Who's That Girl

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Chapter One

In The Beginning ... Or Better Yet ... After The End

Shippou happily pounced on various insects. The kitsune cub was enjoying the beautiful, sunny, warm summer day. Birds chirped merrily as they flew through the air. Bees buzzed lazily about the flowers and crops that were beginning to bear their bounty. Brightly colored butterflies flew everywhere. Shippou stopped and looked back at the village. He saw the elderly miko exit her house,

"Granny Kaede!" shouted Shippou as he bounced over to the miko.

Kaede smiled at the young demon,

"Shippou! Are you having a good morning?"

"Yup. That was a yummy breakfast, Kaede-baa-chan. Arigato!"

"Oh, don't thank me, child. Kagome made that breakfast before she left with Inuyasha this morning."

"She did? That was a really delicious meal. I know she's a good cook, but, I think she out did herself today. I wish she had waited until I woke up before she left, though." the kitsune sighed.

"Kagome said she had something very important to do back home." replied the miko.

"And, Inuyasha let her go?" asked Shippou.

"Aye. Inuyasha promised her she could go back for a few days." said the elderly woman as she worked on her herb garden.

"I'm surprised that baka let her go so easily. I wish he would just admit his feelings for her. Then maybe she would stay in this world with us."

"Hmm." the miko quietly agreed, "I am sure that young Kagome knows just how Inuyasha feels. With my sister gone now, Inuyasha is free to love Kagome. That is what is most important. Not all men can tell the women they love their feelings. He protects her, hunts for her, cares for her. Perhaps, for him, that is all he needs to do. We do not know the ways of dog demons. Maybe for them, actions speak louder than words."

Shippou crossed his arms,

"But, I'm sure, that as a girl, Kagome would like to hear him say 'I Love You' sometimes."


Inuyasha stood at the lip of the well, staring into its depths. He closed his eyes. Kagome's scent was fading. With Miroku, Sango and Kirara heading to Mushin's temple to retrieve the drunkard monk for their marriage ceremony, the only ones around to occupy his time was Shippou, Kohaku, and Rin,

"Damn brats." he muttered, as he stretched and groaned.

He had promised Kagome she could return to her era for as long as she needed. He sighed. He was already regretting that decision. He knew it made her happy to see her family and friends but, what he wanted most, was for her to consider his time her home.

He thought about living in her time just so she could be happy, but, he didn't fit in. He hated having to wear a hat ... it muffled his hearing. At least here, there were demons and he wasn't THAT out of place. If there were demons in Kagome's era they were so well disguised Inuyasha couldn't get their scents.

He walked to the trees and jumped to the highest branch. He needed to think. He knew had very deep feelings for Kagome. He cared for her. He was fiercely protective of her. She never waivered in her steadfastness to be with him ... no matter what. Even if her life was in danger.

'Is this truly love?', he thought, 'What about what I had with Kikyou? I never felt this way around Kikyou. I'm positive I loved Kikyou. But, when Kagome is gone, I feel like I can't breathe, like my life has no meaning.'

He looked up into the sky, as if searching for answers.


"Miroku?" Sango called the monk's name.

"Yes? What is my dear Sango?" he answered from his seat behind the taijya,

"I just wanted to tell you that I love the house that you and Inuyasha built for us. It's perfect!"

Miroku couldn't see the tajiya's smile and blush but he could feel it in her voice. He wrapped his arm around her waist,

"Anything for the dearest woman in my life, Sango. As long as you are happy."

"I'm glad you are beside me, Miroku. You have helped me through alot."

Miroku laid his head against her back,

"As you have helped me, dear Sango."

His hand slipped down to her bottom,



A huge lump formed on his head where the haraikotsu sat against his temple.

"Arrggh!" Sango scowled.

"You are very quick with that weapon, my dear." Miroku tried to make light of the situation,

"ROWLLL" Kirara roared her disgust.

"Keep it for the wedding night, will ya monk?"


"My Lord ... where are we going?" asked the little imp.

His question was answered with stony silence,

'OOOOhhhh ... My Lord is mad at me again.' thought Jaken.

Jaken found himself running straight into Sesshoumaru's stopped leg,


"Uhhh ... why did we stop, my Lord?" Jaken asked again.

He gazed at his master. Sesshoumaru had taken on a somewhat different demeanor after Naraku's defeat,

"I see ..." the daiyoukai mused out loud,

"Huh?" Jaken looked confused, "Who are you talking to, my Lord?"

Jaken then heard the flapping of wings as a huge eagle demon landed beside Sesshoumaru and cawed,

"So, Inuyasha is coming close to needing to take a mate, is he?" Sesshoumaru spoke to the bird.

The bird cawed again and flew away,

'His scent has changed.', mused Sesshoumaru, 'Inuyasha's demon is coming into it's season. His heart may be human, but his brain and mating functions are definately demon.'

Sesshoumaru turned and walked away, Jaken following faithfully behind.


Kagome gathered her bag and entered her house,

"Mama. I'm home." she called out.

"Hello dear!" her mother said to her, "I'm glad to see you. Is Inuyasha here with you?"

"No, mama. I really need to be away from him for a while. I have lots of work to catch up on at school." Kagome answered her mother, "But, first, I want a hot bath and to rest on my soft bed."

With this, Kagome plopped down her bag and headed upstairs, her mother's knowing eyes following her daughter,

'You do not want to be away from him, my dear.' she thought, 'That much is evident in your eyes.'

Her mother picked up the bag and headed into the kitchen, a soft smile on her features.


Kagome ran her bath, then sat on the closed toilet and sighed. She already missed Inuyasha. Returning home from the final battle with Naraku, Inuyasha had seemed different ... lighter. Like the weight of the world had been lifted off his shoulders.

She had spent a few days in the village before returning home. The first day back, Inuyasha had spent most of the morning at Kikyou's gravesite, clearly in introspection. Kagome then saw the hanyou talking with Kaede. She assumed it was about Kikyou. She knew Inuyasha was happy that he had been able to avenge Kikyou's death. What Kagome didn't know was how he was feeling about her. About them,

"Does he love me?" she said aloud to herself, "We nearly kissed that day in my room when he vowed his total protection towards me. I know I am not simply Kikyou's replacement or his shard finder anymore. But, does Inuyasha love me enough to want to be more than just my friend?"

She undressed and slipped into the hot water,

"Inuyasha ... you were ready to spend your entire, albeit human, life with Kikyou. If I decide to stay forever in the Feudal Age, I have no need for book learning. But, I need more of a reason to stay there forever and stop coming home than mere friendship."

Kagome leaned back and closed her eyes,

"What am I saying?", she sighed, "Am I really ready to be intimate with a man? No. I'm not ready to be intimate with a man ... but, I think I'm ready to be intimate with Inuyasha. He is more than just a man ... he is my world ... my everything ... my reason for living. Yes! I will do anything I can to keep Inuyasha happy. I made that promise to him before ... I will definately keep Inuyasha happy."