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Naruto Fan Fiction

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Kakashi has heard enough of Naruto and Sasuke arguing and uses a Yamanaka clan jutsu to ensure that the two experience life in each others shoes. They learn a lesson but it isn't necessarily the right one.


A Lesson Learned?

As usual and right on cue, the normally quiet journey at the end of a mission was disrupted as two members of a particular team began arguing again for the third time that day.

"Naruto! Sasuke! Stop arguing please! We have finished a long, tiresome mission and some of us would like to relax by reading in peace!"

"But he started it, he always does!"

"Hn, Loser"


"Look if the two of you don't stop I will personally teach you the meaning of true teamwork and you won't like it!"

They both glared at Kakashi and then turned to glare at each other in front of a dismal Sakura. Looking from Sasuke to Naruto she sighed. 'Why must they do this every mission? When they work together they're ok with each other but when one is better than the other…this happens'

Sasuke broke the silence with his familiar 'Hn' and continued along the path. "Hey what was that for!? Sasuke!"


"That's it Sasuke! I've had it with your cool/negative attitude…!"

"And I've had enough of your bickering! So now I'll show you what I meant about the truth of teamwork" Kakashi snapped his book shut, and started making hand seals.

Gasping as she watched, Sakura realized that Kakashi was not only using one of the jutsus that he had copied but that it was the same seals used by the Yamanaka clan.

As he finished he clamped two firm hands onto the shoulders of both boys "Mind and Body Jutsu, Switch Domains!" They stood looking weirdly at their sensei before the jutsu started to kick in.

"What's happening!? I feel…" Naruto didn't have time to finish as it happened so quickly, he felt a swirling, flying sensation. Soon his focus came into view.

"Different" Sasuke answered for him at least it looked like Sasuke. Both boys had been thrown backwards due to the lack of experience with the effects caused by the jutsu.

"What the…!" The first thing that Sasuke noticed was that he seemed to have shrunk and that he couldn't feel the breeze of the wind on his arms or legs left bare from his shorts and t-shirt.

Only a cry from Naruto confirmed his suspicions. "I have hair covering my face I can't see! And…hey! My arms and legs, why am I wearing Sasuke's clothes!?

He observed Naruto standing up straight which gave Sasuke the impression of standing in front of an extremely thin mirror. "Loser! Why do you have my clothes!?"

"Ha-ha very funny Sasuke now take off that blonde wig and that orange suit and…ha that's funny I'm looking into a mirror, nice try but…Oh NO!"

Sakura shrieked behind them "Sasuke-kun what happened what did Kakashi-sensei's jutsu do to you!?"

"Oh hi Sakura-chan, so it was Kakashi-sensei's jutsu that did this? I think it switched me and Sasuke…" Naruto in Sasuke's form was talking which made Sakura shriek again.

"Sasuke-kun!? You…you're in Naruto's body?"

"…" What was he suppose to say? If Naruto was in his body then it would be obvious that he, Sasuke, would be in Naruto's body.

"NO! That can't be true I mean…" Naruto panicked

"So boys I hope now you'll learn more about teamwork and less on arguing. This is like a test, so you're going to live in each others shoes until I'm satisfied that you can behave like civilised team mates. Got it?"

"Sensei! How I can't live like this, look I can't see with these bangs in my eyes!"

"Kakashi, you can't expect me to stay in Naruto's body…"

"Well now you are going to be stuck like this for a while then aren't you?" he teased them playfully and walked on ahead of the group.

"Oh well if that's the case…heh, heh, I'll just have to cut these bangs off" Naruto glanced at Sasuke giving an evil grin.

"If you so much as cut one hair I will get you!" Sasuke growled in reply.

"Really?" Naruto raised a kunai to the silky, flowing raven hair.

"Naruto! Don't you even dare!" Sakura had caught him in a head lock, "Don't you touch one hair on Sasuke's head!"

"Ok, Ok Sakura-chan!" she let him go and let her inner-self scream at the thought of being able to touch the young Uchihas body.

Shortly they arrived at the Konoha gates where Team Kurenai was waiting to begin their next mission. The ninja at the back of the group blushed shyly as she saw Naruto approach, unaware of the switched body situation.

"H-H-Hi N-N-Naruto-kun" she stuttered as he approached. Sasuke stopped and stared at her which made her blush deeply.

"What?" His voice was abrupt and slightly unpleasant. "Naruto-kun?" Hinata looked taken a back and worried, Naruto had always been so clueless but yet so kind to her.

"Hey, Hey Naruto, take it easy, bad mission eh?" Kiba cut in over hearing their conversation. Sasuke grunted and carried on walking into the village without glancing back to witness their reactions.

Naruto and Sakura eventually caught up to the gate entrance. Team Kurenai still stood were they had been moments earlier, now talking about 'Naruto's' strange behaviour.

"Hi Hinata!" Naruto called running up to her.

"Oh er…hi Sa-Sasuke-kun" Hinata was confused when did Sasuke take notice of her.

"Huh? Oh yes, I remember because I'm Sasuke heh" Naruto, despite having long bangs covering his eyes, had completely forgotten that he was not himself.

"Sasuke? Are you ok? Usually you don't talk much and you have that arsey attitude"

"Kiba-kun! Don't be so rude!"

Sakura had gripped 'Sasuke' by the ear and was dragging him into the village. "Hurry up, and get moving, the sooner you and Sasuke get along with teamwork then Sasuke can have his perfect body back" she hissed into his ear.

"Ow, ow, ow Sakura that hurts" limping along obediently after her.


"I want my body! That dobe couldn't keep his mouth shut for two seconds…argh I hate this…and when did he have a bath last!" Sasuke muttered to himself as he headed towards Naruto's apartment.

Locating the key under the mat he let himself into the dusty but brightly coloured living area.

Once inside the apartment he rummaged around to find some relevantly clean clothes and went and ran a hot bath for himself.

"Now to find that stupid idiot and get my body back…" Dressing in the clean-ish clothes he walked out of the apartment into the street.

"Boss! Boss! Hey Boss! Naruto!" spinning on his (or rather on Naruto's) heel he found himself conversing with three kids half his size.

"You promised us you'd come and play with us when your missions were done"

"Who are you? And who's us?"

"It's me Boss…Konohamaru, you remember Moegi and Udon…did your brain get turned to mush on your mission or something!?"

"Go away" Sasuke left the three kids standing in the street.

"Hey you can't leave you promised!"

"Yeah well I don't feel like myself today" 'Naruto you loser, so low playing silly games with little kids between missions'

"Argh…get him!" The three kids ran at Sasuke who had no time to react. Within minutes they had pinned him to the floor and tied his hands. "We're not letting you forget your nindo and ninja way just because you don't feel like yourself"


"Where did Sasuke-kun go?" Sakura surveyed the area around her. "Naruto! What are you doing!? This is not time to be eating, I'm sure Sasuke wants his body back, and I want Sasuke to have his body back too!"

"Whatever" Naruto was sat in his regular seat at the ramen shop. "Ahh old man, five bowls of your best ramen, please" He found the bangs of hair in his face annoying so he tucked them into the top of his forehead protector.

"Are you ok Uchiha? You don't eat that much ramen…and your hair is…" the old man had a quizzical expression on his face as he noted the way in which the bangs of raven hair had been tucked away.

"Can I have some ramen please!? I've been on a mission and now I have an empty stomach!" The old man served him up some ramen without asking any further questions.

"Hey! Over here girls! IT'S SASUKE!" The familiar fan girls from the academy days swarmed into the tiny compacted shop. "Sasuke, I didn't know you liked ramen, I want a bowl too!"

Naruto liked the attention but it was short lived when Sakura grabbed his already glowing ear. "Listen up Na-Sasuke! You pay for that ramen and march yourself out here now! I'm sure that Sa-I mean Naruto is waiting for us at the training area"

"Let me get one more bowl please" using Sasuke's lovably adorable face he produced the best puppy dog eyes ever. Sakura had to give in and let him have another bowl.

"Old man, another bowl please" he had to shout over the noise of girly squeals.

"Sorry Uchiha, we're all sold out" he answered Naruto before talking to his daughter "…This is worse than when Naruto ate all of our ingredients, look at these girls each of them are eating three bowls"

"Noooooooo! Ramen! How!? Why!? This is just like when I ate all the ingredients before they went into the cooking pot" Naruto took his chance to leave with Sakura and escaped the ravenous crowd.

'Stupid Sasuke and his fan girls! They ate all the ramen! When I get my body back…oooh…I'm gonna…"

"Konohamaru? Where are you taking Sasuke!?" Naruto recognised the trio dragging a fuming Uchiha down the street they had turned into.

"What the…!? Is this a joke!?" Konohamaru pointed a finger in Sasuke's face. "How do you know my name!? I don't even know who you are!"

"Doesn't matter! Now let go" He snatched the ropes tying the Uchiha and pulled him out of their grasp. Just as he did so Kakashi appeared in front of them. "There you all are! I have to go on a Jonin only mission so I thought I'd do you a favour and switch you back first"

"Sasuke? Why are you all tied up on the floor and Naruto what did you do to Sasuke's hair?" While Kakashi questioned them he put his hands together and mentally said 'release'

The two boys felt the same sensation they had felt previously before coming into focus inside their own bodies.

"Naruto? Why do I feel so sick…you ate lots of ramen in me didn't you" Sasuke held his stomach which was threatening to heave.

"Sasuke! What did you do, I smell like… freshness"

"It's called…personal hygiene…ergh" his complexion was changing to an even paler colour than it already was.

"Sasuke-kun! I'm so glad you're back I missed you!" She tried to hug him but he forced her away. "You don't look so good Sasuke-kun"

"Naruto…when I feel better…I'm going to get you…ergh"

Kakashi untied the Naruto bounded by ropes and gave him an instruction. "Naruto, you and Sakura need to help Sasuke get back home because I have no doubt it's both your faults he is changing multiple shades of green"

"Why do we need to help him home? I eat more than five bowls a night and I'm fine"

"Naruto, you're body can handle it but Sasuke isn't used to twenty odd bowls a day. I'm going to leave before he decides to redecorate the path and clean (or dirty) my shoes" Kakashi then pooffed away.

Sakura heaved one of Sasuke's arms round her shoulder while Naruto took the other one. "Heh Sasuke, I tell you one thing I'm better at than you…eating mega-bowls of ramen"

"Shut up, dobe"

Together, Sakura and Naruto helped Sasuke back to his house. They stayed the night against the stubborn Uchihas wishes.

"So Sasuke-kun, Naruto, what have you learnt about teamwork today?" That night Sakura inquired while handing them hot coco to drink.

"I learnt that Sasuke can't handle so many bowls of ramen and that his fan girls ate all the ramen!" Naruto muttered his chin resting on the edge of a cushion.

"Sasuke-kun what about you?"

"Ergh…too much ramen is bad" Sasuke lay on his back on the sofa clutching his stomach.

"Er…I don't think that's what Kakashi-sensei meant but at least you two both learnt the same lesson"

"Kakashi-sensei was right in a way… he said we wouldn't like this lesson. I hate it because now in my body I'm hungry but the ramen shop is closed and sold out."

"Don't talk about food" moaned Sasuke as Sakura and Naruto laughed.


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