Moretta, what did you do?
I... err... (shifty eyes) it was a challenge? I've always wanted to write one of these and make it believable. I don't think I managed it, but meh, it makes for interesting reading.
Tell me what you think of it.

Disclaimer: I don't own either character mention, or you'd know, believe me.



Ron Weasley had never owned anything in his life.

He'd had Scabbers, but he was just another hand-me-down, and look how that had turned out.
He'd shared Pigwidgeon with Ginny before handing the stupid owl over to her.
His body legally belonged to his parents until he turned 18, legal in both worlds.
Hell, even his Cannon posters used to belong to Bill.


So this one thing that was his, and his only, no one else's, was special. Private. Unique.

When Ron was with him, sweet, gentle, caring Ron became aggressive, almost violent.
He would bite and suck and lick and claim as his.

A growl.
A moan.
A bite.
An intake of breath.
A whimper.

Ron Weasley had never owned anything except this, and he didn't intend on letting go.

Draco Malfoy had always owned everything.


He'd always been in control.


He'd always been perfect.


Looking down at him now, Ron thought Draco wasn't perfect, far from it, but so breathtakingly beautiful that perfect couldn't have been better.

When they were like this, alone, naked, together, Ron was in control.

He liked it that way.

Ron Weasley had never owned anything in his life, but this was more than claiming, more than owning.
This was something different, something deeper, something more.

A caress.
A kiss.
A whisper.