Chapter 3-The Truth

Chapter 3-The Truth

"So Avatar Aang is related to us?!"

"Not really...just his past life."

"But isn't that the same thing"

"If you believe in that stuff."


"Did you really tie mom to a tree?"

"He did alot more the that."

"Shut up Katara."

"So who's Sparky Sparky Boom Man."

"For the hundredth time, that wasn't his name!"

The adults sat in chairs, each of them holding their heads in exhaustion. For the past hour they have been trying to explain to their children about their past. But they seem to not care about the whole story.

"Can you and Aang still do the dragon thing." Ursa raised her hand, and asked.

"Maybe" Aang said, only to get a look from Zuko, "No."

"Alright, listen." Katara said, "This is the whole story, Sokka and I found Aang in an iceberg. And at the same time Zuko was out to find the Avatar to restore his honor."

"And just like we told you." Iroh said, "Fire Lord Zuko was banished by his father. And the only way he was able to return to the fire nation was to capture the Avatar."

"Meanwhile." Aang said, "We were on our way to the North Pole so I can learn waterbending along with Katara."

"While we were there this monkey guy named Zhao attacked the Northern Water Tribe," Sokka explained, "And decided he wanted to go on this mission to...kill the moon." Kwan raised his hand, "No more question!" Sokka snapped

"Unfortunately," Iroh said, "Zhao didn't realize that this would effect the whole world."

"So my uncle tired to stop him." Zuko said, "Making both of us wanted by Fire Nation. Which is when they sent Azula after us."

"At the same time, Aang needed a Earth Bending teacher." Katara said, "Which is when we met Toph."

"So after I taught Aang earthbending, "Toph started "We decided to take these vacation. And Sokka here decided to go to a library."

"While we were there we discover news about a solar eclipse so we had to tell the Earth King about it," Sokka started to say, "So that is when we went to Ba Sing Se."

"At the same time" Iroh started up again, "Your father and I were headed to Ba Sing Se as well, in order to find a safe haven from the Fire Nation."

"While at the same time," Suki said "Appa got kidnapped and several other Kyoshi warriors and I found him. Azula found us then, and she caught us as prisoners. She stole our uniforms and went to Ba Sing Se."

"She found Zuko," Aang said, and gave him a choice, become a prisoner, or return to the fire nation causing the Earth Kingdom to fall and betray his Uncle."

"Well," Daki spoke up, " no offence sir. But you would have been an idiot to chose to go back with your sister."

"He was Daki." Toph said, getting a dirty look from Zuko (Which he realized that it wouldn't have done anything.

"ANYWAYS," Zuko went on. "I realized my decision was wrong so I joined up with the Avatar."

"What about the Day Of Black Sun?" Kwan asked.

"Failed." Sokka said.

"After that" Aang said, "We found Suki, and she joined us. Then we invaded the Fire Nation again, and well, you guys know the rest."

The kids sat there in quiet. The adults were the same. It was strange; neither of them have talking about this for a long time. Zuko looked out into the crowed of children. His eyes met with Jing's eyes. She looked upset. She turned her head to the side and pouted

"Why'd you keep this secret from us?" She asked, no being able to look at her own father's face. "For 14 years you've lied to me!"

"Jing…" Katara began, "We did this because…"

"Your father's sister is insane." Sokka added, quickly getting a look from Suki.

Suki let out a sigh, "When Kwan was born we all agreed we would keep this a secret from all of you."

"We wanted the world to be filled with peace." Katara added at the end. "And knowing the fact that Azula was still out there would cause an uproar amongst the nations."

"But….." Daki said, "The whole world didn't talk about it at all? How'd you get that to happen?"

"When the Avatar," Sokka started, "The Fire Lord, and The Chief of the Southern Water Tribe want to world to shut up, they listen."

"What your father did," Iroh started, "Was called together the leaders of the world. They signed a pact agreement that we would move on from the past hundred years. This is a new era of peace. And we want to keep it that way."

"Still," Jing said as she stood up, "You could have told us. You should have told your own kids." She wanted to say something else, but her feelings were just too strong. She turned on her heels and just left the room.

"Jing!" Zuko said standing up, he was about to run out after her.

"Don't worry Uncle Zuzu!" Kwan said "I'll go talk to her!" He stood up and ran out after her cousin.

Zuko sat down in his chair again and let out a sigh, "I hate it when he calls me Uncle Zuzu." He said to himself.