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I couldn't sleep last night and a line in this story came to me so I had to do something with it. Very short - one shot only. This takes place during the episode of "Gates of Hell" when Michael is in his loft playing his cello and staring at the picture of Adam on the TV screen…so slight spoilers possibly. Please read and review!

Michael's loft

The music moved around the loft, lingering in corners and dark places, each chord echoing like the cries of a thousand children.

I am composed of endless symphonies of things not said, Michael thought.

He stared at the still picture of Adam, his fingers carefully picking at the strings of the misery in his soul.

Had he ever told Adam how much he loved throwing him in the air and catching him?

Had he whispered to him how the smell of his baby skin had opened places in him that he hadn't even known existed?

He had not.

Nor had he told Elena how the gift of Adam had forever changed his life, that the mission had become so much more.

And there was Simone…were there even words for not knowing what she had been going through?

There were not.

He was so sorry for so many things in his life…and there was only the sorrow now.

The poignant notes that he played wouldn't be heard by anyone, least of all Adam, the one who had loved them the most.

Silenced…his life with them staccato…there would be no going back to say the things he should have.

A melody of hot tears streamed down his face - he hoped they would come kill him now.

His chest ached with the weight of it all...

And Nikita, god Nikita, he owed her an entire Aria…but he had no music left in his soul, nothing but this haunting.

It would be one more symphony inside of him, the un-ending chorus of all that she had given him, left unfinished...left unsaid.