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Chapter Nineteen

The Pure Soul

Sesshoumaru stared at the shattered sword. He turned to face the person responsible,

"Do you think I would let you revive that girl? And destroy all that I've worked so hard for?", Kame's voice was strained.

"What do you have against Kagome?", Sesshoumaru posed the question to her.

"I have nothing against her. She just happens to be Kikyou's reincarnation. She has everything that Kikyou should have!!", the woman laughed maniacally.

Shippou's body shook with rage, his fists clasped tightly together,

'I gotta keep it together! I gotta keep it together!', the words ran through his thoughts. His anger boiled over,

"YOU BITCH!!", Shippou screamed, "HOW DARE YOU!"


Shippou's battle cry could be heard for what seemed like miles as he raised his fists in the air,


Sango and Miroku found themselves thrown backwards with incredible force,

"Shippou!", yelled Miroku.

'That small demon child has broken through my demonic barrier?', Sesshoumaru's mother thought, nervously, 'How is that possible?'

Shippou launched himself at the priestess,

"YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS, YOU WITCH!", Shippou screamed, as he planted his teeth in the woman's skin,

"SHIPPOU! STOP! SHE'LL KILL YOU!", yelled Inuyasha, as he stood up to try and rescue the kitsune.

Kame grabbed Shippou's tail and tore him off of her, sending him flying backwards toward Inuyasha, who caught him,

"That was pretty amazing demon magic back there, Shippou,", complimented Inuyasha, "Breaking that demonic barrier."


Everyone stared in the direction of the voice,

"It's him!", said Jaken.

Kame smiled, albeit nervously, "Mandhatri. I'm surprised to see you here. What is it I can do for you?"

Mandhatri raised a bow and notched an arrow, "You've done enough, don't you think? You've destroyed my soul. Held me hostage by threatening my family. Forced me to kill for you."

"And your rewards will be great, I assure you, my faithful servant. Now, put down the bow.", Kame urged, fear in her voice.

"Nothing you could ever give me could erase what I have paid with my soul."

Kame tried to keep an eye on Mandhatri while also watching Kikyou,

"Kikyou. You must take possession of the soul. Now, my child.", she urged the girl.

Keiko/Kikyou raised her hands up to the giant pink sphere,

"YES! My child, your soul is yours once again. Take it and be whole.", cried Kame.

"NOOOO!", Inuyasha yelled out, "Kikyou, don't do this. Listen to me! Please!"

The pink sphere began to turn black,

"She's corrupting Kagome's soul!", Sango exclaimed.

"KAME! I will prevent you from destroying anymore lives!", screamed Mandhatri, "MAY KRISHNA BLESS MY SOUL!", he screamed as his arrow, glowing with a bright light, found its mark squarely in the priestess' chest, disintigrating her,

"A SACRED ARROW!", Miroku cried out.

"How can that be?", wondered Sango.

A bright light exploded near them, forcing all present to shield their eyes. As the light subsided, they saw the cause. Kikyou had absorbed Kagome's soul. Inuyasha stood, transfixed, as he watched Keiko's body transform into the body he knew as Kikyou. Kikyou smiled at Inuyasha,

"I have fully returned, Inuyasha.", she smiled and walk towards him.

He stepped back. She looked at him, confused,

"Why do you back away from me, Inuyasha?"

"I told you.", he said, his voice filled with finality, "The Kikyou I know wouldn't have resorted to this."

Kikyou started to walk towards Inuyasha again, then faltered. She pressed her hand to her chest in pain, then collapsed onto her knees,

"Wh ... what .. is this ...?", she stammered out.

Kikyou's body changed from the young priestess to an elderly woman,

"M-my body .. what .. is happening?"

Inuyasha stared at Kikyou and swallowed hard,

"Kikyou.", he whispered, "You did reclaim your soul ... as it would have been now ... 50 some odd years later ... "

Kikyou stared at Inuyasha as his words hit her. She covered her eyes with her hands and cried,

"Oh, Inuyasha. What have I done?"

Inuyasha knelt beside her and took her hands in his, the salty scent of her tears hitting his nose,

"You gave into the envy. The jealousy. The regret that you harbored over us being torn apart. You must let it go, Kikyou."

Kikyou looked in his eyes,

"Inuyasha. Can you ever forgive me for what I've done?"

"Forgive you? For wanting us to be together? I harbor the same regrets, Kikyou. It took a long time but, with Kagome's help, I was finally able to move on and accept what was. Now, it's your turn."

Kikyou grabbed her heart again as pain seared her very being,

"It's time, Inuyasha, for me to go, isn't it?"

"Goodbye, Kikyou.", he whispered.

Another bright flash of light erupted from Kikyou's body. The body disappeared but the light remained. A huge, pink orb,

"Is that Kagome's soul?", asked Shippou, reverently.

Inuyasha stood up. He felt the warmth of the orb on his body,

'Kagome. You're free.', he thought, as he closed his eyes. He could almost see her standing there. Opening his eyes, he saw the orb ascend skyward,

'Please don't leave me behind, Kagome. I'm nothing without you.', he thought, sadly, as tears formed in his eyes.


Somewhere ...

Kagome felt herself floating. It was all so surreal. As she looked around, she saw mist. Looking down, she gasped. She could see her friends. Her body. Inuyasha had taken her in his arms and he held her,

"Inuyasha.", she spoke, her voice barely a whisper.


She searched for the voice,

"Who is that?"

All she saw were multiple orbs of light,

"You have won, Kagome."

"Kazemaru? Is that you?", she asked.

"And others.", he replied.

"You have reclaimed your soul, Kagome, and released the regret that was hidden deep inside.", said a female voice.

"Kikyou is now able to be in peace for she has no regrets.", said a male voice.

"What about me?", Kagome asked the disembodied voices.

"Your work is not done. It is not your time to be here."

"You need to reclaim your position beside your soul-mate."

"My soul-mate? Inuyasha is my soul-mate?", she asked.

"Every soul has a mate though it is rare that they find each other.", stated a male voice.

"For your souls, you have found each other many times.", said another male voice.

"Midoriko held your soul first. Her mate gave his life up to save her. His soul was reborn into Inuyasha. Midoriko's soul was reborn into Kikyou and she should have inherited the powers of the Triforce, had she stayed true to her ways. But, alas, she tried to use the Shikon no Tama for selfish gain. She was never meant to deny her destiny as a priestess and Inuyasha was never intended to deny either side of his heritage. By requesting Inuyasha to become human, she sealed her fate, for the Shikon no Tama would have become impure. It would have destroyed her soul as well as Inuyasha's.", explained the voice she recognized as Kazemaru.

"So we set her on the path of death.", voiced another male.

"Her soul understood the implications and only sealed Inuyasha to the Tree of Ages with a binding spell ... for him to wait until her soul returned to find him. Her soul did not want Inuyasha, or his soul, to suffer anymore before she could return to be by his side. It was the most unselfish act she did.", concluded a female voice.

"Your soul is pure ... and only a pure heart can handle the powers of the Triforce.", spoke another female voice.

"The soul has learned all it can learn. We will allow it to return to its mate.", spoke Kazemaru.

"You must return, Kagome, and take your rightful place in the world.", said yet a different male voice.

Kagome looked below her, where her friends were gathered ...


"Sesshoumaru!", demanded his mother, "You have your chance, while Inuyasha lacks his demon powers. Destroy that disgusting abomination! I demand it!"

Sesshoumaru closed his eyes, clearly tired of his mother's interference,

"I will destroy Inuyasha. Someday. I do not need your interference, mother.", the words rolled off his tongue like icebergs.

"It's alright, Sesshoumaru,", Inuyasha stood up, "I would rather you did kill me. I have nothing left for me here, with Kagome gone."

"Inuyasha.", Sango murmured.

Shippou shook his head, "No, Inuyasha."

Miroku just stared hard at his friend.

"HMPH! Stop wallowing in your self-pity, Inuyasha.", Sesshoumaru commanded, harshly.

"HUH?", Inuyasha looked at his brother,

"Have you forgotten? About the boy? Shinta?", the daiyoukai explained, "What is to become of him?"

'Shinta.', the boy's image became front and center in Inuyasha's mind.

Inuyasha just stared at nothing. He, then, felt the urge to look up. Descending from the sky was the huge, pink orb,

"Kagome?", he asked to the air.

He followed the orb as it landed on Kagome's lifeless body and seemingly melted into her. Kneeling down, he lifted her up, and felt it,

'Her heartbeat! She's ... alive!'

Kagome opened her eyes slowly,

"Inu ... yasha."

"Kagome! I'm here!", he hugged her.

"Kagome!", said a happy Sango.

"KAGOME!", cried Shippou.

"You're back!", declared Miroku.

Kagome tried to stand and Inuyasha assisted her,

"I'm glad to be back.", she spoke softly.

A fierce wind blew around them and magically, the snow cleared in the area they were standing,

"Kazemaru!", Kagome exclaimed, when she saw the man there.

He bowed to her, "Kagome."

She felt the urge to reach into her pocket. She pulled out the pendant and gasped,

"It's broken!"

"You did not need that, Kagome.", Kazemaru explained, "For the powers of the Triforce were already in you. Now that you have been shown the way, you no longer need the pendant."

Kazemaru turned to Inuyasha and held up an arrow,

"Your demonic powers are within this arrow. Allow me to return them to you."

"No.", said Inuyasha, as everybody gasped, "I think I'll stay human.", he held Kagome, tightly, "I was disturbed because Kagome was human and I was a half-demon. I knew I would watch her grow old and die and I would never change. And, then, I'd be alone again. If it's all the same to you ... I want to live a normal life with Kagome.", he smiled at her.

"And what of the half-demon child you care for now?" Kazemaru asked, "Or the half-demon babe Kagome now carries within her?"

Kagome's eyes widened, "WHAT? I'm ... pregnant?"

Kazemaru smiled and nodded then turned his attention back to Inuyasha,

"Will you allow the children to grow up alone ... as you did, Inuyasha?", Kazemaru continued.

Inuyasha looked at Kagome, then at Kazemaru,

"I hadn't thought of it that way. But, I don't want to lose Kagome ..."

Kagome looked at Inuyasha and then she faced Kazemaru,

"Is there anyway I can become a half-demon, like Inuyasha?", she asked, hopefully.

Kazemaru looked to the heavens for a moment before facing Kagome,

"You will not abandon your path?"

She shook her head vigorously, "No. Never."

"Then we will grant you your wish."

Kazemaru walked over to the couple and broke the arrow in half over their heads. The two were engulfed in a glittery substance. Inuyasha's claws, fangs and dog ears returned as his hair returned to a silvery-white,

"But, nothing happened to Kagome.", said Shippou.

Kagome smiled,

"Maybe not on the outside ...", she said, then bowed to Kazemaru,

"Thank you for everything, Master Kazemaru."

He bowed to her then, disappeared.

Sesshoumaru's mother had watched everything with an indignant look on her face,

"Damn you, Sesshoumaru! Why did you just throw everything away?"

"Mother! I will acquire my kingdom in my own way. Now leave ... before you force me to kill you."

His mother stared at him for a moment before transforming into her true form and flying away,

"Say, Miroku,", asked Shippou.


"Where did that man go? The one with the sacred arrow?"

"Sacred arrow?", queried Kagome, "A man with a sacred arrow?"

"Huh. I guess he left.", Miroku mused, "Too bad. I wanted to ask him some questions. Oh well."

"JAKEN!", Sesshoumaru called his servant,

"Yes, m'lord?"

"We're going!"


All eyes turned to the sky,

"It's Toutousai.", said Kagome.

The three-eyed cow landed beside Sesshoumaru. Toutousai hopped off and picked up Tenseiga's pieces,

"Were you just gonna leave this behind, Sesshoumaru?", the old demon asked.

"It is of no use to me.", the daiyoukai responded.

"I can repair it for you.", Toutousai commented,

"You can?", asked Jaken.

Toutousai pulled out what looked like a pair of pliers, "Yes, Sesshoumaru, open wide ..."

"Uhhh ... Sesshoumaru ... I'd watch out if I were ...", Inuyasha tried to warn his brother,


"you.", Inuyasha finished, "Stupid old man."

Toutousai lay on the ground sporting a few lumps on the head, the pliers holding Sesshoumaru's fang,

"It'll grow out ..., the old demon mumbled.

"Don't say I didn't warn ya.", said Inuyasha, shaking his head.

"Ok, I'm ready to go get some rest.", said Miroku.

"Yea, me too., said Sango, stifling a yawn.

"I hope Kohaku kept the cave warm.", said Shippou

"Let's go.", said Inuyasha.


The cherry blossoms were in full bloom heralding spring's arrival. The village was beginning to recover quite nicely from the ravages that had occurred during the early winter. New huts dotted the plains and hillsides and farmers worked diligently in their fields. Children's laughter drowned out the calls of whippoorwills and robins. Life abounded all around the tiny village, as newborn calves, lambs, foals, chicks and other farm animals made their way into the world.

The villagers that survived the tragedies felt bad for their treatment of the tachi and quickly worked to make amends. Kagome urged them to forget what had happened and move on. To make sure that they never thought badly of their beloved priestess, she explained to them all about Kame and Sesshoumaru's mother and how they were calling all the shots. It also eased Inuyasha's heart that Kagome placed no blame on Kikyou.

"Her level of forgiveness is amazing.", Sango commented.

"No wonder!", muttered Shippou, "Putting up with Inuyasha all the time!"


"OWWW!", screamed Shippou, holding the giant lump on his head as Inuyasha crossed his arms and huffed.

"We should all learn from Kagome.", commented Miroku, his eyes closed and arms akimbo.

"Some of us more than others.", agreed Sango.

"HmHm.", agreed Miroku.

"You going somewhere with this, monk?", Inuyasha growled.


Kagome walked out of the small hut, followed by an elderly woman,

"You need to take it easy, Kaede. You had a job done on you.", the girl spoke.

"Aye. But, if my sister had really wanted to, she could have killed me."

"I'm glad she didn't."


"Sango! How are you feeling?", Kagome asked her friend.

"Do you have any more medicine for morning sickness. This is the worst I have ever had.", complained the taijya.

"Sure thing. Must be a boy this time. He really has you sick.", Kagome smiled.

"What about you? How are you feeling? You look like you're almost ready to drop triplets."

Kagome rubbed her extended belly,

"Oh, I feel like it. I forgot when I last saw my feet."

The two women waved to Kaede,

"Take care of yourself, Kaede.", said Kagome, "I'll check back on you soon."

"Alright, child.", she said, as she settled herself in front of her hut to enjoy the spring breezes.

Kagome and Sango picked up their baskets of herbs and headed towards their huts. Kagome watched happily as she saw Shinta toddling away, giggling and Inuyasha running after him,

"Hey. Get back here, ya runt. Shinta! Dammit, It's nap time!"

Kagome's eyes then drifted to Miroku, who was being serenaded with song by his little girls, Suki and Cho.

Kohaku sat under an oak tree, Rin beside him. Kagome was amazed at how grown up she looked for being 10. Kagome and Sango separated and Kagome walked over to her hut. Down by the riverbank she saw Shippou with a young girl,

"Inuyasha?", she asked.

"Huh?", he answered, trying to keep hold of a squirming Shinta.

"Who's Shippou with?"

"Huh. I think she's the kid of that family that just moved in. You know, the family from the village up north?"

"Oh yea. How does he always manage to sweet talk a girl?", she wondered.

"HMPH! Learned it from traveling with that lecher all the time."


A few weeks later found Inuyasha pacing in front of his hut, his ears plastered to his head trying to shut out Kagome's cries of pain,

"Now. Now. Inuyasha. It'll all be over soon.", assured Miroku.

Inuyasha growled, "I can't stand it. Kagome being in so much pain!"

His ears perked up suddenly and his head twisted to face his hut. Kaede exited with Sango,

"Go on in, Inuyasha. Kagome is waiting for you.", she said, a huge smile gracing her wrinkled features.

Inuyasha raced in to the bedroom where Kagome lay. Shinta was beside her ... the child had refused to leave his mother,

"Papa. Baby.", Shinta pointed and chattered.

"Kagome. Are you alright?", he asked, almost afraid of the answer.

"Of course, Inuyasha, I'm fine. Come say hello to your son."

"It's a boy?", he asked, excitedly, as he sat beside her.

Gazing up at him from his mate's arms was a small infant with silvery-white hair and ears colored black. His eyes were a combination of violet and gold,

"He's beautiful.", Inuyasha whispered.

"Bootiful.", Shinta repeated.

"So, Inuyasha, what shall we name him?", Kagome asked, "Kai?", she suggested, referring to the other wolf sibling.

"Yea. That's perfect. Kai."


As summer's heat turned into fall's chill, Sango birthed her third child, a son. Miroku may have jumped for joy when his daughters had been born but, now, he was on Cloud 9,

"I have a son!", he walked around speaking in a dream-like trance.

Maybe Happily Ever After does come true.


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