Pairings:LM/DM, slight DM/SM

Warnings: incest, you've been warned, if you have a problem with it don't read.


Scorpius had gotten sick on the visit to his grandparents house. He had played in the rain all afternoon and now had the sniffles. Lucius had said the young child was so very much like his father at that age. Draco smiled lightly at the comment and brought his shivering son inside.

The next morning Scorpius had a fever and was bedridden. Draco hummed lightly as he stirred the warming soup for his sleeping son. The song was caught in his throat when an arm wound itself around his waist.

Lucius pretended to be shocked, "Did Daddy frighten you?"

Colour rose in Draco's cheeks and he almost dropped his wand into the soup as Lucius thrust his hips forward, slightly. Draco put one hand on the counter as Lucius nuzzled his neck. Moving his hand lower Lucius massaged the front of his son's trousers feeling Draco's growing bulge, Draco could already feel his father's from behind.

Draco moaned loudly as his father bit down on the most sensitive part of his neck. Wanting more friction Lucius turned his son around to feel his cock on his own. Holding the back of his neck he kissed his son driving his tongue into his mouth. Draco dragged his nails down his father's back creating a soft moan from the older man.


Draco froze and immediately pulled away, shocked Lucius kept his hold on his son's waist staring at the youngest Malfoy. Finding his voice Draco spoke.

"Scorpius what are you doing out of bed," Draco pushed his father away and walked over to his son.

"I-" Draco grabbed Scorpius' hand and dragged him out of the kitchen and back towards his room.

Draco walked rigidly as he guided his son, half walking off his arousal half scared out of his mind on how he was to explain to his six year old son what he just saw. By the look on the young blonde's face he was contemplating it. When Draco got his son back into bed he spoke up.

"Daddy why were you kissing Granpa like you used to kiss mommy?"

Draco sat back stunned, his eyes wide as he stared at his son. 'Used to', of course the boy had to say it like that. Draco ran his hand down his face and tried to think of something quick.

"A kiss is a way to show affection sweetheart," he pat his son's head, "I was just showing Granpa how much I love him."

"You don't love mommy," the boy stated.

Draco sighed heavily, slightly irritated, "No, I love mommy too."

"But not as much as Granpa."

"Yes, not as much as Granpa," Draco's agitation was increasing.

"How come you never kiss me like that?" Draco's eyes widened again, "Do you not love me?" the boy sneezed suddenly and wiped his nose with the back of his hand.

Again, Draco sighed, "Scorpius, come here," Scorpius crawled into his father's lap, "Don't you ever doubt that I do not love you, you are my only son, my treasured son."

Scorpius smiled and leaned into his father's chest gripping the strong arms that wrapped themselves around his small figure. He felt safe and content in his father's arms, loved. Scorpius began to feel lightheaded and began sneezing. Draco held tighter when his son's little frame trembled with his sneezes. He wiped the boy's nose and placed him back against his pillow pulling the covers to his chin.

"I'll bring you some soup, alright?"

"Okay Daddy," Draco kissed his son's forehead and turned to leave, "Daddy?" Draco turned back around, "Can't I have a real kiss?" Scorpius asked sleepily.

Draco hesitantly stepped forward and sat on the edge of his old bed. His son stared up at him expectantly and Draco stroked his burning cheek. He placed a soft simple kiss on his son's lips.

"I love you Daddy."

"I love you." Draco, again stroked the boy's cheek and left.