This is my first fan fic and I don't think I'm a very good writer, but I gave it a shot! Lara/Kurtis fic and has an OC lead.

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Tomb Raider: Not Alone

Chapter 1

Prague - Abandoned Manor

A dark figure is sitting at a large wooden desk opposite the door at the far end of the large library/office waiting for someone.

The door creaked as it opened and a large bald bulky man enters.

The dark figure speaks "Gunderson, I want this done swiftly and cleanly…"

"I think my men should do it not…"


"Sorry master Karel."

"Maxx is capable… I should know, I raised her."

"Yes Master but… she was fond of Trent when she was a girl. Are you sure she will

be able to?"

"She doesn't remember him and if she does she will think he abandoned her... She would positively detest him. Have no worries Gunderson, just have your men waiting. I don't want to cause a fuss. Just let her do what she does best."

"Yes Master. I will send her in to be briefed, she has been wanting to talk to you"

Karel nodded and waved his hand dismissively.

Gunderson left and headed down the long hall.

Maxx changed into some descent clothes for her mission.

She new that she had a mission tonight but wasn't too sure what it was, which annoyed her to say the least.

She slipped on some black combats, a black short sleeved top, her deep green bomber jacket and some black converses. She then pulled on black leather fingerless gloves. Then walked over to her dresser and put her long dark brunette, almost black hair in a pony tail and stared at her reflection. She was a pretty young girl with light skin, beautiful azure blue eyes, full soft lips and a pierced nose with a simple silver stud in.

Those blue eyes always reminded her of someone she should remember, but couldn't… Vague images or …Memories… Ran through her head.

'She was petrified only 5 or 6 years old and they were bad men with guns. The leader was talking to her he seemed familiar. Then she got upset because he wanted to hurt her only friend there. "You leave Kurtie 'lone. You… Big mean, bad, horrid, ugly freak!!" She yelled.'

"Kurtie?!" She muttered still in deep thought seeing the events play out.

'The leader snapped, and roughly back handing her "I AM YOUR…" He reprimanded.'

"My what?! What?" She muttered trying to get that answers. She was so confused.

' …Do Not talk back to me! And I will leave Mr. Trent or "Kurtie" As you called him. Alone… Once he's dead that is." She broke down crying. "Please don't hurt him. I… I'll do anything you say." That said she silently sobbed and pleaded to him with her eyes. "Ok, good. Mr. Trent will be saved on one condition…" He waited patiently as she thought for a moment. She looked up at him shyly "What?" She said in a small, fragile voice. "That you…"'

"That I what?" She muttered as the memories faded… "No, I don't understand."

'Kurtis Trent? Who is he?' Randomly 'It wasn't his fault, he didn't know!' Ran through her head. "Eh?" Suddenly she saw a handsome young mans face in her minds eye… 'He looks a lot like me? Same hair colour, eye colour. This might be Trent… Who is he?'

A knock at the door brought her out of her thoughts, then a deep voice belonging to Gunderson yelled from behind it.

"Come on, Karel's waiting and you need to hurry for the mission. Me and my men will be waiting for you when you're done with Karel." She walked to the door, "Alright, alright I'm coming." with that she opened it, shoved passed Gunderson and jogged to Karels office.

She knocked, opened the door and stepped in without waiting for him to bid her entry. Looking at him she almost gaped. 'The Leader of the bad men from my memory.. It's Karel.'

He smiled warmly towards her general happiness it seemed…

'If only monsters like him could feel.' She thought to herself.

"Hello child," he then motioned for her to take a seat in front of him on the other side of the desk.

"I'll stand thanks, just brief me already I would be nice to know what I'm doing in like, five minutes, thank you very much." She stated sarcastically, walking to the desk and crossing her arms over her chest.

He looked angry at how rude she was being, "No hello, nice to see you father."

Scowling she replied "You are not my father Karel, my father is dead." She stated angrily.

He smirked and picked up a folder then passed it to her, she snatched it up and opened it. When her eyes fell on the pictures, she froze but quickly schooled her features from that of shock to nonchalant. 'Ok… Weird!' She thought confused.

Karel watched her face carefully and after a moment smiled "I want you to capture them."

She lowered the file and looked into his cold, angry eyes "Why me?" it came out softer than she wished it to.

Damn it. I can't let him see my emotion he'll get suspicious... I'm obviously not meant to know Trent. Karel did something to me…'

"You are the best." He simply stated. 'He's testing my memory. I bet this is a test of loyalty. A sick test.'

Her eyes darted back to the page. It read:

Kurtis Trent (picture above) and Lady Lara Croft (picture above, right)

Capture and bring back safely. Prefer if you do not kill either.

Although Trent is main objective, kill Croft only if it's absolutely necessary.

Location: Prague Private Hospital. Trent in recovery. Fatal stab wound.

She knew what they wanted the two people for - 'I'm not really suppose to know but, hey. I can't help if I accidentally hacked into Karels private documents and found out a little about his evil plans.' - but she never knew who the people where until now.

'Damn it, it just had too be so god damn confusing.'

"Yeah, sure. I'm off now. See ya." With that she dropped the folder on the desk, mock saluted and spun on her heel to leave, but just as she reached for the handle Karel shouted

"You had better start showing me some respect, or you will be sorry!"

She instantly spun and glared into his soulless eyes but didn't move back over to him, after a second she spoke "I'm not afraid of you Karel." Then she turned opened the door and said without even looking over her shoulder at him "You are weak and harmless, even if you were at full strength you are no threat. You are just an ignorant egotistical arse." With that she closed the door behind her and headed down the hall to the stairs, stopping and laughing briefly when she heard an in-human yell from him and some things smash.

"Temper, temper." she whispered amusedly to herself.

Once down the stairs she grabbed her keys and headed out the front door. Gunderson stared at her for a second before speaking. "What's got Karel mad, or need I ask." She just smiled and winked while mounting her bike "I see you've got a few vans, full of men I assume. You know they aren't needed, we just need a van for the unconscious forms of Trent and Croft."

He glared at her, "Just in case something goes wrong. You can never be too careful." She shook her head and started her bike.

"Map. I need to memorize my route to the hospital." Gunderson took out the map and held in front of her. She only scanned it for a second but seemed to have her route already memorized then looked in front of her. "Alright I expect you too be outside the front when I'm done… I will probably get there first." She kicked up the stand and sped out of the drive fish tailing for a couple seconds. Gunderson signalled the other trucks to get moving then climbed in his slamming the door hard enough that it rocked the whole van while whispering "bitch" under his breath.