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When Gai-sensei offers you strange training tea- don't drink more than you have to! Otherwise you'll find yourself with a splitting headache in a spout of confusion. At least our dear Naru-chan has his "vampiristic" masseur to make him feel better.

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Once Bitten Twice- Can't Feel Anything?

"Hn....what was in the tea?" Sasuke asked drowsily before Gai left, he and his female team mate had drank at least three cups full of the stuff merely to be courteous to the sensei who had offered them surprisingly tasty herbal tea. Naruto on the other hand had taken Gai's "It'll improve your skills by fifty percent!" speech seriously and drank at least seven cups.

"It's Gai-sensei's finest training tea! Designed to help you train by fighting against sleep. The art of this training is to battle your tired feelings! And ensure you stay awake till your mission is complete! I must say Sasuke-kun, you're doing very well, and today's tea was stronger than it usually is. For the untrained shinobi it puts them to sleep after a simple cup- Sakura-san are you ok?"

He looked at the pink-haired kunoichi who was slumped into crossed arms on the table, with eyes opening and closing between long intervals. "Hee, I think this is a bit too strong for Sakura-san"

Sitting up more alert than she had been in the last five minutes replied, "Hey! I'll have you know … I'm still awake and conscious! … Unlike Naruto who's practically nodding his head off"

The dobe's expression was a mixture of defiance and tiredness. He didn't want to fall asleep but the effects of the tea overwhelmed him and made him drowsy.

"I'll take this time to show you the youthfully decorated guestrooms! But if you're not feeling too tired we could train for a bit" The Uchiha glanced at a head lolling Naruto.

"Hn. How about it dobe? Would you like to do some training…with me?" Sasuke whispered the last part as leaned forwards putting his cup on the table. He smirked watching the blonde straighten and blink blurry eyedly.

The words 'ramen' and 'train' are always useful when dealing with a sleepy dobe. Take this example of 'Laundry day' which happened earlier this morning;

"Dobe, move it! I need to change the sheets which you insist on drooling all over."

"Mmm …"

"Fine. Then I won't train with you later."

"Pffft…whatever Sasuke…you wouldn't be able to keep away…you and those hands of yours!"

"Dobe, move yourself or…I won't train with you later… I'll train with…with Sakura instead"

Naruto sprang up, "…! Teme! How could you think of such a thing to do!? Don't you know how much, you training with me means to me!?" At this point the Uchiha had roughly suffocated the blonde's personal space; pulling away he stared intently at the dobe.

"Hn. You floor too easily"

"Huh?" What Naruto hadn't realised during Sasuke's attack, was the short journey to the padded duvet on the floor. "Heh, it's pretty comfortable here…yaaawh…I-I could just fall back…to slee-!"

"Get up! I swear I'll stick you in the washing machine too!"

"Haha, you just try it! I won't fit in the washing machine!"

"Hn, want to bet?"

"Yes I do! I bet that you're going to walk away and let me sleep because you know for a change Sasuke, I'm right and you're wrong!"

"Move it!" In response the blonde did a pathetic wiggle while mouthing 'I like to move it move it'

By now a nerve was forcing its way to the exposed part of the raven's forehead. "Alright then dobe" He bundled the addressed into the duvet before picking the cocoon up and moved towards the door.

"Hey! Oi! Unwrap this now! Hey! Hey where are you going!? Sasuke! Teme! Hey this is the back porch!?"

The Uchiha smirked evilly, "I was thinking, you are right dobe, you can't fit in the washing machine and you'd only pinch and scratch if I tried to dunk you in the bath so I thought-"

"Damnit Sasuke unravel me!"

"Are you sure?" The blonde had been so preoccupied by his sudden kidnapping that he didn't register that they had left the safety of the Uchiha home and were now heading down a wooden decked platform.


"Ok…" In one rolling motion, the raven let go of one side of the bundle which unravelled quite quickly. Instead of the sound of falling onto wooden decking, there was a loud pulloosh sound as Naruto hit the cold water of the lake.


"Oh good you're awake. Now take off all your clothes. I might as well wash them as well"

"You're insane! Damnit you want these c-clothes come get them yoursel-l-lf-f!" The water was cold, and as Naruto put on a brave grin assuming that Sasuke was too 'chicken' to even get so much as a toe wet, he found himself being forced under the surface.

Within seconds of the raven snatching off his clothes and firmly pressing his mouth onto the dobe's, who'd let out precious air bubbles, the blonde began to feel heat rush all over his body.

Sasuke breathed the last of the air he was holding into Naruto before ripping off the final garments and returning to the surface. The blonde popped up moments after Sasuke had, his face a glow with embarrassment, not only did he get trapped in a strong hold, but the effects of the water prison around him had reduced his ability to move.

"Hn, dobe" The Uchiha smirked and walked back up the platform carrying his newfound prize as well as picking up the discarded duvet. "Sasuke!" Naruto spluttered and disappeared from view, the raven thought nothing of it assuming it was just a joke.

When Naruto didn't reappear the Uchiha edged back towards the end of the platform. "Dobe!?"

"Teme!" A blonde blur shot out of the water and tackled Sasuke to the platform, in his shock he'd dropped the luggage he had been carrying into the watery depths.

"Naruto….you are…a….complete and utter dobe! Are you stupid!? You've just sent your own clothes, and our duvet to the bottom of this mud pit!"

"Um…I'm sorry?"

"That's it dobe! You are going to go down there and get that stuff back! And you'll wash it afterwards! OR you will not get any ramen tonight!" The raven pushed the birthday-suited dobe off of him.

Naruto scowled and jumped off the platform deliberately canonballing in, so that a massive splash soaked the Uchiha whose smug expression dripped off in a cascade of water.


Remembering that moment from earlier, made the raven feel rather sleepy but due to fear that Lee would use his unconscious body as added mass for weight training, he was going to stay awake. Well at least until Lee was locked up in his room sleepy soundly.

That and Naruto was his only training partner.

"Hai! Yes another time, it's late anyway. Yosh. I shall help Sakura-san upstairs and to her room" Lee motioned the blonde to follow him and picked Sakura up delicately in a bridal manner so as not to wake her and carried her out of the dojo towards the stairs.

Assuming Naruto was now asleep, Sasuke struggled to pick the blonde up. For starters the dobe kept clumsily flailing his limbs as if he was failing to fend off a rabid dog.

"Hey! Hey teme! What are you doing!?"

"Considering you seem unable to pick yourself up, I thought I'd help you"

"Just because I'm a little sleepy….doesn't mean I can't walk myself…seriously!" Naruto pushed against Sasuke to stand back up on his feet. Once on his feet he swayed dangerously and fell into the waiting arms of said Uchiha he'd just been touching.

"Hn, sure you can still walk by yourself?"

"Mmn? Huh? … What of course! …See teme I'll show you!"

"You can't even stand on your own properly."

"What? Hah, that just now was nothing…I had a sudden head rush and thought I'd lean on you till it was gone!"

"Hn, ok dobe. Lead the way" Sasuke smirked at the insubordinate expression on the orange ninja's face.

"Alright then" Turning away from the raven, Naruto staggered a few steps as best as he could "See I can walk"

"I can walk too"

"Hah but can you walk with your eyes closed? Because I can and I bet you can't" Not wanting to allow Sasuke the privilege of being right, the blonde closed his spinning vision which was the source of his screaming headache.

"See…I'm walking through the door with my eyes closed and not hitting anything." Still with eyes closed, he stood on the other side of the doorway waving his arms.

"Hn…dobe, that's because you haven't even reached the door. You just stood there, with closed eyes waving your arms for two minutes"

"Huh?" Naruto could have sworn he'd moved not unless he had been dreaming? But no he was awake surely he was awake? In fact he was slipping in and out of sub consciousness. 'NO I'm staying awake! This is for training!'

He shook his head vigorously to wake himself up slightly. This time he tried really hard to move his legs which surprisingly did as they were commanded. "Heh, now I'm moving! Look at me go!"


The silver-haired jonin moaned the voice did not belong to Iruka. In fact he'd much rather it was Iruka yelling his name. Ahh, at least then he wouldn't have to worry that the whole neighbourhood was going to hear about his devious antics.

"KAKASHI! OPEN UP!" Meeting a glaring Academy teacher in the living room, Kakashi made his way over to the door yanking it open coming face to face with a livid red faced Gai.

Actually the taijutsu master looked like a Christmas tree in his dark red and green colour scheme.

"Gai-kun! You're back! Welcome come on in!"

"Kakashi! It's terrible! Something terrible happened!"

"Haha really? Would you like to come in and tell us? You know so you don't wake everyone else up."

"I mean it's just so! ...To be stolen from! It's a crime!"

"Yes, yes, ok so if you don't want to come in can we use night time voices?" The silver-haired jonin hissed trying to prevent a neighbourhood riot.

"NOBODY STEALS FROM MAITO GAI!" Kakashi flinched as he saw a light turn on in Asuma's kitchen.

"Get in here!" He snatched the spandex man and pulled him into his hallway. "Gai-kun! You know Iruka right haha! Go into the living room go on shoo! I need to er…run into my kitchen for a sec"

Shoving the confused olive in the other direction he dashed into his own dark kitchen and peered across towards Asuma's apartment.

"Phew he doesn't seem to have heard anything! Nor does anyone else." Picking up the binoculars that had been left on the window sill, he scanned the apartment blocks for lights. Then the jonin zoomed in for a close up of Asuma.

"... Yeah…you drink that glass of milk like you didn't see anything…and-wait! What are you doing now? Aha he's ironing laundry at this time of night! … Wait why are you hanging the sheets over the windows? I won't be able see to in anymore!"

"And I can't get through to him with my light signal message!"

Gai was stood behind him holding the heavy duty torch that he'd found under some papers on the kitchen table.

"GAI! What are you doing!? You can't send signals from my kitchen! I live here! He's going to think I was spying on him!"

"Isn't that what you were doing?"

"Eh!? NO! I was checking out this speck of dirt on the nets…who knows what it is!? And well considering I don't have a microscope I'm using the next best thing!"

"Aha! That's using the good ol' noggin of yours!" Gai went over to pat the silver-haired jonin on the head but instead he found himself being shoved out of the kitchen.

Iruka was tapping his foot, clearly not impressed by the goings on of his crazy loud neighbour and his obsessive Icha Icha lover, roommate. "Gai, whatever happened to your apartment, I'm sure, can wait till the morning. Now I'm pretty certain that your bed is still there, go home and sleep for a bit, you'll feel better later."

"If I didn't know any better Iruka I'd say you were trying to invite me to stay the night. Haha! Of course that's what you're doing! You wouldn't out rightly tell me to stay here because you care too much for Kakashi…who has recently been kicking me out of a lot of things…hmmm I wonder why that is?"

"Ack!?" That was not what Iruka had meant at all! He wanted the spandex sensei out of his house! "Gai! You have to leave! You can't stay here! We only have two rooms!"

"Yeah and the sofa has fleas" Kakashi had just entered the room equally not happy that Gai was attempting to stay with them for the night. He pretended to scratch his ear while moving closer to the pest.

"Hey! Hey! Keep your fleas to yourself! I'll just sleep on the floor then!"

"No! Those kids who stole your front door and put tape up have probably gone to bed already!"

"How do you know it was kids who stole my frontdoor and that there's tape up?"

Kakashi looked at Iruka who appeared to be thinking along the same lines, although the answer which the brunette gave was one that the silver jonin didn't expect.

"Ok...Gai you can stay with us for the night."

"Really!? Oh by the power of youth, thank you Iruka!" With that the taijutsu master bear hugged the academy teacher. "Eeh!"

"So where do I sleep!?" Wincing as Gai yelled his question, Iruka replied. "Kakashi's room!"

"Hey now! He can't stay in my room...where will I sleep? Ooh can I sleep in your room with you ne? Iruka-kun" He winked at his roommate who shook his head.

"Nope. You two will share a room beings as rivals must learn to get along with one another eventually" Smiling and thinking about two other rivals who had recently solved their differences, Iruka turned and promptly headed to bed.

"Dobe, you still haven't gone anywhere"

"What no way! I can feel myself moving and I'm awake so yeah! You need your eyes testing!"

"Hn, if you open your eyes dobe, you'll find that I'm the one moving, carrying you" The Uchiha had picked up the dobe although he'd accidently groped the fidgeting ninja while trying to lift him into his arms. (Not that the other had noticed)

"Oh…hmmm...where are we supposed to be sleeping?" To be honest the raven didn't know where the guestroom was. Lee hadn't come back to check that they were following, maybe he'd upset Sakura in her supergunk-tea induced condition and was now trying to calm her down.

Sasuke moved over to the twister game still out on the floor and placed the dobe down on the mat. "We'll stay down here" Slowly he too lay down next to the blonde.

"Ne…Teme….mmm…I don't…wanna ….sleep … yet…but my head...hurts" Sasuke turned back to Naruto who had since curled up into a ball. To the Uchiha he looked irresistible. Hugging the blonde close, he made a soft trail down Naruto's neck each time he moved away the dobe would make a small noise so telling the raven to continue.

Sasuke was practically his free hot masseur! And whatever the spiky haired raven was doing, it was removing the pounding in Naruto's head. Instead it had sent it straight down to his heart which beat faster.

A few times adrenaline surged around his body, Sasuke's hands were cold and jeez did that keep Naruto from dosing off. Those cold ice blocks up his shirt made him jump into the Uchiha whose body was considerably much warmer than his ice hands.

The raven lay down at a funny angle, so that his gaze rested upon Naruto's features and settled to sleep himself.

A tightening grip and a soft fruity smell drifted into Naruto's nose alerting his senses and slowly waking him. "Mm? Sasuke?" He had his arms wrapped loosely around Sasuke, whose head rested just under his nose. The dobe must have moved in his sleep or something. "Sasuke?" he repeated a little louder.

Naruto reached out a hand in a random direction yet still managed to touch the raven.

"…Hn?...What is it dobe?"

Who knows what the time was either way it was dark and Lee was nowhere in the dojo's vicinity. Sasuke shifted so that he was pressed into the blonde's chest, although he could have sworn the dobe was on his left earlier.

Come to think of it, Naruto smelt different; maybe the tea had caused him to sweat it out in the middle of the night. After all it felt like the dobe was shirtless. Had he been undressing Naruto in his sleep again!?



"Can you do what you did earlier? … My head hurts again…"

"Sure dobe…" Naruto felt Sasuke move a little and he waited patiently for the raven to work his masseur magic.

Sasuke pulled away from the dobe slightly so he was in line with the blonde's delicate neck. The raven licked his lips, what was that taste? Naruto tasted-…salty? What the hell was in that tea!?

"Sasuke? Have you started yet? …"

"What do you think I've been doing?"

"Oh…I can't feel anything. Oh no! What if that tea paralysises feeling!"

"Relax dobe; if it does then I wouldn't be feeling you touching me"

"Heh, oh yeah…I drank more tea though…"

"Dobe, trust me we drank from the same teapot. We're fine there's nothing wrong"

"Ok let's test it then"

Sasuke sighed, "Very well dobe. Touch me anywhere and I guarantee I will feel it"

Naruto nodded in the darkness and reached out to touch Sasuke, gently caressing his face. "Well could you feel that?"

As Sasuke moved toward the direction of Naruto's hand a strand of hair had flicked across his face. "Yes"

"Alright dobe, can you feel this?" Smirking Sasuke grabbed the blonde's ass. Naruto felt something tighten around him and felt a grabbing sensation.


"Hn, see"

"Yeah…ok sorry" Sasuke resumed his 'mission' one again receiving no encouragement from Naruto. "Can you feel this?"

"Um I dunno maybe because I'm tired I'm not feeling it so well…" Frowning slightly, Sasuke applied pressure on his original approach, biting him slightly.




"Um well-!"

The Uchiha bit harder. Naruto's skin was tougher than it had been moments ago.

"Still nothing?"

"Yeah, I can't feel anything"

"You're not lying and pretending that you can't feel it are you?"

"Of course not!"

The next time Sasuke went in, he felt a hand on the back of his head almost forcing him closer to the unexposed neck.

"Ne teme, I still can't feel anything."

"What? Do you want me to sink my teeth completely into you!? I don't want to hurt you dobe!"

"Ahh! Don't yell at me...I just want to feel you Sasuke...try it just once more...please? Bite as hard as you can. I'm determined to feel something"

"Hn" The Uchiha breathed in, and like a predator bit down hard into his prey.


Both males sprang apart from each other, completely shocked by one another's reaction. As Sasuke recoiled backwards he landed on something cushy.


The Uchiha yelled, trying to regain his breath and keep his heart from overdosing on adrenaline.

"I DON'T KNOW YOU TELL ME! I didn't say anything!" Naruto replied equally gasping.

"…! Dobe what are you doing behind me!?"

"I was here all along!"

"Then what was-!?" The moaning in the corner started diverting their attention.

"AGHH!? Thank the leader there's no blood! ...Yet!" The figure in the shadow wailed making more noise than screaming cats.

"Fishman!? What are you doing here?" Naruto asked managing to do so before Sasuke did.

"Shark! Sharkman! Shark! Shark! Shark! Why is it every time we meet I'm always a fish to you!?"

The blonde shrugged "Well at first I thought 'shark' but then I noticed you're not very shark-like but more fishy like. You know because of the scales on you have on your face, especially your nose"

"That's where I got sunburnt! Fool! Just because I'm half shark doesn't mean I have to have scales! I'm part human as well!"

Sasuke got to his feet in attempts to break up the conversation. "You! Why are you here!?"

"First, 'Fishman' and now 'you', it's very insulting."

"Where's Itachi!? He's usually with you!"

"…He got hit…"

"Hit!? By what!?" The young Uchiha snapped.

"Haruno's car. We reckon he was drunk at the wheel-"

"Wait! Start over! What happened to my brother!? How could he get hit by a car!? He taught me to always look both ways when crossing the road! Did you take him to hospital!?"

"Ah, ok maybe hit by a car was a bit of an exaggeration..."

"Getting hit by a car is nothing to joke about! You stupid sharkbrain!"

"It wasn't a joke! I was exaggerating to make a better story! Technically he did get hit by a car! See thing is we were loitering outside Haruno's house because he was selling Akatski brand products which we were instructed to put an end to.

And then Itachi-san found this shiny thing on the floor by the door of Haruno's car. So he goes to pick it up and then Haruno himself tries to get out of the car, which we didn't know he was in, tainted windows these days, anyway he opens the door while Itachi-san is still there!"

Kisame sighed, "Poor Itachi-san, he had a heck of a bump on his head! So I bandaged his head up and then sought refuge here because that Rock Lee kid was taking rubbish out to the bins and offered us a place in his dojo. We didn't know you were in here too"

Both Sasuke and Naruto had nothing to say but jumped when the cushiony bundle next to them stirred but didn't wake.

The raven went to inspect it and was not shocked to see that it was indeed Itachi. He looked beautifully peaceful. The younger brother was tempted to jab his older brother in the ribs and see the result but thought better of it.

Wait what was that, something was glowing just under Itachi's right eye. Like a tear glinting in moonlight. Leaning in closer to see what had set up camp on the older Uchiha's face, Sasuke took extra care not to disturb the sleeping body; even Naruto crept forwards to have a look too.

There was nothing there ... maybe it had just been his imagination yet something stopped him from moving away.

For a brief moment there was quiet, the only sounds were that of the leaves dancing in the soft breeze outside the dojo.


There it was again! That glow under Itachi's eye which lingered for a second. The younger raven went to touch it- Itachi's eye sharingan eye opened!


"AGH!" Sasuke fell backwards into the blonde's lap as Itachi smirked sleepily sitting up straight. "Sorry to scare you Otouto I couldn't resist...Kisame falls for the same thing...speaking of said person. Kisame?"

"Yes Itachi-san!?"

"Do you know what sleeping is and what it involves?"

"Er...sleeping where you rest your body and rejuvenate your energy... it needs silence, a comfy bed and perhaps a teddy?"

"Very good, now be a good boy and SHUT UP AND GO TO SLEEP!"

"Yes sir..." Kisame looked at the floor and turned away from the glaring glow of Itachi's sharingan. It's best never to wake Itachi up unless what you're waking him up for is important.

"Sorry you had to see me like that. But we can talk more in the morning 'kay?, Itachi needs sleepy" The older brother smiled before yawning and lying back down again.

"Oh and dear otouto? You may wish to rinse your mouth out otherwise you'll get a funny taste tomorrow. Night Sasuke-chan, goodnight Naruto-kun"

The raven made to move off of the dobe, but already found that the blonde had slumped forwards to sleep on his shoulder. 'Hn' Sasuke gently lay down on his side guiding the Naruto resting on him, down. The dobe's arms tightened a little around Sasuke's waist.

The Uchiha smiled and closed his eyes. He'd get Itachi back later.

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