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Harry looked out as the Hogwarts Express pulled down the track towards Hogsmeade. Around him Ron and Hermione talked and chatting. Fred and Geogre were in the back of the compartment with Ginny playing a rather odd game of "Save the Princess". Fred was the princess. Ron ended his talk with Herm and turned the conversation to Quidditch with Harry. Hermione had Crookshanks on her lap, who was purring softly as he cat-napped. Ginny yelled happily as she 'vanquished George to the other side of the compartment. Fred jumped up happily and procedded to thank his "knight in shining armor". Ginny squealed as she received a sloppy kiss from her brother.

"Hey Harry. Hows Hitomi getting to Hogsmeade?" Ginny asked when Fred pulled off of her. Harry looked back at her and sighed.

"I guess your dad is gonna take her to Hogsmeade with Floo powder. I don't know of any other way. She couldn't have gotten past the 9 3/4 barrier, thats why she's not here." Harry explained. Although in the back of his mind he had a hunch if she had withstood Fudge's memory charm spell, she could have gotten past the barrier.

George stood up from arm-wrestling with Fred. "This will be her..second time using Floo powder?" he asked. Hermione nodded in confirmation.

"Yeah," she replied. "Once in Diagon Alley, second time getting to Hogsmeade." She let a small smile cross her lips. "I hope this itme she gets better off this time than at Diagon Alley.."

~*~*~*~* Earlier that week~*~*~*

So where are we going again?" Hitomi asked at the Weasely family and Hermione gather around the fire place.

"Diagon Alley dear." Mrs. Weasley explained. "It's a wizard place. We need to get the childrens' school supplies." Hitomi just nodded her head.

"Ever heard of Floo powder?" Ron asked.

" Can't say I have." she said. She eyed warily as Mr. Weasley took a pinch of the green powder from out of the flour container. He tossed in the fire and green flames spurted up. The twins, Mrs. Weasley, and Ginny went first.

"Hitomi, just close your eyes, keep your elbows close to you and speak your destination clearly." Harry coached her. Hitomi nodded as Ron went into the flames, followed by his father. Harry stepped forward and spoke "Diagon Alley!!" and dived in. Hermione looked at her.

"Go ahead, I'll go last." she invited. Hitomi smiled, walked to the fire and stared at the green fire a few moments. She summoned her courage and cried "Diagon Alley" as the rest had and jumped in. Hermione quickly followed.

Hermione looked around as she came into Diagon Alley, in all it's hustle and bustle. She spotted a congregation of red heads and ran over to the Weasley family.

"Hey..where'd Hitomi go?" she asked. Mrs. Weasley looked at her.

"You mean she's not with you?"

"No.. She went in the fire before me."

"I haven't seen her."

"Neither have I." A silence over took the group. For amoment they shared one mind, for they spoke the same phrase at the exact same time.

"Uh-oh.." they split up instantly. The twins took the robe store and the wand-shop. Harry and Ron Quality Quidditch Supplies. Ginny and Hermione when though the Ice Caream Parlor and anything else inbetween. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley searched Gringott's. Ron and Harry looked through the aisles and shelves of QQQ when some older kids, probably graduated, ran past them shouting: "Fight, Fight!! A fight in the Leaky Cauldron!!! Come on!"

Harry looked at Ron. "Should we investigate?" Ron grinned.

"What? And miss out on a good brawl?? Never!" he took off and Harry followed. On the streets, the came across the twins and the girls. Fred and George hollered at them.

"Hear the news? Big brawl at the pub! Were going to check it out." Hermione leaned over a little and whispered in Harry's ear.

"And were coming to be sure they don't get themselves killed..." Harry laughed at little and fell in behind Ginny as they followed the crowd to the Leaky Cauldron. The pushed through the throng and got in the door in time to see Tom, the barkeep go flying across the tavern. In the center of the place, a large dogpile of withering, crussing, and tangled bodies were heaped on each other. Fed and George pushed to get themselves involved but were held back by the strong hands of their mother.

Harry looked over and felt instantly sorry for the twins. They were gonna get it when things calmed down. Mr. Weasley got through the crowd and raised his wand, but only to have it knocked out as colored lights began to criss cross the room. Curses and hexes flew everywhere and almost everyone two feet from the walls got hit. Boils, warts, and frogs' heads appeared over people and the chaos escallated. A sudden bang rocked the room, Mr. Weasley had found his wand.

"NOW!! IF YOU ARE ALL FINSIHED PROVING THAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF HAVING THE INTELLIGENCE OF ANTS..CALM DOWN!! I'M A MINISTER!!" Silence over took everything and people started to drop and fall apart. Mr. Weasley stepped into the middle of the room and gave a death-glare to anyone within eye-sight.

"Now..what started this??..Come on..which uncivilized heathen started this?" he demanded. Mr. Weasley at this point, was turning a lovely shade of violet in his face. People looked around fearfully...trying to spot the cause of the brawl before Mr. Weasley completely lost his usual calm and cool demeanor. One by one, fingers were lifted and and pointed to the back of the room, where a slightly amused, and un-hurt Hitomi stood looking around confused.

"What?? Why are all of you pointing at me?"

~*~*~*~* Ten Minuets Earlier That Day~*~*~*~

Hitomi ducked her head in and rolled as she meet hard, stone floor. The smell of soot and fire clung to her senses as she stood to straighten herself from her un-gracefull position on the floor. All around people looked at her strangely, but turned away quickly as if someone falling out form a lit fireplace was a common occurance. Hitomi brushed the ashes from the hearth from her clothes and sat about to find her party.

"Hey there..what do we have 'ere? I pretty young thing like you lost?" Hitomi flinched as she turned to face a table. At said table sat three men. All over were empty bottles and the unmistakable scent of liquor drifted from them. Hitomi choose to ignore them and turned away. No time to waste on drunken idiots. She kept going, until she felt a hairy, large arm encirlce her.

"Hey..why so silent. Are you the shy type?" Hitomi almost gagged at the stench of alcohol and cigarettes that wafted around him. He was drunk alright. He stagger even as he stood, like the floor was pitching under him. His hair was tangled and in disarray, like a brush or comb hadn't seen it in years. Neither, had a toothbrush by the yellowed color of what few teeth he had. Hitomi slipped under his arm and turned the other way.

"Oh-ho!! Marc, I don't think she likes you!" cried one of his friends from the table. "Marc" simply smiled and walked after her, grabbing her roughly by the middle and pulling her close.

"Nah Jon..I think she's just shy around a great looking man like myself..can't blame her.." Marc grinned as Jon howled with laughter at the table. Hitomi writhered in his grasp, trying to get free.

"Marc..put the lass down. You have too much Butterbeer in you." said the thrid friend at the table, and seemingly the only half-sober one of the bunch. A whienzed old man with very few teeth came tottling up behind them.

"Now Marc, if you don't put the gel down, I'll have to kick ya out again." he instructed. Marc frowned.

"Ahh Tom, can't I keep this one?" he asked, sounding like a boy begging to keep the dog that followed him home. Tom shook his head.

" put her down." he said again, more firmly this time. But this time, they had caught the attention of the other patrons, who were looking on in mild interest. Marc sneered at Tom.

"Buzz off old man. Ya can't throw a paying customer out can ya?" he grinned smartly as he weaved on his feet. "Can't a man treat a lady nowadays?" he leered and placed his hand on a spot that Hitomi DID NOT LIKE. In disgust and rage, she drew back her hand, balled her fist, and brought it across hard on his jaw. Marc, for a moment looked unaffected, but dropped Hitomi and fell the the ground cluthing his either cracked or bruised jaw.

Jon instantly was on his feet and charging for Hitomi. In his drunken state, it was easy to side-step him and send him flying into a table occupiyed by two elderly witches chatting over a coffee. In shock, they fell back, causing the coffee to spill. They stood up furious. First they laid eyes on the passed-out Jon on the reamins of their table, then at Marc, now getting up fron the floor, then finally Hitomi who had turned to face Marc again, dropping into a fighting stance, ready for another round.They looked at eacho ther, nodded and drew their wands and fired off a curse at Marc.

In the instants that followed, chairs were over turned, bottles went to the floor and spilled their contents over the ground, making for a slippery footing. Tables were upset, and poeple broke out into a riot. Hitomi, using the chaos to her advantage, slipped past several fighting pairs and into a corner that allowed her full veiw of the figth, and her back covered. She took a sip of Butterbeer from an un-attented glass and proceded to enjoy the battle.

~*~*~*~* Present Time*~*~*~

Ron guffawed loudly. "I never though Dad would ever return to his normal color. Mom was going to spend the rest of her life with a prune!!" Harry and the rest laughed amusedly at this thought.

"Hitomi was lucky that so many people saw what happended. Dad looked ready to kill, and the Marc guy had to be knocked out to keep him from attacking her again." Fred reminded. Ginny snorted.

"I don't blame her." Hermione nodded in agreement. "There are some places you DON'T touch a woman without her premission. Do it and your gonna be in a world of pain." Ron just shrugged a little and went to his conversation with Harry and the compartment when to it's regualr constrained chaos. Hours later, the lady with the cart came by and they loaded up on sweets. They changed into their school robes and waited for the train to pull into Hogsmeade.

Kids poured from the carts as the train came to a full stop at the station. Harry and his other friends stepped from their car and streched cramped muscels. Trunks were hauled down and Neville went after Trevor again as the frog made a brave leap from under his hat. At the end of the platform a large, tall shadow stepped out and greeted them.

"Hagrid!!: Harry greeted the giant half-breed. Hagrid stepped through the crowd and greeted them with a customary hug.

"How ya doing?? Been a long summer since I saw yous last.Why Harry, your another inch taller!" Harry grinned and shook his hand. His summer hadn't been as long as it had been strange, but still, Hogwarts castle was a sweet sight. Hagrid ruffles his hair and sighed.

"Well, I have my duties to attend to. FIRST YEARS OVER TO ME!!!" he bellowed over the crowd. Everyone shuddered at the sudden noise and backed off as young, and nervous first years seperated themselves from the crowd and over to Hagrid. They watched as he strolled off and proceded to find Hitomi.

The first of the familar faces they saw was Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas, who were talking with the Quidditch comentator Lee Jordan. Fred and George dragged Lee off and the rest greeted Dean and Seamus, they grouped together and went to the horseless carriages that would take them to Hogwarts.

"So Harry, I heard you brought a muggle to school with you." Dean inquired as they walked. Harry, Ron, and Hermione turnned to him shock.

"How did you know that?" Ron cried. Deam looked a little smug and grinned.

"It's not hard when your family works at the Ministry, and one day Cornelius Fuge stroms in crussing the name of a certain muggle girl all the way in. Then later that day, Dumbledore sends an owl concerning a muggle girl of the exact name. Not hard to figure out really." Harry just sort of looked upset.

"How else knows?"

"Well, it's been a big rumor in the Ministry, so everyone with a parent or family member working there most likely knows. And I'm willing to bet Draco Malfoy knows too." Hermione looked up at this.

"Yes, thats strange..we never saw Draco or his goons on the train. Why didn't he come to harass us? He always does." she pointed out. Ron started to suggest that Draco had finally noticed that Harry was much better than him and he would never win when Seamus asked.

"This muggle girl, does she have red-ish hair and gray eyes? And really good looking too? If so, she's over there." They followed the direction that Seamus pointed and saw Hitomi standing at one of the carriages, casually chatting with Professor McGonagall. Harry brought his hand up and hollered.

"Oi, Hitomi-kun!! Over here!" Ron looked at him oddly at his use of the Japanese suffix for friend. He just smiled as Hitomi bowed politely to McGonagall and ran over to them.

"Harry-san, Ron-san, Hermione-sana. It took you long enough. Where have you been?" she asked. Harry and Hermione exchanged looks. Hermione asked her.

"Hitomi, how long have you been waiting for us?"

Oh, since about 3:00." she said. Dean's jaw dropped.

"Thats over 5 hours!!" he cried. Hitomi nodded.

"Yes. Your Ottusan brought me early so I caould have some time be breifed by the teachers. They all seem very nice, with the exception of that man over there." She pointed over to the hunched form of Snape as he ordered students into carriages. "He seemed very upset by me being here." she replied. Ron, in consolation, clasped her shoulder.

"Don't be upset Hitomi. Snape doesn't like anyone except his own students. and thats not saying much." Dean and Seamus laughed as they walked over to the last of the waiting carriages that would take them to the castle.

Ron fidgeted in his seat. The first years has lined up in a row and were being Sorted. McGonagall scrolled down the parchment quickly.

" Thames, Brian."

"HUFFLEPUFF!!" the Sorting Hat yelled out.

"Versa. Louisa."


"Wayne, John."

"GRYFFINDOR!!" McGonagall rolled the parchment up and took her seat, but left the Sorting Hat on it's stool. Professor Dumbledore walked to the poduim and cleared his throat.

"Greetings students, and welcome to the new year of Hogwatrs Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I, and the staff, welcome you." applause went thorugh the crowds. He cleared this throat again. "I would like to wecome especially two people. One our Defense Against The Dark Arts professor. Welcome Professor Mikotona, who was kind enough to come to us from Ha'na Instituion." Hitomi's eyebrows shot up as a well groomed man in black robes stood and bowed to Dumbledore respectfully and sat down.

"Secondly, a guest, who will be staying with us for an undisclosed amount of time this year. Miss Hitomi Kisaragi." the group of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dean, Thomas and the rest of the Weasley family cheered happily as Hitomi stood and walked up to the stage. She bowed deeply to Dumbedore, who gave her a small bow in return.

"Now, as Mrs. Kisaragi is new to us, she will be Sorted into a house." He nodded and Hitomi walked over to the Sorting Hat, sat down and placed on her head.

(Hello there...who do we have here? I thought the Sorting was done.) the voice of the Hat resounded in her mind.

(Oh..I'm Hitomi Kisaragi. I'm a ...visitor.)

(Your also a muggle too huh?)

(Um...) she felt embaressed. She was being interogated by a hat!! And one that talked at that!

(Don't worry child. I was kidding. I know of the being put into a house...lets see..)

(Um...may I ask a question?)

(Wha? Very few ask ME questions..well..go ahead.)

(Why am I here?)

(You know why...)

(No, no I don't. Why wasn't I just sent back. I said I wouldn't tell anyone. Why go to such lenghts for a muggle girl?)

(Just trust the decisions of others child. You have a reason for being here...Now as for a house.) The hat looked thorugh her mind quietly for a few seconds.

(Ha!! you brought your swords?!?! Hidden in your case. Brillant, disgusing them as intrusments..) it said. Hitomi flinched.

( did you know that?)

(Well, it's all in your mind, right here. So you brough them so you could practice? Much ambition for a girl. Especially in the arts of'd be well in Slytherin...)

(No!! I don't want to go there! I don't like those people!)

( practice quiet regularly..Hufflepuff quality. But you have a good wit about you..AHAH!! thats a funny one!!)

(Are you poking around in places you shouldn't?)

( heart..and unmoveable...)

(Thats putting it nicely. I like the term: Stubborn's what I hear the most..)

(Well, thats not very lady-like..)

(You know? you talk like me father..) At that remark, the Hat launched itself off her head and to the floor. The crowd looked on wondering as Hitomi picked it up and placed it on her head again.

(You okay?)

(Yes..sorry..that just took me by surprize...never been told that in all my thousand year life.)


(Thats fine..but really..what to do with you? Your one of the few I've even seen fit for all the houses. I guess I have to look a little deeper.) She felt as the hat looked around a little deeper in her mind..reaching into places that were buried in her past and sub-conscious mind. It touched a part of her mind and a vison flash in her mind. Her father, her mother..and..and...and..the Itascas'??


(whatwhatwhatwhat????? Whats wrong?)

(My goodness...I never would have guessed, you can't tell by just looking at


(Eh?..OH!! sorry..well..I umm...I guess it's up to you child...)

(Easy..I want to be in Gryffindor with my friends.)

(okay then..very well..)...GRYFFINDOR!!!

The group cheered and several people from other tables sighed. For the time that Hitomi had been up there..they had decided that she was very pretty...and some wanted her in their house. Muggle or no..she was pretty.."Nice legs".as a Ravenclaw had said.

(Hey..before I said about there being others you fitted into all the houses? Anyone I know?)

(Lets a few years ago..a gilr but the name Granger, Hermione.)


(Yes..very difficult to place her..Strong, loyal, hard worker, and very ambitious in her studies..I saw all of that in her head..I eventually left it up to her to decide, she choose Gryffindor.)

(But why?)

(Simple. For a smart girl she choose a foolish reason. Simply put, she had a crush on a guy...Harry Potter to be exact.) Hitomi nearly fell off the stool in shock.

(A crush on Harry-san? Oh my..she hides it soo well..)

(I guessed so..but anyway, I've said too much..I think you need to put me down.) Hitomi nodded, and took the hat off her head. She placed it on the stool and walked down the stairs and sat beside her friends again.

Supper went as usual, Hitomi didn't eat much though..not much English fare that her Japanese stomach could handle. She just poked around at her food and listened to the conversation around her. At least they had some rice....

"Uh-oh..hate to spoil the fun, but we got Slytherin geeks coming in at 12 o' clock straight." Ron warned. Hitomi looked up to see a boy of her age with light blonde, a pale complexion, and gray eyes not unlike her own.

"Draco..." Harry sneered. Hitomi got a unsettling in her stomach. She studied the two boys walking behind Draco. Both were huge and monsterously tall. Not at all attractive, and they seemed to lack any look of intelligence in those beedy eyes that were hidden by massive brows. They hung behind Draco like hitmen in a mobster movie. Draco walked to the table and stopped. The ones behind him stopped as well.

"Ah, Potter. I didn't think you had the courage to show your face at this school, especially after last year.." Hitomi noticed that Ron rose in his seat a little and Hermione shot Draco a look of the upmost hatred and compempt. Harry's green eyes flickered in guilt for a moment before they came back to their intense and judgemental scowl.

"...and the rest of the "Dream Team". Weasel, are you going to wear those cut off, scrabby robes to the Yule Ball again? I mean, couldn't your mother just sewn you something better out of some old dish rags?" Ron rose in his seat in an attempt to reach for Draco's throat. Hermione and Ginny reached and pulled him down. Hermione looked at him again with that same scathing glare.

Draco grinned in a cocky manner. "And the Mudblood came back too? Surprize, surprize.. You were lucky that you found Rita Skeeter might not have lived to come back to school if she would have keep publishing those stories in the Daily Prophet. Imagine all the girls lined up at your door, waiting to take a swipe at you because you broke the heart of Harry Potter..." Hermione itched for her wand in her robe pocket. Draco, obviously happy that he the ability to rile them so well. Harry, despite his friends reactions, stayed calm, just staring holes through Draco.

"Oh Potter, is it true that your friend here is a Muggle??" He spoke the last few lines loud enough for the whole Great Hall to hear and turn to watch. Hitomi felt the uneasy feeling in her stomach turn to full-out flip-flops. Draco leered at her. " father heard the news. A Muggle was coming to Hogwarts to be examined...she blocked Cornelius Fudge's memroy blocking spell it's said. They couldn't knock you out and alter your memory." Hitomi just looked back down at her rice and continued eating.

"Oh, please allow me to introduce myself, I'm Draco Malfoy. These are my frineds Crabbe and Goyle..we're WIZARDS.." he imphazied the last word, hoping to provoke everyone at the Gryffindor table even further. At the end of the table, Fred and George rolled their sleeves up as did Dean and Seamus. Hitomi looked up at him, and rose out of her chair, to her full height.

"Yes, I'm a muggle, and this is your business how though? Your not a teacher, not a member of the Ministry, nor an adult. Your just a student. I, however, am a guest, and I beleive that the honorable members of the falcutly will not appreciate such hostility towards a guest. Go back to your table BOY, keep you nose out of things that don't concern you BOY, your not welcome here with decent people. " she concluded. Her eyes were narrowed to slits, her face stony and set. Some how, despite the fact that Draco would have easily blasted her into the wall, she exuded a sense of danger. Draco looked at her, cold gray to a burning silver. He dropped his gaze and turned and left, Crabbe and Goyle following.

The feast passed quickly, and the houses split and went their seperate ways. However, Hitomi was dragged to the side by Professor McGonagall. The Transfiguration teacher brought her to her classroom, where Professor Dumbledore and some of the other professors waited for them. Hitomi was instructed to take a seat.

"Now Miss Kisagragi, we have discussed exactly what is expected of you. You are to act like a normal maigcal child and pass yourself along as a guest." McGonagall explained. "But thanks to the transaction between you and Draco Malfoy, that idea is inuseable."

"All due respect McGonagall-sama, Draco made it clear that he knew that I was Muggle before our "transcation". Not to mention that another student informed me that my arrival at Hogwarts has been the subject of controversy inside the Ministry. I truly beleive that very few students did NOT know that I was a muggle." Hitomi defended herself.

McGonagall pressed her lips into one of the thinnest lines Hitomi had ever seen. She went to argue back but Dumbledore interfered. "Minerva, Hiotmi had a point. I feared that the story would be widely know in the Ministry by the time she arrived, and only a matter of time before someone let it slip. Perhapse this is a blessing disguise, we can avoid a lot of trouble if we don't have to worry about keeping a front around the students." McGonagall just sighed in defeat and sat down.

"Dumbledore-sama.." Hitomi began. Dumbledore turned to her and nodded. "What if I am attacked?? I'm no fool, Draco Malfoy can't be the only one in this school that had a hatred towards muggles. I have no way of defending myself except for my swords...." Hitomi stopped quickly as she realized she had just said the wrond thing. Snape's head popped up and Professor Sprout looked surprized.

"Swords?" Snape asked. "you have swords with you?" Hitomi, rasied by the Bushido, wouldn't allow her honor to suffer so much as to openly lie before them.

"Yes..I have swords...I am trained in the arts of specialty is the Masamune and katanas."

"You mean you have weapons inside the dorms?" Sprout asked.


"Miss Kisagragi, it is dangerous for you and for others to have weapons inside the school, such things are strickly forbidden!!" McGonagall shreiked. Hitomi looked past her at the glass display of Godric Gryffindor's ruby-hilted sword with a raised eyebrow. McGonagall followed her gaze and stopped.

"That sword is a historic artifact.." she snapped. Hitomi looked at her with a look that matched hers equally.

"And the art of sword-play, as well as the swords themselves have a combined age of 13,000 years! The katanas were carried by my ancestor!! They are well over 2000 years older than that thing!" she pointed. McGonagall stood again and would have said something else, but Dumblerdore spoke up again.

"I think we better see the swords before we pass judgement Minerva..." McGanagall looked at Dumbledore's calm and placid face and just sat down again, her usual strict bun was coming undone. Everyone sat in silence before the door opened and a small creature, dressed in a tea towel, came in dragging the case Hitomi had hid her swords in. Hitomi relived the house-elf of the case and he exited quickly. Hitomi dragged the case up on Dumbledore's desk and sighed. What had she gotten herslef into?