze, which made him shudder and step a bit more out to the side to walk around him.

Angel mentally chuckled.

"Miss Summers," he said again, "I asked you to come to the library and get books, not dilly-dally around!"

"I wasn't. Jeeves here, well... wasn't.. here, that is. So I waited, and talked to that guy," she said, and he knew she was pointing a finger towards his retreating back.

Snyder gasped, then moved closer to her and grabbed her arm. "He didn't hurt you, did he? Are you okay?"

"What? Yeah I'm fine," she said, giving him strange looks. "Can I have my arm back please?"

And with that being said, he pushed through the doors just in time for the first bell to ring.