I got home

I got home around 5:00 with a smile on my face. Yami walked me home and we stopped for pretzels in the park. Yami was a great guy, so easy to talk and joke with. I pointed out homes and shops to him, giving him a brief run down on what and who was were in our town. We exchanged im addresses before we parted. "Cassandra!" a voice yelled as I steps into my house. I drop my bag by the stairs and head to the kitchen. My father was in there doing something. He was a tall man, very built from being in the Navy. He had a buzz cut and blue eyes. I guess I got mine from him. Michael Andrew Smith, a.k.a Iron Mike, smiled at me. His flannel shirt sleeve was rolled up with his arm down the sink.

"What happened?" I ask with a laugh. Dad looked up and chuckled.

"I broke the garbage disposal again." He admitted. Yes he said again. You see what happened was, when I was five we had this turtle I named Pan. Don't ask me why I named it that, I just did. Anyways, I created a pool for him in the sink and left him there. Well, my dad accidentally ground him up in the disposal with dinner. I was so mad at him that he had to by me a kitty to make me happy again. It was Mala, my soon to have been crazy psycho cat.

"Was it a turtle this time?" I tease going to the fridge and grabbing a coke. He chuckled and brought his arm back up and washed it off. I had a great relationship with my dad. I could talk to him about anything.

"Not this time." He said. I give him a small hug and head up to my room. After about two hours of homework and dinner I turn my computer on and kick off my socks. A picture of my mother and I greeted me. I smile slightly and get online to this website called teenspot. I was basically a bunch of chat rooms you could jump around to and talk to people. I sign in and pop up into the sports room. I did have a few friends online here, but I was not stupid enough to tell to much personal info.

FootBallStar16: Hey Dia what up??

DiamondintheRough: nm, u catch the game last nite?

FootBallStar16: yeah.. 7-36 Cowboys kicked ass!!

Crimsongoalie: I actually went.

FootBallStar16: really?!

Crimsongoalie: yeah! The grls were hott!

DiamondintheRough: trust u 2 only look at the grls --

FootBallStar16: lol

Mrs.Sparrow has signed on

HeartoftheCards has signed on

FootBallStar16: hey baby! Y don't u leave Jackie and come see a rl man

Mrs.Sparrow: ummm……. No

DiamondintheRough: lol, hey heart!

HeartoftheCards: hey dia! You catch the game?

DiamondintheRough: yeah redskins sux

Crimsongoalie: hey! Don't diss my team

DiamondintheRough: fines -,..,- u sux

FootBallStar16: lol, I g2g, girlfriend is ovr.

DiamondintheRough: use a condom -

FootBallStar16: will do l8ter

FootBallStar16 has signed off

Crimsongoalie: how much u wanna bet it is his mom?

HeartoftheCards: lol 10 bucks

DiamondintheRough: 20!!

Mrs.Sparrow: u guys r freaks!

DiamondintheRough: and u r a wh0re! now that we have covered the obvious…leave!

Crimsongoalie: ouch

Mrs.Sparrow has left the room

HeartoftheCards: that was cold

DiamondintheRough: I kno

Crimsongoalie: sooo……. U 2 screw yet?

HeartoftheCards" 0.o

DiamondintheRough: …Ew crimson you perv!!

Crimsongoalie: what? U 2 flirt 2 much!

HeartoftheCards: do not!

Crimsongoalie: do 2

HeartoftheCards: do not!

DiamondintheRough: prove it!

Crimsongoalie: alright!

Heartofthecards— u r rly funny u kno that

DiamondintheRough—aww thnx! U r just 2 sweet!!

HeartoftheCards: alright we get the point --

CEODragon has signed on

Crimsongoalie: CEO! What up man! Asl?

CEODragon has signed off

DiamondintheRough: lol

HeartoftheCards: I g2g, night crimson. Nite my sparkling diamond

HeartoftheCards has signed off

Crimsongoalie: I TOLD U SO!

DiamondintheRough: oh shut it!

I signed off and sit back and smile gently. Heart of the Cards and I met on there a year ago. We chatted a lot and yes, we flirted. He is charming, sweet, and flattering, even though we haven't met. He was the reason I even got on. Sighing I go to my shower and bathe. I change into some sweets and a tank top. After turning on the stereo, a soft classic jazz floated through my room. I curled up under my red sheets and drift off to sleep. The music was soothing and a candle was lit in my window. I always lit one for my mother. I fall, that night, into a simple dreamless sleep.