God, summer with Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia again.. What could be worse?? I'd rather be locked on a room with Snape and some of Hagrid's Blast-Ended Swerts. It's my birthday tomorrow, the big 1-5, but I seriously doubt that the Dursleys really care. They're too concerned with these 'foreign exchange' student from Japan coming. Great, all I need more Muggles to knock me around...

Harry Potter, easily the most famous wizard in the magical world slammed the small notebook shut. He quietly stuffed the book under the loose floorboard under his bed. He turned off the flashlight, which he 'borrowed' from Uncle Vernon, and cast the room into darkness. He flipped the thin blanket over his body and tried to find a position that his sore muscles wouldn't object to.

All last week and most of this one, Harry had been Aunt Petunia's one-man cleaning crew. He had been scrubbing, washing, starching curtains, and doing every other cleaning chore conceived by either man or muggle, all while Aunt Petunia looked over his shoulder like a prison guard. Dudley, of course, hadn't been forced to move one finger. He had spent his week tottering around the house on his fat little legs and taking every opportunity he could to mess Harry up. Currently he was in his room, making up some cruel jokes to say to their guests tomorrow, Harry could hear the scumbag laughing at himself as he created some lewd comment on sushi and rice balls.

He glanced at his alarm clock. "Seven hours." He said to himself. He had seven hours until his life was made twice as hard.

"BOY!! Where did you put my tie?!?!" Vernon screamed as Harry hastily searched for Aunt Petunia's floral dress. Harry poked his head out from the laundry room door. Uncle Vernon's face was as purple as it had ever been before. His large tweed suit was being adjusted by a flustered Petunia. Dudley was sitting on the couch, calmly licking a large lollipop he had stolen from some girl down the street.

Harry grabbed a brown tie, and the most disgustingly colorful dress he saw and ran down the stairs. He handed the tie to Vernon and passed the dress to Petunia before running back up to look for Dudley's missing dress shoes. By the time the family was dressed and the 'Welcome to England" sign hung perfectly above the dining room table above a huge spread of kidney pies, roasts, and many more English foods, Harry was run ragged.

Uncle Vernon eyed the clock. "Get to your room boy, they're almost here." Harry, all to glad to be out of Uncle Vernon's sight, went up to his small, cramped room.
Upon entering, he saw about five different owls fighting for perching space on his window seal. Harry grinned, his friends had remembered his birthday.

Harry went to the first owl, a large tawny barn owl, and removed a package from it's left leg. Unwrapping it, he found it to be from Sirius, his godfather. Inside was a box full of the best chocolate from Honeydukes sweet shop. Placing it aside, the opened a box from the entire Weasley family. This one contained a wizard picture of the whole family, including Ron's older brothers, Charlie, Percy, and . In front of them were the biggest troublemakers that Harry's school, Hogwarts Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry, had seen, the twins Fred and George. Behind them was Mr. And Mrs. Weasley with Ron himself, last in line was the youngest of the siblings, Ginny.

With the photo was a letter from Ron and a beautiful poster of the Ireland International Quidditch team, with all the players zooming about on their Firebolts and waving happily. Harry read the letter from Ron:

Harry! How have you been?

It's been a great summer, with that gold you gave us from the Triwizard Tournament, Mum and Dad have been able to by all-new stuff for all of us! That means I got some decent dress robes!! Ginny now has a beauty of an eagle that she got for her birthday, it's a golden eagle who she named Apollo. Fred and George have opened a bank account at Gringott's and are gonna use it and the interest it makes to open Weasley's Wizard Wheezes one day. Ever since Mr. Crouch died, Percy is head of International Magical Cooperation, and it's made his head bigger than before! We can bearly get him in the kitchen now because of it!

New muggles are coming to your house?? Man, how bad can it get?? Have patience, the calvary will arrive soon!! Mom and Dad have talked to Fudge, and he says than we can come get you about around the 20th of June! Just have some patience, we will pick you up around midnight in one of the Ministry's flying cars. Be ready.

Til then,

Harry almost let out a whoop of joy, over half the summer at the Weasleys!! He could hardly wait the two weeks until then. Putting the poster and letter aside, he looked at the next owl, and saw it was a parcel of Hagrid's best rock cakes again. The next one was from Hermione, it was a book (of course) full of pictures of Quidditch World Cup games of the past, and included the teams competing in this year's final. The Chinese Dragons, verses the American Angels. The Chinese team was a nice assortment of men and two women, most of them small and light-built, except for the two burly men at the back, who were obviously the beaters. Harry flipped the page were the picture of the American team was, and almost fell of the bed. Every last member of the American Angels were women!! And, by the looks of them, very attractive women too.
Under the picture of the American team smiling and waving, some has their robes back revealing quiet, uh, small outfits was a caption:

Tifa Garnet Lockheart-Alexandros, the American Seeker has set the world's record for catching the Snitch this year in the time of 2 minuets and 18 seconds. "Silver Blade" as she is called by her fans, has been named MVP of the world league seven times and is the receiver of several prestigious awards including the Golden Broomstick, The Zidane Trybal High Flyer Award, and two places in the Quidditch Hall of Fame.
Harry put the books, as well as his other gifts under the floorboard with his diary. Just as he set the board in his face, the doorbell rang. He heard the rushing of feet as everyone down stairs prepared to greet their guest. Harry quietly snuck to his door and opened it to watch.

Uncle Vernon opened the door and greeted their guest with a booming "Hullo!!" Aunt Petunia walked up to the kid up and said something Harry couldn't hear. Dudley just stood back and watched as his parents greeted the guest.

"Come on..: he coaxed Uncle Vernon silently. "move, I can't see the guy."

As if by magic (lol) Uncle Vernon stepped aside and Harry got a look at the muggle that would be his personal pain-in-the-butt for the next two weeks.

"A girl??" Harry almost cried. Indeed it was a girl. She was somewhat tall, she probably drawfed Harry by about an inch. She wasn't thin in anyway, she was curvy, but not fat like Dudley, more like muscular Harry thought. She had dark brown, almost red hair, and the most dazzling pair of grey eyes. Harry made another observation, her eyes weren't the dull, cold gray like Draco Malfoy's, they were more....silver.

"What.....is your.....name??" Aunt Petunia asked loudly. She mustn't understand English very well, Harry thought, but she doesn't look Japanese. Harry's hypothesis was confirmed seconds later when the girl opened her mouth and spoke the most clear and perfect English Harry ever heard.

"My name is Hitomi Versialles Kisagragi. It is a pleasure to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Dursley." She bowed politely.

Uncle Vernon, taken back by the fact that she spoke English so well cleared his throat. "Hurmm, well Hitora, shall we see you to your room?"

Hitomi, slightly peeved that he didn't bother to say her name right, followed him quietly, heaving several large, over packed bags and a long instrument case. Harry ducked behind the door as they passed to the other room beside his. The Dursleys stayed in there for a while before leaving Hitomi to unpack. Harry listened in on them as they walked past.

"Ugly child I must say. She has shifty eyes, small too, sure sign of a troublemaker!" Uncle Vernon whispered.

Ugly child? They got room to talk. Dudley is as big as a house. Harry thought about her eyes, they weren't shifty, small yes, but deep and dramatic.

Aunt Petunia added her own appraisal of their guest. "She won't be a good influence on Dudley Vernon. She's practically barbaric! Those books she had with her, women in short skirts and swords. Did you see those drawings she had? She's practically a homicidal murderer, we must keep the child away from Dudley!"

Harry drew his eyebrows up in interest. If the Dursleys hated her so badly, just after ten minuets of her in their house, she can't be too bad. Harry closed his door again and went over to his bed. He took out some parchment and went to work on a few letters, he HAD to tell Ron and Hermione about this!!

Next Day:

Harry trudged down the stairs to get the meager breakfast that usually consisted of a piece of toast. He walked into the kitchen, and to his surprise, found Hitomi there over the stove. Harry gasped, and Hitomi turned on him, and dropped the spoon she held in surprise.

"Who are you?" she asked in surprise.

Harry, for a second, panicked. "Listen, don't tell the Dursely's that you saw me, they'll kill me!! Please, I beg of you...

Hitomi's expression changed. "The Dursley's don't like you? Why would I tell those bakkas anything then??"

Harry blinked. "Your not going to tell them??"

"Why" Hitomi asked. "If they don't like you, you must be an okay person then."

Harry couldn't believe his ears, was a muggle being nice to him?? "Uh, thanks Hitomi."

"No problem, uh..."

"Harry, Harry Potter."

Hitomi bowed to him. "Pleasure to meet you Harry-san."

"Thanks, nice to meet a decent human being around here for once." He looked over her shoulder to the stove. "What are you making?"

Hitomi smiled. "Traditional Japanese breakfast. Rice balls, stir-fry chicken..."

"That's a Japanese breakfast?" he asked.

"Yep!" she smiled. "Wanna try some?"

Harry shrugged why not?

After Hitomi introduced him to Japanese cuisine, Harry found himself enjoying Hitomi's company. They talked about things, the weather, the Durseley's and anything else that came to mind.

"Harry-san, why didn't I see you last night?"

Harry looked nervous. "Can we discuss this in your room?"

Hitomi looked perplexed. "Okay....after lunch?"

Harry smiled, "Okay!"

Harry rushed through the lunch dishes as fast he could. He placed them to dry an the rack and ran out of the kitchen so fast that Uncle Vernon didn't have time to say anything to him. He ran up the staircase and quietly knocked on Hitomi's door. Hitomi called to him from inside.

"Come in Harry-san"

Harry peeked in cautiously. Hitomi fiddling with something at the tv. Harry walked in and watched her play around with some complex looking wires.

"What are you doing??" he asked.

Hitomi leaned back from the television, seeming proud of her work. Connected to the television was a long, black and purple box. Hitomi looked at him.

"You've never seen a Playstation before?" she asked.

Harry had seen Dudley's Playstation, before he chucked it out the window, but not one quiet like this. "Uh, Dudley had a Playstation, but yours is different, his was gray."

"Well, this is a Playstation 2, the newest generation of the console. Better graphics, digital sound, DVD player." She went along in this fashion for a few minuets.

"Oh, sorry, didn't mean to bore you." She stood up and sat on the single bed in the room, and patted the bed indication Harry should sit.

"So tell me." Once Harry had been made comfortable. "Why do the Dursely's hate you so much?"

Harry took a deep breath before launching into a long, complicated story. Of course he left out the fact that he, along with his best friends were wizards, and that he attended a magic school. By the time he was done, Hitomi had a look of incredible disbelief and pity on her face.

"My heaven." She whispered. "You really catch hell don't you? Those bakkayaros..." she trailed off. Harry sat there looking at his feet uncomfortably. He couldn't stand to see that look on Hitomi's face. That look of pity, amazement, sympathy, and some other emotion Harry couldn't read. He didn't look up until Hitomi handed him something. He looked up and saw her trying to put a controller from the PS2 into his hands. He looked and saw the television was on and had a title on the screen flashing it read: "Final Fantasy X"

Harry was amazed, he glanced at her face and saw her smiling. "Want to give it a try?" she asked.'

Harry gave her a silly grin and said, "Okay."

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Chapter Two: Of Swords and Manga....