She Came Out West To Find The Sun
She Lost Her Name, But Found A New One
Amy Goes To School All Day
But At Night In The Neighborhood, They Call Her Amphetamine
She Is Perfect In That Fucked Up Way
That All The Magazines Seem To Want To Glorify These Days
She Looks Like A
Teenage Anthem
She Looks Like She Used To Be Happy With The Girl Inside
Yeah, She Looks So Bored Sometimes
And She Has That Super Pale Skin And Those Soft Green Eyes
She Looks Like She Could Have Been Happy In A Better Life
She Came Out West Just To Break Away Clean
From Her Family And Her Friends And A Little Girl's Dream
All She Wants To Do Every Night
Is Sit Beside My Window And Listen To The Sirens
She Is Perfect In That Fucked Up Way
That All The Magazines Seem To Want To Glorify These Days
She Looks Like A
Teenage Anthem
And She Looks Like She Should Have Been Happy In Another Life
In Another Life
She Came Out West Just To Break The Spell
After Three Long Years In A Marriage From Hell
Six Months Clean Living Sober And Right
Her Doctors Tell Her Everything Will Be Alright
Yeah, You Just Take You Pill
And Everything Will Be Alright
Yeah, You Just Take You Pill
And Everything Will Be Alright
She Looks Like A
Teenage Anthem
She Looks Like A Magazine Girl
She Looks Like A
Teenage Anthem
Like She Used To Be Happy In Another World
She Looks Like A
Teenage Anthem
She Is Happy With The Girl Inside
She Looks Like A
Teenage Anthem
And Looks Like She Could Have Been Happy In Another
In Another Life
Happy In Another Life
Met Her At A Party And I Took Her Home
She Is The Saddest Girl That I Have Ever Known
Yeah, She Wakes Up In The Middle Of The Night
Just To Tell Me Everything Will Be Alright
Amy Smiles At Me, Tells Me Everything Will Be Alright
Yeah, I Tell Myself The Same Damn Thing
Every Day
Everything Will Be Alright

Yeah, Yeah, The Song's About Drugs But That's Besides The Point!

It was the middle of the night when it came to him, completely out of nowhere, when a face from his past entered his dreams.

"Joyce Tucker," he said as his eyes opened.

Daniel rubbed his eyes then sat up in the bed and shook his head, one hand going up to his mouth and tapping against his lips.

"No," he whispered out to himself. "Joyce Summers. She got married. Her last name changed to Summers." He let out a huge sigh. "She'd had a kid. A daughter. Elizabeth Anne. Summers. Buffy."

Daniel's hand clasped over his mouth and he closed his eyes. He didn't want to be right, but he knew, without a doubt, that he was.

Liam Angelus was dating the daughter of the one who got away from him. His high school sweetheart.

He had seen her at their first high school reunion... he found out she was living in California then, had gotten married, and she had her first child only a few years before. It had stung worse than he would have expected, after all they had not seen one another since high school, and he himself had been married at the time as well. But God, did it ever.

And it took a long time for that pain to go back away and into hiding, but when it did, it did and he hadn't thought of her again.

Until now apparently.

"Shit," he cursed. "What the hell did you do to her?" he asked angrily. The girl he had known was smarter than that. She'd lived with terror for so long with her own father, swearing to never become like her mother, swearing she'd be different. "So what happened?" he wondered out loud.

She was the reason he chose this career path. He hadn't known how to help her, but these days he liked to think he knew how to help others. "And maybe I can help her after all," he thought and hurried out of bed.


Angel had never seen anything anything more beautiful, so perfect in his entire life.

All of his worries and fears went right out the window at the sight before him. He couldn't even remember what they were.

Everyone else in the room fell away. There was only her.

Gone was the preacher standing behind him, his brother to the side serving as his best man... which she was responsible for but in the end he was glad it was Connor, Xander, Oz and Jesse serving as the groomsmen, Dawn as the maid of honor, Willow and Faith as the bridesmaides, Jenny and Joyce both as they stood disappeared into the darkness with the rest of them.

There was only her.

Buffy's eyes were locked on his even with the tears threatening to spill from those precious emerald gems. She had a nervous, but playful, and happy smile on her face.

And she was all his.


That's what today was all about after all.

It seemed like an eternity, but finally she was there with him, and he finally noticed the gentleman giving her away.

With great effort, he looked away from his beautiful bride and over to his former high school librarian and he smiled. "Thank you, Jeeves," he whispered, barely loud enough to be heard but Buffy tried not to laugh and Mister Rupert Giles patted his arm and flashed him a smile.

"You're more than welcome," he replied softly, handing Buffy over to him and leaving them to go find his seat, fading back out as Angel's attention returned fully to his bride.

"I love you," he whispered as they took their places.

"I love you more," she whispered back.

At the tone in her voice he expected her to stick out her tongue and laugh but she managed to hold back. Just this once.

He still held out a chuckle at the thought though.

Somehow they made it through, he managed to do what he was supposed to, say the words he was supposed to, but he didn't know how. He'd finally dared to take in the rest of her a few minutes in and was too busy drowning in every inch of her. Including some of his favorite inches which were looking close to popping out of her gorgeous gown. He knew he was lingering too long when he noticed her turning pink.

He threw her a 'Well, what did you expect?' look when he dared to look up and saw her trying to subtly call him out on the oogling her. Now, of all times. But he knew with that look all the same that she really didn't mind so it was safe to say it happened a few more times before the ceremony ended.

Before he knew it, they were being pronounced husband and wife and he planted one not-very-appropriate-for-church kiss on his lady and he felt a burst of happiness flood through him as it hit him then.


"See something you like," Buffy asked over her shoulder as they walked toward the limo they had asked not to have but were given anyway.

Angel looked over his own shoulder making sure everyone was far enough away then growled and picked her up and carried her the rest of the way.

He threw her playfully down the seat then wasted no time climbing on top of her.

He barely heard what the driver said but nodded then rolled the window divider up and then let his hands start to roam over his beautiful new Missus and his face buried in her cleavage, his tongue sliding its way between the two mounds.

"Aaangel," Buffy moaned, feeling his hands sliding under her dress, up her legs and coming dangerously close to where she needed him right now.

"Uh huh?" his muffled reply came.

"We," she panted, one finger starting to tease her hardened bud through her panties, "We can't do this," she barely made out before her head fell back and she could only moan his name.

Angel lifted his head and smiled darkly before dipping back down to pepper kisses over her breasts. "Honey, we have done this a million times."

Her fingers dug into him as his slid into her slick heat and began pumping in and out of her. "Aaanngel! Never on our wedding day in the back of a limo," she reminded him.


"So..." she trailed off for a moment, unable to think of anything but how bad she wanted this right now too, but fortunately and unfortunantly at the same time a little part of her wasn't completely lost just yet. "So... it's supposed to be a bit more... oh fucking God... spe.. special."

His head tilted back up and she watched as he ran his tongue back up inbetween her heaving breasts.


"Are you saying this isn't special?" he asked, clearly amused.

She didn't answer, she meant to but then he started moving down her body, placing hot kisses randomly over her body that she could feel the heat from through the fabric.

"Angel!" she finally yelped as he began positioning himself between her legs and tried to sit up. "We can't do this in here!" she tried to tell him again.

"Why not?" he asked, his hand pushing her dress up a little and his head dipping down to taste her knee then up her thigh.

"Because... because we are in the back of a limo! There is some unknown man up there who can hear us. And we'll be at the reception party in probably less than two minutes. It's not that far away you know."

He continued working his way up her thighs until he reached the sides to her dripping wet lace underwear and pulled his head back out from under. "So? We'll get there, kick him out then go in when I'm finished," he told her with a smirk.

Buffy rolled her eyes. "They'll come out here to get us. You know that."

"Again, I say 'so?' We'll lock the doors and ignore them. If they really get to be a nusance, I'll scare them off," he told her proudly.

Buffy rolled her eyes again. "You know you don't scare any of them anymore."

Angel's smirk grew into the widest grin she could remember seeing. "I could."


Buffy had never seen him like this. He always wanted her, as she always wanted him, but this was just... there wasn't even a word for it! She knew she was in trouble the second he stopped answering her and letting her have those brief moments to get herself back together while they talked this thing out.

His mouth was a bit busy with other activities at the moment and she was grasping for straws. Or, a bit more literally, grasping at his head trying to push him closer to her and push him away both.

When she heard the sound of crunching gravel from a new arrival she finally grabbed a handful of hair and tugged him back and felt her whole body shake as he met her eyes. He was like a man dying of thirst and the only thing he was craving was drops of her. "Fuck, stop looking at me like that," she whispered. He smirked and tried to free himself and return to her nether regions but she pulled him back against just in time.

"Buffy," he growled, no longer smirking.

And in that moment she had to laugh, even if a bit too huskily, because she realized that what him in leather pants was to her, her in this dress was to him. And that, somehow, turned her on even more.

Buffy smirked and pulled his head back even farther then began trying to gather herself up as much as possible, ignoring his protests along the way.

She pulled herself up with the use of his pretty chocolate locks and then twisted around so she could sit on his lap. She immediately came in contact with his hardened cock and his hands pressing her firmly down upon it. Not that she needed them to, her body was reacting with the same intentions all on its own.

The both groaned at the contact.

"Well darlin' if you wanted to be on top that's all you had to say."

Buffy laughed again and bent her head down to kiss him quickly. "I'm gonna make you a deal."

"Are you now?"

"Uh huh," she kissed him again, lingering a little longer this time. "Give me three hours. Tops. And I..."

"Buffy, I plan to give you a lot longer than three hours," he told her, his voice dripping sex.

"God, you have to stop doing that," she replied, her head falling back some as she moved her hips, grinding herself against him.

"Not gonna happen."

"Ugh!" she shook her head but did not stop her lower bodies movements. "Three hours. Tops. In there. And then you can have me all to yourself. In this..."

"I can have you all to myself right now," he told her then surprised her by catching her off guard and flipping her back under him.

"Angel! Let me finish!"

"Mmm, let me finish first."

"Angel! I'm going to hurt you," Buffy threatened.

"Trust me babe, you already are." And he groaned to make his point.

"Angel," she whispered, bringing his ear to her lips, "If you go in there and give me a few hours then you can have me all to yourself. In this dress. You can do whatever you want to me... after. And.. and" she hurried before he could break in, "I'll put it on at any other given time, as long as I still fit, any time you want for the rest of our perfect little life together." And again before he could say he could have such a thing anyway, she continued, "Otherwise, I'm gonna take it off and burn it," she threatened.

Angel growled and bit into her neck. She couldn't help herself but moan and arch into him, one hand sliding down to grab his ass.

"I'm fairly certain I can't make it that long."

Buffy would have laughed but he sounded too serious and she kissed him instead. "We'll get out of here as fast as we can, but we have to go in there."

He sighed. "You're dress won't live to see another day if you force this torture on me."

This time she did laugh. "Well I'll just have to have it repaired then. Oooh, or buy others."

Angel groaned. "Fine," he finally told her, sounding none too happy about it. "But you better make good on this."

She smiled and put an X over her heart. "Cross my heart, hope to die!"

He groaned again and reluctantly pulled himself away and sat up beside her. "Fine fine," he told her once again then looked down at the tent in his pants. "But you gotta give me a few minutes."


Angel was sure that these were the three longest hours in the history of time. But when the clock finally reached its desired time, he practically jumped up and went in search for his lady love.

Buffy cursed inwardly as she saw Angel coming toward her, looking like he was stalking his prey, which, of course, he was. And that prey happened to be her.

Not that she minded and not that it was what she was cursing about. But the reception hadn't flown by as quickly as she hoped. It was still pretty much over with but she was in the middle of thanking some of the guests when his hands wrapped around her waist and he pulled her back against him.

"Time to go, Lover," he whispered in her ear.

"We can't just up and leave," she whispered back, wanting to just that herself though.

"Buffy, if we are not out of here in the next two minutes I am going to bend you over this table, hike up the back of your dress, rip those pretty panties of of you and throw them over my shoulder where they will probably land on your Aunt Laura's head and then fuck you in front of every last person in this room."

Buffy shivered against him and felt some wetness slid down her thigh at the visuals he put in her head. "Okay," she croaked. Angel wiggled his eyebrows and she slapped his chest. "Let's go," she whispered.

He smiled softly despite everything going on inside of him and kissed her head before glancing across the room quickly. He met Connor's eyes and gave him a knowing look. Connor has been teasing him about staring at Buffy this whole time so he had to know. Connor chuckled and nodded and Angel cleared his voice, grabbed a glass of champagne and thanked everyone for coming as quickly as he could, downed it, then continued with the goodbye speech as he walked then backwards out of the room.

They both had to keep their laughed inside at the looks on everyone's faces as they tried to leave. There was a nice mixture of everyone's reaction but it was clear they all knew what was going on. But when the swinging doors closed and they stood alone out in the hallway, it was all forgotten.

"How far away is the hotel?" he asked, his face buried in her hair, his lips nipping at her neck, his hands practically holding her up as they went toward the door.

"Mmm, I'm not sure. Ten, fifteen minutes maybe?"

"Fuck!" he groaned.

Buffy had to agree.


"Oh! You two are the newlyweds! Aren't you just adorable!"

Angel growled softly.

The lady at the desk tried to have a conversation, not noticing how much of a bad time this way, and eventually Angel had enough. She seemed like a nice enough girl and he was a lot nicer himself these days, but this just was not the time. Removing his head from its hiding place behind Buffy, he gave a look, 'the look', that he hadn't used in years, scaring the holy hell out of the poor girl.

'Still got it,' he thought almost happily.

He was more happy with getting away from the motor mouth and on their way up to the room.


In the elevator, Angel spun Buffy around and pulled her back to him, kissing her slowly, trying to calm himself down so this didn't end up over before it began.

Breaking away when the needed for air became to great, Buffy smiled at him, a little dazed, and then sighed contently and laid her head against his chest.

Angel kissed the top of her head and swayed their bodies to the godawful music playing in the tiny moving space.

"I'm the luckiest girl in the world," Buffy said after a pause. Her voice childlike and filled with pure joy.

Then she yawned.

Angel kissed her head once again and rubbed her back. "Buf," he told her softly, "If you just want to lie down and go to sleep or something we can."

Buffy tilted her head back to look at him and almost cried at the sincerity.

"I mean it," he told her though she didn't need him to. "We don't have to do anything tonight."

Buffy smiled, a little shakingly, and shook her head. After a beat she stepped back and looked him over then smirked. She looked around the tiny space to see if she could spot any camera's or something but if there were any, she couldn't see them, so then she put her hands on Angel's shoulder's and pushed down until he got the picture, even if he remained a little confused. When he was down on his knees before her, she smiled and checked behind her quickly, then she lifted her dress up and flung it over his head.

It didn't take as long this time for him to get what she was going for.


Angel was practically undressed by the time they reached their room.

Kicking the door close behind him, he hurried his hands to his pants and in a matter of seconds had every last bit clothing that had remained off and in a pile on the floor.

Growling, he brought Buffy back into his arms and started walking them over to the large bed that was covered in rose petals. He thought it was a bit... a bit... but when Buffy was laid down in the mess he gained an appreciation real fast. Especially when she bounced up and they all went flying with her.

Angel ran his hands under her and felt around the back of her dress. He was keeping this contraption on her, no question, but he thought it might go better if she could breathe. So he undid some of the buttons and untied something back there that he couldn't see. Everything remained in place but she looked like she could breathe a little easier so he was good.

Next he slipped off her shoes and tore off her panties, leaving everything else in place.

Angel cupped her cheek and bent down to kiss her as gently as possible. When his head popped back up, he took several minutes to just stare down at her, memorizing everything about this moment.

"I love you so much," he whispered, his hands dancing over her, everywhere.

Buffy looked like she was going to cry again. She brought her hands up to either side of his face and pulled him down to her. "Make love to me," she whispered back.

There was a ghost of a smile on his lips before he kissed her once more, then began trailing down her neck and chest, positioning his throbbing cock at her entrance.

'Mine,' he thought as he began to...


Angel groaned as he woke up. 'That is so unfair,' he thought.

Sighing, he turned some in the bed and felt around for his dream woman... only to find himself alone. Frowning, he turned over again and felt around for his light, which confirmed she was not there with him once it came on.

Groaning, he made himself get out of the bed and searched around for his boxers, which took some time and brought a stubbed toe in the process but finally he did.

When he poked his head out into the hall, he noticed some light coming from under the bathroom door and quietly made his way over to it. As he got closer, he could hear Buffy talking to someone on the other side. He was curious and a bit confused but didn't want to invade her privacy or something so started to walk away until he realized she was saying goodbye.

He stood there like an idiot for a few moments then knocked on the door. "Buf? You okay?" he asked softly.

A moment later the door opened and she flung herself into his arms.

"Hey," he soothed, stumbling back a step. "You alright?"

"Yes," she replied, wrapping her legs around him.

Angel sighed and returned them to the too bright bathroom and sat her down to the floor. "You sure?" he asked when he looked her over.

Buffy wiped her eyes and nodded, laughing a little. "Yeah, yeah. I just... I called Faith and it was a bit..."

Angel gave her a look of surprise then smiled and kissed her. "Good for you. Everything... alright... with you two?"

"Getting there, I hope. We're gonna hang out next weekend."

He smiled.

"And by 'we', I mean me, her and you."

Angel laughed. "Alright."

Buffy beamed then threw her arms back around her. "Did I wake you?"

He groaned. "In a way..."

Buffy finally acknowledged his erection pressing into her. "Mmm, I guess I should help you get back to sleep then."

Angel smiled. "And how do you plan on doing that, my dear?"

She looked deep in thought for a long moment. "Well... I could get you some warm milk and read you some bedtime stories? Or..." she reached behind him to turn on the shower, "I could help you take a long, hot shower and wear you out until you're so exhausted that you can't even keep your eyes open anymore."

Angel lifted his tee shirt off of her tiny body in a hurry. "I'll go with option number two."

Buffy giggled as he picked her up and carried them into the shower stall. "Good choice."

"I thought so."


Angel pushed himself into her hot channel as slow as possible, inch by inch.

"You and I, we are getting married," he ground out then plunged the rest of the way into her making her gasp, "Soon."