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Prodigal Son


The forest was frightening. The tall trees cloaked in dark foliage seemed to stare down uncaring at the small, blonde boy that looked up at them.

A bright flash of lightning snaked across the sky, illuminating the area for a second; the boy looked around frantically, hoping he hadn't been seen. He pulled himself further into the giant roots of the tree where he was hiding. 'Oh god, please don't let them find me'

Thunder rumbled as the bright flash receded, and the heavens opened up as rain began to soak the forest. The boy could feel his dirty, orange shirt become soaked, but he could care less. He was being pursued.

"Naruto!" a voice bellowed through the rain.

Naruto's eyes shot open in horror, and he frantically began climbing out of the roots. He had to run - he had to get away.

"NARUTO!!" the voice called out again, this time sounding closer. Naruto knew the ninja following him wouldn't let him leave. They would think him a demon and return him to the Hokage for punishment.

Scrambling clumsily, Naruto released himself from his hiding place and took off in a dead run. He didn't know exactly where he was going, but anywhere seemed fine but Konoha.

He ran through the night, wringing the water out of his shirt for drinking water. Bushes and roots would trip him occasionally, but he paid the cuts and sprains no mind; he forced his body to obey and keep running.

The rest was history.

He had run as fast as he ever had that night, and eventually found himself in the city of Yosin, a trade hub situated on the axis of three countries: Ame, Kusa, and Konoha. The town had started as a simple trade post, but had since grown to a good size, given its key location. Naruto had lost himself inside the city's back alleys and dark places, scraping a living as a thief and spy. He was good at it.

The one good thing Konoha had done for him was give him the basics of chakra manipulation, and using his wall climbing and stealth abilities, Naruto had made a name for himself as a capable thief.

That's when Boss Nakamori found him. The aging gang boss saw potential in the blonde and had taken him in, clothing and providing for the scrawny boy. The blonde had poured out his soul to the old man in return for his kindness, and on that day, Naruto's connection to Konoha was severed.

Tuechi Nakamori, the "boss" of Yosin, had shown Naruto kindness for the first time in his short life, and thus gained the blonde's undying loyalty. At the tender age of eleven, Naruto became yakuza.

The yakuza became his family and his life.

By the time he was thirteen, Naruto had killed sixteen men, all rivals of the Nakamori syndicate. Through his actions he gained the black kimono and katana of a yakuza enforcer, and officially joined Nakamori's ranks. The other gang members had thrown him a party, embracing the young blonde as a brother and comrade. Naruto had cried tears of raw joy that night.

By his seventeenth birthday Naruto's kill count had risen to sixty-three men, including a rival yakuza boss. At this latest achievement, Boss Nakamori bestowed the blonde with most auspicious gifts, including the revered black dragon tattoo of a yakuza captain, and his own niece's hand in marriage.

At eighteen years of age, Naruto's pregnant fiancé and unborn child were murdered, resulting in a bloody gang-war that bathed the city in blood. Families were slaughtered, man, woman, and child. No one was spared the wrath of the blonde. Once the war was over and the Nakamori stood triumphant, Naruto had personally laid claim to at least eighty confirmed kills.

In another show of gratitude, Boss Nakamori promoted the blonde to become his saiko komon, or supreme advisor. Naruto's name became respected and feared throughout Yosin and neighboring cities.

In the present day, Naruto had become a troubled young man and heavy drinker, with a mysterious sex appeal that both scared women, and fascinated them.

He was no longer the scrawny boy from the streets; he had grown to a considerable height and build. His body was thin and covered in sinewy muscle, tattoos, and scars. His visage was ruggedly handsome, and his hair had grown out till it almost hung to his shoulders; a spiky, golden mane that gave him the look of a young lion. He was the alpha-male, and everyone knew it.

The blonde had wrapped the yakuza life around himself completely. In his early years he had pushed himself to the limits to please his boss; now he had adopted a lazy attitude towards life, usually ordering lower-ranked yakuza to do things for him. Very few if any argued with him, and when they did, Naruto would punish them. No one argued with the blonde twice.

He had passed the point in a yakuza's life where every job was takenseriously in hope to charm one's boss and secure a better place among the gang. Naruto was at the top. The food-chain was his ladder, and he played precariously at the top.

So it was, that most everyone was surprised when he opted to go on a simple collection mission to the house of one, Mr. Iriki Momochi..