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Warning: This chapter contains adult content.

Chapter 1: Another Saturday Morning

Michaela woke, bleary-eyed and completely exhausted. It was Saturday, and all she could think about was how she was thankful to sleep in instead of getting up at five in the morning to work a long day at the clinic. She loved her job, yes, but she loved spending time with her family even more.

That was why she was quite disappointed when she didn't find her husband next to her in bed, like he normally was.

"Sully?" she asked, calling toward the bathroom, wondering if perhaps he'd woken early. But she didn't get a response. So, she climbed out of bed and pulled on her robe. She crept into the bathroom to find him in the shower, his head submerged under the showerhead, washing out the shampoo. She smiled, slipping out of her robe and creeping in behind him, as he'd done to her several mornings before.

He smiled, when he felt her cool hands on his skin, and he turned, wiping his face with a washcloth.

"Mornin'," he said, kissing her lovingly.

"You're up early," she said quietly, her hands gently rubbing his chest.

"Yeah, I know," he said, a hint of disappointment in his voice. "Hey, how'd you sleep?"

"Dreamlessly," she said with relief in her voice. "I haven't had that dream again…it's been a couple of weeks now." Sully kissed her forehead.

"I'm glad." Michaela had been plagued by nightmares of the kidnapping quite a lot recently. She'd thought it was all behind her, but at night, the dreams had started to become very real and very scary, and what she feared the most was becoming frightened to even leave the house again. She refused to let herself slip back that far after all of the progress she'd made. She was going to stop those dreams, and so far, she was pretty certain she was succeeding. "Mind if I join you?" Sully looked down, taking her hands in his.

"I'm sorry, baby, but I have to go to work today."

"What? It's Saturday!" she protested half-heartedly. "What's going on?"

"Mr. Morrison said there's some big announcement, and he wants us all to come in. I shouldn't be gone more than a couple hours."

"Alright," she sighed. "I wanted to take the children shopping today. It's kind of difficult taking three little ones with you, especially when one refuses to ride in the stroller."

"I'm sorry, Michaela. When I get home, I'll help you out with the girls. I'm real sorry. I ain't happy about this either."

"It's alright. It's not your fault." She smiled, kissing his lips.

"What time do you have to go?"

"I have to leave in…what time is it?"

"I think about a quarter to ten."

"I have to leave at ten," he said with a sigh. Michaela tried not to look too disappointed, but Sully saw right through her.

"I'm sorry. I'll…uh…make it up to ya when I get home." She winked at him as if to say 'you better.'

"Alright. I'll go get the girls up." He nodded, pulling her in for one more kiss, this one longer and much more passionate. She felt weak in the knees by the time she slipped out of the shower and went to get dressed.

"I don't wanna eat that, Mommy," Katherine Sully moaned, as the three-year-old pushed her slightly scorched scrambled eggs around the plate with a fork. Her little sister, Elizabeth, happily ate her favorite breakfast food, applesauce, as she attempted to spoon-feed it to her dolly. The baby of the family, little Laura, sat in her high chair, her little chubby fingers picking away at a bowl of dry Cheerios. All the girls had different tastes. Michaela sighed, thinking about how "fun" it was going to be when they approached the teenage years.

"Please eat it for Mommy, Katie. Just a few bites?" Katie made a face but finally obliged. The scorching was a major improvement, after all. Her mommy had definitely improved from the days when she could practically burn water.

Sully came strolling into the kitchen, dressed to go to his meeting at work.

"Daddy? Where ya goin'?" Katie asked, hoping this would distract her mother from making her eat.

"Daddy's gotta go to work, kiddo," Sully said, picking her up out of her chair.

"Awwww," Katie whined. "Do ya have to, Daddy?"

"'Fraid so. But I won't be gone very long. As soon as I get home, me and Mommy are gonna take you shopping."

"Yay!" Katie exclaimed. "Can I get a new dolly?!"

"May I," Michaela reminded her. Katie sighed and impatiently tapped her foot and put her hands on her hips, tilting her head to the side. For a moment, she looked just like her Grandma Quinn. Michaela had to bite her lip to keep a straight face.

"May I get a new dolly?"

"Katie, you have a dozen dollies to play with," Michaela said sternly.

"But half of 'em are Lizzie's! She can't play dolls. She don't know how!" Michaela sighed heavily, and she took her daughter from Sully.

"I'll tell you what. You finish your eggs, and Daddy and I will talk about it when he gets home."


"Hey, Mommy said we'd discuss it. That don't mean yes." But Sully winked at her anyway, making her giggle. Michaela shook her head, smiling.

"Don't encourage her," she whispered. Sully took Michaela into his arms in a dramatic display, making the girls laugh and clap their hands.

"Sorry girls, I have to take Mommy away for just a minute. She'll be back." He whisked her off to the front door, and she laughed, her hair falling into her face, as she ran her fingers through his soft locks.

"Hurry home," she smiled.

"Ya know, maybe the girls will be ready for a nap when we get home from the store. Then we can…" He nuzzled her ear.

"Sully!" she giggled, noticing little eyes prying from the kitchen. He gave her neck a kiss and then he kissed her lips before dipping her backward and kissing her like the movie kisses the girls always giggled at. They burst into fits of laughter, while Michaela blushed furiously.

"Oh, will you just go!" she teased, silently wishing he'd stay and finish what he'd started.

"I'll see you in a bit. I love you." His eyes locked on hers, and every part of her body felt as if it were on fire.

"I love you." Her voice was breathy with a hint of what he could expect later, after the girls were sleeping. With three girls, time and energy to be alone together was always running low, but they found the time for their moments together, and Michaela knew that tonight, they'd definitely make the time.

She watched him climb into his truck, back down the drive, and take off toward work. She leaned against the door frame for a few minutes, until she heard one of the girls spill their milk on the floor, and she hurried to clean up the mess.

Sully and some of the guys from work were standing around in the trailer at the construction site. Mr. Morrison was supposed to be making a big announcement, and all the men were worried that maybe they were all about to lose their jobs, or they were going to be laid off for a while. They knew Sully had nothing to worry about. He was Morrison's highest paid, the most skilled, and the one with the most experience. But that didn't really ease Sully's fears.

Mr. Morrison came in, coughing from the dust flying about on the site. He sat down at his desk and looked at all of his workers. He cleared his throat and folded his hands firmly on the desk.

"What's this about?" Craig, one of the older workers asked.

"Well, I'm sure you're all wonderin' why I called you in here on a Saturday." He looked around, waiting. "I'm sorry for pullin' you all away from your families like that. I just thought it best to tell you now before ya get ready to come in Monday." The men all looked around uneasily.

"Alright," Sully said, "what's goin' on."

"Well, you know I've been retirin' for some time now. I'm still lookin' for the right guy to take over for me when I leave. Now, I asked Sully a couple weeks ago…" All the men turned to Sully, making him very uncomfortable, "but he declined." Sully nodded, crossing his arms across his chest. He hadn't wanted the job, despite the better pay, because that would've kept him from home even more than he was now.


"So, as of Monday, I'm not your boss anymore."

"So who is?" Jimmy in the back asked.

"Well, I have a guy, a good buddy of mine, comin' in just as soon as he finishes up a project in New Mexico. Until then, my sister's daughter…my niece, a graduate from architecture school, will be in charge."

"A girl?" Craig asked. "You're jokin' right?"

"No, she's very qualified to run things here until my replacement gets here." Sully glanced at his boss.

"A woman can't run this construction site!" Jimmy laughed.

"Who says she can't?" Sully asked, already a little irritated.

"Well, look, I know your wife's a doctor and everything, Sully, but that's alright. There's plenty of women doctors. But a woman runnin' a construction site? That's probably the funniest thing I've ever heard!"

"You don't like it, you can start walkin'," Morrison said bitterly. "She's here right now, and I'd like you all to give her a nice welcome. She's gonna be in charge for the next couple months." He walked over to the door, shooting a glance at the man who'd made the last remark. When he opened the door, a young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes came walking in. Sully noticed the guys all straighten up the moment she walked in. Some even sucked in their beer bellies. "Fellas, this is Emily McCallister." She smiled, waving at everyone nervously.

"Hello," she said. "It's nice to meet you." Sully nodded.

"Nice to meet ya," a few of the guys said, slicking back their hair.

"I'm sure you're all wondering why my uncle chose me to fill his shoes before his replacement arrives. Well, I hope to prove to you why my uncle has confidence in me. I can get this site finished efficiently, and I promise to try to ensure you all have time to go home to your families at the end of the day and still have a few hours of daylight to spend with them." The guys all looked at one another.

"This, Emily, is my right-hand-man!" Morrison said proudly, motioning to Sully, once again making him feel uncomfortable."

"Oh, so you're the famous Byron Sully. My uncle has had nothing but good things to say about you." She smiled, looking him right in the eye with a confidence that caught Sully a little off guard. "I'm sure we'll be working together quite a bit." Sully wasn't certain about the way she said that, but he didn't really think much of it after that.

After she spoke a little longer, the men were free to go, and none of them had complaints after having gotten a good look at her.

Sully got in his truck and started off toward home, putting work completely off of his mind and preparing to spend a wonderful day with his wife and daughters.

Michaela closed the door to Katie's room and peeked into the nursery to check on Elizabeth and Laura. All three girls were sleeping, and Michaela knew they'd all be down for a good hour and a half. She and Sully were lucky to have been blessed with three kids who didn't mind to take naps and weren't normally very hard to put to bed.

She had just gotten a shower, and she was in her robe, getting ready to go get dressed. But first, she sat down at her vanity dresser and began to brush out her wet hair. Her hair was always so thick and so dark when it was wet. Sully always liked to brush it out for her, but he wasn't there, and she was still a little disappointed about that, having wanted to have a nice morning together in bed, just the two of them, before starting the day.

As she was brushing her hair, she heard Sully's truck pull into the drive. Just the thought of him finally being home while the kids were sleeping sent a spark through her that ignited the flames of passion.

A devilish thought crossed her mind, and while she blushed at the thought, she knew that after having been married a few years, she and Sully enjoyed surprising one another the most. She still got a little embarrassed about initiating lovemaking, but Sully always encouraged her to do what felt right, telling her she was the sexiest woman in the world.

She smiled at the thought, still blushing, but she tossed off her fluffy bathrobe and pulled out a sleeker, sheer black robe from the back of her closet. She felt the flush rising from her toes to her ears, but she knew he'd appreciate it. She hoped so anyway!

She quickly flipped her still damp hair behind her back, and she posed on the edge of the bed, feeling completely uncomfortable, but she knew that when Sully entered the bedroom, all that nervousness would go out the window.

"Michaela?" he called after he came in and shut the door.

"In the bedroom," she called, a faint hint of seduction in her voice. Sully froze in his tracks. What was that tone? He knew that tone. Oh yes, he loved that tone. He quickly kicked off his shoes and nearly tripped on them on his way back to the bedroom. He noticed the girls' bedroom doors were shut, so he knew that meant to be quiet, because if they woke up, this wasn't going to happen.

The moment he stepped foot into the bedroom, his jaw dropped slightly at the sight of his wife waiting for him, her slender legs crossed suggestively, as she leaned back, the black negligee creeping up her body, clinging in all the right places. His mouth began to water, and when his eyes met hers, there was only one thought on his mind.

"Hi honey," she said quietly, as he shut the door, mouth still a little agape. "How was your meeting?"

"Wh…what meeting?" She smiled a little.

"The meeting you just got home from?"

"Oh…I…" His mind was racing of images…none that pertained to work at all. "I…don't…I don't remember." He slowly crossed the room but stopped midway, staring her up and down, as she stood from the bed, hands on her hips. She was blushing, he could tell, but she looked amazing! "Where…um, when, uh, where did you get that? Is that…new?"

"I picked it up a couple days ago. Do you like it?" she asked, her voice quivering a little now.

"Mmm…uh…um, yeah," he replied, his eyes widening a little. He certainly hadn't seen her wear anything like that for a long time! She giggled a little, closing the gap between them. "What's this all about?" A voice ran through his head, asking him if he was an idiot. He decided it was probably best to shut up at that point.

"Oh, nothing. I was just missing you. I wish you hadn't gone into work this morning." There was the faintest trace of a pout on her soft lips, and Sully's pulse was already racing as fast as the speed of light.

"I'm here now," he managed to say, his mouth dry, all the blood draining from his face. Michaela moved in, and he leaned down, capturing her lips with his own, as her fingers blindly worked the buttons of his shirt. Her fingertips lit his skin on fire, as she ran her hands down his toned chest before finishing her work. They broke from the kiss long enough for Michaela to slide the shirt from his arms and begin sliding his belt from his belt loops. It came free in one swift pull, and Sully raised an eyebrow, obviously impressed. Next to go were his jeans, which she managed to unbutton, while he softly suckled her neck. She gasped for breath, craning her head back, as her fingers worked their magic. He stepped out of his jeans, and clad only in his boxers, he picked her up, carrying her back to the bed. She bit her lower lip, as he placed her down long-ways across the bed, and he crawled over her, kissing his way up her body. She took several deep breaths, running her fingers through his hair as he moved torturously slowly up her slender frame.

"So beautiful," he whispered, his breath hitting her neck after he finally made his way up her body, resting between her legs, her hands stroking his neck, his shoulders, his back. Her eyes peered into his, and she smiled, biting her lower lip in anticipation. He closed in on her, kissing her feverishly, needing to be one with her, needing her to feel just how passionate he was for her.

"Sully," she moaned, her voice barely above a whisper. "Oh Sully…"

"Tell me," he encouraged, his teeth lightly grazing her jaw line, before pressing feather-light kisses there.

"Make love to me," she whispered. He needed no further asking, as his hands moved up her hips and her slender little waist. He brought down the straps of her negligee, and he slowly, seductively removed it from her body before he protectively covered her naked form with his own. Her hands moved to the band of his boxers, and she slid them away from him, now able to feel his heat pressing against hers.

Rocking their bodies together in a slow rhythm, he joined them as one, catching her gasps of pleasure with kisses of love and devotion. Their tongues danced to the rhythm of their bodies, that slowly, steadily began to dance to the beat of their hearts.

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