You'll either love it or hate it. Just don't hate me. And if you like it…

Things you should never do in the Host Club.

1. I will not introduce Hikaru and Kaoru to Fred and George Weasley. Or magic. Under any circumstances.

2. I will not bring in a television aerial and claim that I am trying to tune into Tamaki's inner mind theatre.

3. I will not steal Kyouya's glasses. No matter how cute he looks without them.

4. I will not bother Takashi until he reads me a bedtime story. He doesn't like to speak and I have to get over it.

5. I will not poke Mitsukuni with a stick to try to unleash 'Dark Hunny'. It doesn't matter how much I want to.

6. I will not use a magnifying glass and the sun to see if Umehito Nekozawa has the same bodily structure as a woodlouse.

7. I will not give Kirimi Nekozawa a kitty for Christmas.

9. I will not introduce Renge to fanfiction . net.

10. I will not dress up Haruhi in a big frock and drown her in makeup. She is not a girlish person, and I shall not attempt to make her so.

And finally...

I will not, under any circumstances, show the twins this list.

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